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It's a lie!
Sigma did NOT announce this and DPReview knows this very well. They tried to fake it and instead of using a link from the official Sigma website (which of course doesn't mention anything about this stupidity and they never did) they used and obscure website to fake this announcement.
Shame on you, DPReview!

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Andrei Todea: I'm saving for Swarovski version which should follow soon!

Sorry about the joke. What a lie and I fell for it.
I realize now that this is a lie from DPReview because even when they posted the article they knew that Sigma didn't announce this as they tried to get the link and couldn't find it.

RIP DPReview.
You are still the best but with these lies and the iPhone articles more professionals will leave this site and with then the credibility will go away and at some point the hits will decrease and even Apple won't pay for your biased articles.

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Paulo Ferreira: This is a really disingenueous and almost malicious news. Dpreview is just passing on some hear say from a German site called Photo Scala that is selling a casing for a Sigma SD1. There is no comment whatsoever on Sigma Germany site about this !!! I am pretty sure that there are really aesthetically discussable and expensive "pimp my" image capturing gadgets (A Swarowsky iphone???) from third party companies that were never mentioned here. Shame on you dpreview!!!

@Paulo Ferreira
I agree with you. It must be a lie. I hope hope Sigma doesn't let them get away so easy (anyway they will still be rich and if they are not... well, they will just post another iPhone article)

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I'm saving for Swarovski version which should follow soon!

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Jogger: Sounds more like another paid advertisement for Apple.

"YOU that doesn't have a brain"? That's your argument?
You joined this site a month ago and now you decide it's a shame that people like Larry (who joined this website 6 years ago) are allowed on this site?
If you are not paid by DPReview or Apple than maybe you should seek help.

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ARTASHES: There is some better camera-phones than iPhone like N8 or SGS2 , why there is so much discussion about iPhone's camera, even IR revived it !!!
Apple's marketing in force?

I am wondering if you would have mentioned you have a Samsung if people wouldn't really hate the way this article was written!
While the idea is good as phones are really taking decent pictures now and many readers could be interested in using that camera better (but of course you wanted this out just before Apple's announcement of a better camera) the way Barnaby Britton wrote this article is unacceptable. If the author wasn't paid by Apple than it's even worse, it means he doesn't know that his phone is not even close to having the best camera so his photography or life could have been changed for the better :).
I thought this is the kind of article one could read on KR's website or other so called pro but maybe this is junk even for KR's standards (maybe not, I just checked his website for the first time in 4 or 5 years and he lists one single product that is not a camera under "Best Cammeras" and that is the Apple iPad!).
Just like the others said before me, +1 RIP

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On DSC_0129 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (18 comments in total)

6 years ago I was getting these results with a much bigger camera at ISO 800. While this ISO 6400 performance is not stellar, it's usable and it certainly proves the system will produce amazing photos in the (near) future!

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