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On Beyond the table top: 5 mini tripods reviewed article (105 comments in total)
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Mssimo: Also a good one: TFA-01: Pocket 'Pod

Leg Material: Aluminum
Number of Leg Sections: 1
Load Capacity: 100 lb / 45kg -------- AWESOME LOAD CAPACITY
Platform Diameter: 1.3" / 34mm
Height Fully Splayed (to top of platform): 1.7" / 44mm
Diameter Fully Splayed: 11.1" / 28.1cm
Folded Length with Stud: 6" / 14.5cm
Weight: 5.1 oz / 146g ------ Only 146 Grams


$98 does not sound so bad considering I already have a Joby Ballhead X on my Clik Elite photo backpack.

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On Meta35 pulls metadata from film cameras article (37 comments in total)
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GodSpeaks: Film cameras?
Did I miss a memo, or something?

Dang! And I sold my Maxxum 9 when I went digital. I just knew I should have kept it around for another decade or two.

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On Sony SLT-A77 II Review preview (508 comments in total)
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Igor Adamovic: Image stabilization in this Sony is very nice thing to have. If you pair it with Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 without VC you have very professional gear for weddings cheaply. I do not see drawback to buying this translucent mirror digital SLR, but only if you already do not have bunch of lenses with image stabilization from Nikon or Canon.

All Sony DSLRs or SLTs have IBIS because Minolta was the first company to make it work all the way back to their first DSLR the 7D. And you can use ILIS lenses on IBIS cameras as long as you turn one or the other off. Sometimes one is better than the other. Obviously if you own Canon or Nikon lenses of any type you won't be buying this camera. Unless you want to go dual system.

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AlexisH: One more thing you don't need with a mirrorless camera. Although I guess they could still finely tune auto focus to account for focus shifting.

If your mirrorless camera has interchangeable lenses you still need to clean the sensor. Not sure why you added that trailing off sentence.

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Peiasdf: There is a lot of repetition in Pentax's line up. There are 11 primes covering the 30-55mm range, 6 standard zooms from 16mm-50/85/135, etc. I'd imagine Nikon and Canon might be the same but either company sold ten times more cameras than Pentax.

It was designed and built before they started weather sealing lenses. It means they may or may not come out with a later weather-sealed version.

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nerd2: One fun fact - guess who made the first FF DSLR? It's Contax.

While the Pentax ME-F was the first AF SLR they were not the first successful one, which was the Minolta 7000 in 1985. Everything up to then, including Canon's T80 was a basically half-a** solution.

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nerd2: One fun fact - guess who made the first FF DSLR? It's Contax.

What do you mean by "still going strong". Contax was finally owned by Kyocera and they stopped producing Contax cameras back in 2006.

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Mariusz lmrl: Unfortunately — years too late… :(

Only way to distinguish on the mature market is to add really valuable unique features.

I’d like to see other sensor’s formats than boring 3:2 very much — 4:3 or especially „human natural” 5:4… Or, even better, to implement multiratio sensor on FF image circle! From 3:2, through 4:3, 5:4 to 1:1 FF physical format!

And there is ready slogan for _E_V_E_R_Y_ FF format more „square” than 3:2 — „Bigger than FF!” (3:2) (even if not much).

If you want 4:3 then get a 645Z.

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ttran88: I'm a current K5iis and A7 shooter and if this FF camera comes with an EVF I will make this my next camera. Almost certain will come with a Sony sensor, same as D750 with Pentax pixie dust. I wonder if the 3 FA limited lenses will go up in value now?

Yeah but the larger the sensor the larger the needed shift. Minolta (Sony) had just about the largest lens opening plus they were the originators of SR. They did it in the A900 when experts said it could not be done in a FF camera. We shall see what Pentax decided to do. I know it will have some type of SR since their new lenses don't but how much is the question.

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tbcass: While I own a Sigma 17-70 for my A mount Sony's and it works great there have been issues with some other Sony cameras and their lenses requiring firmware upgrades. Personally I'll stick with Tamron as a 3rd party vendor from now on because they actually pay licensing fees to the manufacturers rather than trying to reverse engineer.

You do realize of course that Sigma isn't allowed to buy a license from any of the camera makers. They hold grudges like elephants.

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LEGACYMOMENTSPHOTOGRAPHY: The picture with the police in a line, reminds me of a battlefield from the Roman Empire days just in the modern world, that was the picture i liked the most, has alot of energy and emotion and depth!

That is what I thought it looked like also. A surreal version of the initial battle scenes in Gladiator transposed to the 21st century.

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On The Wild Southwest: Jory Vander Galien's landscapes article (62 comments in total)

These images are very good for digital imaging of the Southwest, Jory. I admit I prefer my brother Kirk's work mainly because he shoots primarily in large format (which I don't either). People ask why B&W vs color. For one thing most of these colors are pale and very pastel. The color tends to wash out much of the subtler detail that can actually be captured in B&W. B&W produces a more mystical image, whereas in color all you are doing is trying to reproduce the scene instead of making something bigger out off it. But then of course Kirk and I grew up in this area. He came back and stayed while I won't get to go back till I retire in a few years. Since he has taught off and on at both UNM and Santa Fe and the Art Institute of Chicago I am wondering if you have not taken any of his classes.

