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  • Idea 1:  rent a film M, such as an M6, add a 35, and shoot tri-x.  This should be much less expensive than a Monochrom.  Maybe add a light yellow filter to bump the contrast. Idea 2:  pick up a ...
  • So, for the X100, X100S, and now X100T, I have equipped all three with a ProMaster cap leash.  This is the one with the small, rectangular sticky pad for the cap. When it's forecast to sprinkle, I ...
  • With a little photoshop magic to change the background, perhaps it could be entitled, "Constipation."
  • I concur with the excellent advice here on buying only what she will use.  Not everyone is a photographer. May I suggest a gift certificate for a formal holiday setting at a local or Sears portrait ...
  • I see from your website you're smack in the center of the snow belt of the U.S. May I suggest: Eric
  • I'd enjoy what you have and roll the $1300 into the family vacation account. Eric P.S. The X100T is a nice walk-around camera.
  • Lovely photograph, composition, expression.  If you have contact with the subject, you owe them a quality print of it. Eric
  • Created discussions X100/S/T owners of all 3
    So, with the pending release of the X100T, how many will find themselves in possession of all 3 cameras, and what are your plans for retaining or disposing of the 2 older models?  Resell, trade, ...
  • Replied in No issues here
    I've owned the X100 since release, no dust issues using OEM cap only.  I carry it around my neck, which arguably is a less-dusty environment than a pocket. I also picked up the X100S last year, ...
  • I have the prior version and found a cheap plastic cap that fit the open end of the hood perfectly. I think I paid $1 at a camera show. Give it a try at your local camera store. Eric
  • Replied in MP Titanium
    I just don't have the $40k they command these days. Anyone want to trade for a LHSA 0.58 M6TTL?
  • Replied in M60
    But can we make it a series production model, silver chrome, with strap lugs?  I work hard and make a decent income, but $18K for the kit is more than I am comfortable paying. Eric
  • Pardon my piling onto the thread. When assessing what goes into an image, it's much more than just the body or lens. Let me shape my discussions into three groups, the path of the photon, the ...
  • You shouldn't talk about ex-spouses that way.

  • Larry, Nice shots in the flicker account.  I don't know that you'll improve on your results that much by buying a Leica, but then again I don't need a Corvette to commute, but it makes the process ...
  • Some day I need to expand my education and author a scientific treatise on the subject of optical design and "look" of photographs. Some half-formed thoughts are below: We all have seen the picture ...
  • So, I see from your profile you are in Dallas.  Maybe ask around one of the local camera clubs if someone could bring a lens to a meeting where you could shoot a number of frames. Another option ...
  • I would check closed eBay auctions that completed (green  price).  Another resource is 50% of market price from keh is not too far out of bounds.  The most I've seen a dealer pay ...
  • Say what you wish, but I wanted a silver chrome MM since I saw one on another forum. My reasons:

    1) The MM sensor, sans bayer filter, gives the highest resolution of any similarly-sized body. ...

  • I can vouch for the Leica 28/2.8/ASPH on an M8 with the old Leica IR filter (HOOET?). I prefer the wider field of view to capture other elements of the scene that show off the IR effect, trees and ...
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