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On Manfrotto announces carbon fiber BeFree tripod article (110 comments in total)
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Niklas Ramstedt: Please write out in metric too, so the rest of the world also understands.

I agree 100%

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Philip Corlis: To Peevee1
#12 looks like Kodachrome to me. Good luck finding a digital preset to mimick it. Many have tried to simulate it but very few get very close.

IMO - this is one of the best approaches... http://www.defocus.net/2009/03/fun-with-the-dng-profile-editor.html

BTW - I think this exhibit is worth a trip from the states. Where else will you see all these great masterworks?

Try RPP http://www.raw-photo-processor.com/RPP/Overview.html
RPP for beginners http://pavelkosenko.wordpress.com/2012/05/24/rpp-for-begginers/

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On SmugMug Films: Master of illusions article (37 comments in total)

I am a big fan of Joel Grimes! Rulez!!

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On DxO releases Optics Pro 9.1 article (38 comments in total)
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Prognathous: The upgrade from v8.x is now $49. Any opinions on whether the improvements are worth it? I usually upgrade every other version, but I have to admit the new NR looks impressive...

Prognathous, here OpenCL make no difference, but my graphic card is old/slow(nvidia GT240), best ask the support.

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Prime is excellent!
Try with high ISO images...

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1201 comments in total)
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Pictus: I would prefer more stuff prone to moiré and more red.

Yep, but I would like something more like the http://www.imaging-resource.com/PRODS/645D/645DhSLI0100_NR_OFF.DNG.HTM
that have a nice red fabric good to test high ISO/noise reduction and a bottle of Samuel Smith good to test moiré and demosaicing algorithms...

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On Panasonic GX7 First Impressions Review article (1201 comments in total)

I would prefer more stuff prone to moiré and more red.

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J. Bach: Hopefully the U2413 will calibrate better than the U2410. I have both a U2410 and the older 2407. I use the Eye-One display 2 to calibrate both and the 2407 gives more faithfull color than the U2410 - prints from the labs I use with the labs' icc profiles for soft proofing look just like the image on the 2407 and not the 2410 and both displays are calibrated to the same color temperature. The U2410 has more color controls than the 2407, but changing an RGB value by 1 % in the color controls on the U2410 can change the color temperature by 200 degrees. I missed the return date (dell only gives 21 days now instead of the 30 they use to give) and Dell never responded to my concerns.

You need a better calibrator and some tricks, solution at http://forums.dpreview.com/forums/post/50756245

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On Capture One Fujifilm X-Trans Raw support tested article (211 comments in total)
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drent: moire settings (in this particular photo):
amount 80
pattern 65

clarity setting:
structure 25

see the improvement! cannot upload, because C1 gives an error: could not process file (during the betatest I've let Phase One know, but problem is still there). At least on my computer.

Does not fix the maze artifacts...
Need a better/tweaked demosaicing algorithm for that.

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On DxO Optics Pro 8: What's New article (110 comments in total)

For DXO guys:
-Need NATIVE color space bigger than Adobe RGB, see http://www.luminous-landscape.com/forum/index.php?topic=54284.0
-Again no 'multi point color balance tool' for the Windows version :(

For Amadou Diallo, please include Photo Ninja into the comparative as it is another excellent high-end converter.
Corel AfterShot Pro would be a good idea too as it is the fastest of all.
Some users need quality above all, others speed ...

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On ACD Systems issues ACDSee Pro 6 and ACDSee 15 article (75 comments in total)

It is the best image browser, good organizer and RAW converter(the PRO), now it is faster and the color management finally works!

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As NewBrain has said, bring back multi-point color balance...

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The only way to correct longitudinal chromatic aberrations (LoCA) I know is http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4686872/ca.mp4

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On Just posted: Our Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer review article (69 comments in total)
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HeinzKJ: It would be nice if you would include in your reviews the color gamut the printer can cover (sRBG, Adobe RGB etc). How about adding a CIE diagram?

That is very easy to know, go to http://www.iccview.de install the 3D plug-in for the browser and compare the printer profile against some Color Space or even the monitor profile, the 3D graphic will give the right feedback.

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On DxO Labs announces Optics Pro 7 with faster performance article (167 comments in total)
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Kuturgan: Does it work with NX200?

Axel, does it will support Sigma SD1?

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