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joe6pack: More competition is always good.
Regarding the "magnification range from 0.1x to 2x", I wonder if this lens is really a macro lens with adjustable extension tube?

I'm sure it does because the working distance at 2:1 would be inside the front lens on a 60mm lens normally. I seem to rememeber a couple of 1:1 macros that did something similar where when your focus range got into the macro area the focus locked the optics and just extended it like a built in exention tube. Still it might be worh its price if the distortion was less.

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On A photo sent home from the eastern front in 1944 in the Faux Old challenge (64 comments in total)
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Papi61: Yeah, I agree with CameraCarl that it's in very poor taste to glorify SS soldiers, as they were directly responsible for unspeakable atrocities, especially on the eastern front. I'm ethnically Jewish, and several of my ancestors were murdered by the SS in extermination camps. So you can understand how this particularly upsets me.

Incidentally, it's very disturbing to see how many of America's militia types and gun nuts in general have a deep admiration for Hitler's military and love to parade in Nazi regalia, as this photo shows.

Correct. It was actually American pilots in WWII in the Pacific that started the practice of shooting enemy pilots hanging from parachutes, not the Japanese as depicted in a lot of war movies.
All German Weirmacht panzer units in WWII used the Death's Head as a unit insignia but only the units I mentioned previously actually were named Totenkopf. It descended from the fact that it was an insignia used by German cavalry units up to 1918 and like the US Army most armored units considered cavalry units as their ancesters.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 1, 2015 at 06:02 UTC
On A photo sent home from the eastern front in 1944 in the Faux Old challenge (64 comments in total)

The Death's Head symbol goes back as far as the 1700's in cavalry units under Frederick the Great. Pretty common militarily upto 1918 in German Army units and between the wars. Specifically one Luftwaffe unit and the 3rd SS Panzer Division of the Waffen-SS were named Totenkopf. It looks like to me this reenactor is dressed as a panzergrenadier possibly of the Panzer Grenadier Division Großdeutschland since he has no SS insignia on his uniform but I could be wrong (I am not sure if that uniform model wore the Grossdeutschland sleeve device). And yes by 1944 he would look a lot sloppier and half shaven unless he was a senior officer (which he is not dressed as).

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sneakyracer: Pentax 645z is $13500 with the Excellent 28-40mm lens.

Pentax had a patent for a modular camera for many years that allowed the swapping of film and digital backs but never elected to fund production.

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Paul Guba: Comparing two cameras with similar sensors is like comparing two cars with V8 engines. The 645Z and the Alpa are two completely different machines. I won't justify the huge price difference but at the same time you can't compare the two as tools. Phase also has better software and years of experience getting the best data from a sensor. There both great cameras but the similarity ends at MP.

Lets see, if I remember the film era correctly in Photodo's technical tests of lenses in the top 10 of all time there were 2 Contax (Zeiss), 2 Leica, 2 Canons, oh and guess what there were 3 Pentax and 1 Tokina. I guess those yearsin which Pentax collaborated with Zeiss must have rubbed off.
As for Alpa in that era their lenses were sourced from Schneider, Kern, and Angenieux mostly.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 18, 2014 at 05:28 UTC
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jonmcphoto: WHO are these cameras for? Why don't they get a Bugatti special edition and go ahead and ask $250K for it?

Having shot an Alpa 9D for awhile during the film era I can say that most or all of the lenses they supplied then were very good. Alpa usually sourced their lenses from the very best European makers. Their standard lens in those days was a 50mm macro that was very good.
Still due to cost/performance I would go for a Pentax 645Z before the Alpa 12.

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On Consumer SLR Camera Roundup (2014) article (123 comments in total)
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Marty4650: A really interesting "update"...

1. Canon SL1 - 17 months old
2. Canon T5i - 17 months old
3. Nikon D3300 - 7 months old
4. Nikon D5300 - 10 months old
5. Pentax K-50 - 14 months old
5. Sony SLT-A58 - 18 months old

It's like a trip to a museum to see the dinosaurs.

You should have said invertebrate. That would be correct for the timeline of evolution.

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offertonhatter: Cheap looking but not really cheap feeling if other recent lenses are to go by. HD coating, excellent.
DC motor? Ditto. Weather sealing? Excellent.
Very flexible zoom range, but only after tests will we know how it performs. No point in presuming until tests are done.
35MM FF? Maybe a typo, but possibly not.

Lets wait for the performance tests before slagging it off.

Finally to another poster, it is spelt dying and not dieing. And that word has been mentioned for the last 35 years when it comes to Pentax, and yet........

When you consider the Hi-ISO performance of current sensors the actual need for faster lenses is no longer mainstream, especially when compared to the film era. If you need shallow DOF, shoot in low light, or shoot sports then faster lenses make sense. Otherwise its just carrying more weight.

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