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  • I read comments here like "Looks promising", "Got potential" and "Awesomeness"...
    Is that from real photographers or from people who think the iPhone is a professional camera?

    Even 16...

  • Unlikely to happen. Since the manufacturers want to make money and a whole camera brings them more money than just a chip.
    Tho it would be nice if you could change elements of your camera like on a...

  • How would the changes have any effect on Nikon? They just transfer everything sensor-related to a new company. So Nikon and others will buy their sensors from SSS in 2016.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R II Review preview

    I wonder why everybody just compares the shadow recovery.
    How about a highlight recovery test?

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R II Review preview

    It takes extra long for Rishi to describe how great this camera is and to find the cons for the conclusion.

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R II Review preview

    @Rishi: I don't say Canon is ahead. Even as a Canon owner I must admit, that they are in fact a little bit behind. But I'm just implying that they are not that much behind as this and many other...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R II Review preview

    At first it may be shocking how much difference there is in real world between the other 2 and the Canon (although in the studio scene the Canon is pretty comparable up to +3 EV) but when you play...

  • Commented on Sony Alpha 7R II Review preview

    Get some glasses and walk away.
    Even a blindfolded can see at the dark buildings of the scene, the Nikon provides much less noise, even in print size.

  • Yeah if you take it literally, Sony is the only one.
    Since the other ones got dedicated chipsets that do the lossless encoding.
    So a choice between lossless compressed or lossless uncompressed is...

  • If you already own an 600ex-rt or 430-rt you dont need all the receivers. And the phottix trigger is still cheaper than the original Canon ST-E3-RT.
    Some people may prefer the brand for whatever...

  • @Lassoni: Yea but the YN-622C has its own radio frequency. Its not compatible to a 600EX-RT. So this product is probably best if you have a mixed set of flashes (600EX-RT and some non-RT...

  • Finally they arrived where other manufacturers are since years.

  • Half size and half the features of a real camera. Like zoom, flash, wireless controls, GPS...

  • Well, performs kinda better than what I expected. But now that I see the size, you could as well go and tape an RX100 or G7X to your phone.

  • What I meant was not the brand but the focal length. Of course the stabilisation system (2-axis or 5-axis) may also have a little impact. But I was just generally pointing out that I would've ...
  • "So, to answer your question, "what about f/4, iso 6400 and a nice 1/30 or even 1/60", no, not when a 1/4 second exposure will do." It depends on your lens. For handheld shooting I always use the ...
  • Oh wow, thats a funny coincidence. I was on the way from Germany to Switzerland when I took it.
  • This is only like switching a trigger. There is so much more, what firmware updates could do. Look at fan based firmwares like Cyanogen mod for mobiles. Or Magic Lantern for Canon.

  • "This is a very nice shot, and the iso 6400 is incredibily clean." Thank you. Tho I must admit the noise was also a little cleaned up in post. "I see that at 114 mm f4/5 everything is pretty much ...
  • With the 6D at night, I usually shot at ISO 6400, wide open and adjust the other settings. For instance this picture was taken with a 70-300mm@114mm, 1/60s, f4.5 Liberty Statue in France
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