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  • I's not so good but I post it anyway Cheers Dick
  • And so were the shots, it for sure get's a new life after 10 years Cheers Dick
  • was surprised by its output. So let's wait and see. Cheers Dick
  • Replied in awaldram
    You'r so right, my daughter start this month a photocours and get my K5  + DA 18-135,  I was sure that I have to buy the 16-85 quick but I take my 16-50 and 50-135 out of the dust and ..... after ...
  • Replied in Now I have Ron,
    I's a very impressive serie,  very good work imo. Nr 9 is my favourite Cheers Dick k
  • Replied in Ron, perfect
    Nr 9 is very special.  The Sigma is also doing very well with the 1,4 TC. Thanks for showing cheers Dick
  • Replied in Very nice Ron
    I like them a lot. And .... It must be heaven for you not to debate de TC's any longer. Cheers Dick
  • Replied in Dick...
    That's right Ron,  i'm in Norway now and try to find moose and deer. Cheers Dick
  • I'm on holiday now with the Da 300  and the 60-250 each with the 1,4 TC . Let's see how those combo' s work . cheers Dick
  • Replied in Good idea Miles
    I do that and find out , and my wife don't understand why I need more lenses but .......... I have only 3 pair of shoes and she much more because she buys every time when I have a new lens Cheers Dick
  • Replied in Hi Dean
    Yes that's the way to go with the 18-135. I'm still not sure what to do, sell the 18-135 (I like the longer reach) and buy the 16-85 instead or buy the 16-85 as an extra. Cheers Dick
  • Replied in Thanks Miles
    And Yes stop with pixelpeeping. But I'm glad you did. The 18-135 is useble from F 8 in a wide shot from about 24 mm. The 16-85 is certainly much better overall. By the way I like you'r horseracephoto ...
  • Replied in Hi Miles
    That will be nice to know Miles. I use the 18-135 when I will travel light and use the 18-135  from 5.6 to  F 8. I like to know if it is worth to buy the 16-85 as an extra too. Cheers Dick
  • Replied in Hi Miles
    And what ae you'r findings, when you takw the 18-135 on 24 mm  and F 8  and compare to the 24 mm F 8  from the 16-85 ? On Photozone the 18-135 scores better.  on 24 mm F 8 CXheers Dick
  • Replied in Dick...
    Thank you Ron for the quick answer. Cheers Dick
  • I've never seen something like that. Thanks for posting ! Cheers Dick PS SR on? and AFC ?
  • Replied in Thanks Kees
    It's strange that many like SR off and others ,like you and Ron has it on. I hope I can test it next week too. Vriendelijke groet Dick
  • It looks very, very  good on my screen.  Was the SR on ? and what focus did you use? Thanks for showing Cheers Dick
  • Thanks Barry, That is good to know.  I like you'r 450 mtr shots very much. (I know what I want next) Cheers Dick
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