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  • Rawtherapee and/or Lightzone I use them both. They aren't that hot for management, but they are both capable editors.
  • I have used Open Office for a long time and would never think of paying for MS's suite. Like Libre, Open Office you can save and open in the Microsoft formats. The price is right, it's free.
  • OTH, I have been out of commission since my last post (a hospital stay), what Canon did is total BS!!  I feel sorry for you, but I just can't imagine paying $1000 to repair this lens.  I didn't ...
  • Replied in Be careful...
    I had written this in this post 11 months ago: "I have used Recuva and also ZAR, which offers a free photo recovery tool. I had used ZAR about 4yrs. ago. It saved my CR2 files as tiffs, but they ...
  • Yes Chrome's flash is pepper flash, but it is just Adobe flash integrated in Chrome.  I have it set in my browser to 'click to enable'.  I have to manually click to enable any flash to play.  With ...
  • Since I have click to play enabled, many sites' obnoxious ads are silenced.
  • Thanks Jim, I downloaded MB's AE and it conflicted with EMET still.  I found online a workaround by disabling some of the features in EMET.  I decided to just delete EMET for the time being and ...
  • Jim, thanks for the warning.  At one time I tried running Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit and MS's EMET at the same time and had conflicts between the two.  I ended up deleting the Malwarebytes ...
  • I agree with you O.C.  I babied my lens, never dropped it, the only thing was that I have and do use it a lot.  Then one day the same thing happened to mine couldn't slide it.
  • Glad that you were able to get the discount, sorry that it happened to your lens. I have had to send mine in a couple of times, and it seems each time it costs a $100 more than the last time.
  • I had it happen to mine a little over a year ago.  It just happened, it was nothing that I had done, it just froze and could barely move.  It froze in the out position, I forced it down so I could ...
  • I use RevoUnistall pro, but they offer a fee program which Gizmo's rated as best.
  • I don't think so, but like you, I'd like to know if there is.
  • I looked at in Chrome, and I saw the small interior box.  I highlighted it, saved it to Word Pad, where I was able to see the whole message.  Otherwise I could not see the whole message online.  I ...
  • I use a card reader that is on my computer (a Dell). What I think he means is that if Windows says that something is wrong with the card and offers to fix it, just ignore it. Do not let Windows ...
  • You might try a photo recovery program ZAR or Recuva are free. I have used both and they have helped me. Good luck. What I thought would be to try and see if there was any more info on the cards
  • This morning when I booted my computer, there was a new small white square in my notification area.  Upon clicking, it was a Microsoft message urging me to reserve my free W10 upgrade.
  • Created discussions my avatar is gone
    I noticed today that my avatar is gone.  I tried to update a new one but wasn't able to.  Any suggestions?  I used Chrome and IE and didn't see it.
  • That's why I recommended and run Secunia PSI, and I have used it for years. It scans your system and pinpoints all the programs, flash, shockwave, reader, java, ms updates, vlc, etc. It informs ...
  • You might be right, but all I use it for is its scanning.  It's the only program I have that flags tracking cookies.  Pretty minor but nothing else flags and removes them, not the Malewarebytes ...
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