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marc petzold: I'm wondering because DPR did the "Experiment" the 1st Time - to compare different Sensor & Camera Classes, which are simply not comparable.

Otherwise, DPR compares different FF Sensor DSLR/DSLMs, APS-C, etc...but m43 and FF - why the hell? Both cameras have their different application & niche - the A7S for lowlight photography, the GH4 mostly for video - so why the hell a comparsion? no offence.

I do also not compare 1 inch sensors to APS-C, and so on...because that simply doesn't make sense.

@ Dr_Jon
"I’m surprised at how nice the quality is from APS-C (Super 35mm) mode on the A7S. I expected it to be a lot softer! There’s no signs of significant moire or aliasing either."

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marc petzold: I'm wondering because DPR did the "Experiment" the 1st Time - to compare different Sensor & Camera Classes, which are simply not comparable.

Otherwise, DPR compares different FF Sensor DSLR/DSLMs, APS-C, etc...but m43 and FF - why the hell? Both cameras have their different application & niche - the A7S for lowlight photography, the GH4 mostly for video - so why the hell a comparsion? no offence.

I do also not compare 1 inch sensors to APS-C, and so on...because that simply doesn't make sense.

@marc petzold
Two professional videographers also recently reviewed both the GH4 & A7S

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On Budget M43: Kodak Pixpro S-1 First Impressions Review article (137 comments in total)
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stratplaya: Is Kodak still "Kodak"? I wonder if the company sold the brand the same way Polaroid did.

The JK CEO, Joe Atick, lives in Florida. He is also CEO of Jaacx Distributors that is a distributor of consumer electronics products to Latin America. http://www.linkedin.com/pub/joe-atick/a/599/862
Cameras are reportedly being produced in conjunction with Asia Optical, which is headquartered in Taiwan. Asia Optical is a large company with a market cap of $9.6 billion that was founded in 1981 and has been involved in joint ventures with Sony, Ricoh, Sharp, Pentax and Olympus.

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On Hands-on with the Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 article (102 comments in total)
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Valiant Thor: Wow! Panasonic is running on all eight cylinders these days. I pre-ordered one on Amazon and already they are showing their "high demand" warning. I have not seen this warning on any Nikon or Canon cameras lately. Nikanon, please take note.

The high demand warning most likely reflects the ratio of preorders to the number of units Amazon expects to receive in the first shipment. Panasonic has a history of being slow to supply cameras to the US.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2970 comments in total)
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Scottelly: That "equivalent aperture comparison chart" is very confusing. Just below that chart the article sates, "Between 24 and 28mm, only the G1 X Mark II has a larger equivalent aperture." Well, it looks to me like the Canon has a larger equivalent aperture throughout the 24-70mm range of the Sony RX100 III. Am I missing something?

The comparison chart comments refer to all six cameras that were compared. The one thing you missed is that the RX100 II has the largest equivalent aperture at 28mm. Otherwise, the Canon G1 X II is best from 24-70 (although the RX III is essentially the same at 70mm equiv).

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On Olympus OM-D E-M10 Review preview (325 comments in total)
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MV Atlanta: I am having trouble with E-M10 noise levels. Majority of the wonderful sample images in online reviews seem to be RAW based. Default JPEG noise is unacceptable above ISO800 for portraits. Both my 5 year old D300 and athe new Sony a6000 have much lower noise and significantly better dynamic range. I tried RAW and got fairly good results but do not have time for processing - this is for taking pictures of our kids to be uploaded to facebook and shared with family.
I use kit lens with 45mm 1.8 on its way. Still the lens should help with sharpness (I have problems with as well - mostly due to inaccurate focusing) but not with the noise.

I tinkered with noise reduction settings without much success. Even at ISO600 there is way more noise than one would expect. Any suggestions on settings? I know everything is relative but I am comparing it head to head with Nikon D5200 and Sony a6000 under the same settings and there is something wrong with the Olympus. Thanks.

Your opinion isn't shared by the DPR review.
Are you using "noise filter" rather than "noise reduction"?

As the review noted above: The E-M10 keeps up with its APS-C and MFT peers with retention of fine detail until ISO 6400 when things take a turn for the worse. Olympus's noise reduction setting is accessed from the menu (Custom Menu E: Noise Filter), with four options available (Off, Low, Standard and High). Confusingly there's also a 'Noise Reduction' control, but this only applies to long exposures.

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On Nikon D3300 Review preview (233 comments in total)
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pfzt: USB2? No WiFi? No GPS?

They still don't understand their competition and market.

People who are used to these features on their phones are likely to want them on an entry level DSLR.

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On Pentax K-3 Review preview (489 comments in total)
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EdBov: Comparing the K5 video score with the K3 video score: DPR finds out the K5 better???????
I believe they are totally mad.......... because the video was the reason the Pentax K5 got a bad score.

I assume the score for the K3 is based on the current state of the art in DSLR video, while the score for the K5 was based on the state of the art when it was reviewed.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX10 Review preview (492 comments in total)
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pew pew: Sounds like a good camera for those wanting a power zoom camera with good video and pictures, but i´m scratching my head how this camera got a better score then the a7.

DPR folks claim that scores can't be compared across different types of cameras, which makes perfect sense (apples to oranges). Unfortunately, they don't necessarily practice what they preach because the average score for FF cameras is higher than the average for formats with smaller sensors.

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On 20140102-_m5b8792 in the Downtown Outdoors challenge (9 comments in total)

Great work, Bob!

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Horshack: Here's the price six months from now: $998

GH3 has dropped from $1,298 to $998 since its release about 16 months ago. Don't know why GH4 would be expected to drop in price more rapidly than GH3. Future price of GH4 will depend more on response from the video community that from still photographers.

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ericsan: Canon is a conservative company wishing to protect their highly profitable DSLR's market...nothing wrong so far by not investing into mirroless segment ! When mirroless market will start to erode their DSLR's sales & leader position (if it does one day...) Canon reaction will be to launch the best mirrorless products to be N°1 on that segment !!

Perhaps you could explain why they developed the EOS-M.

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Photoworks: Olympus needs to work harder on the IQ front. The IQ of the E-M1 is pretty much line-ball with the older E-M5. In fact, the past six m4/3rds from Olympus have all been fitted with 16mp sensors. The E-M1 is now as large/heavy as a full-frame camera (Sony A7/R) yet IQ quality is no better than the miniature GM1 (also fitted with a 16mp sensor).

It has only been about 2 years since Olympus first released the 16mp sensor in the E-M5. That compares favorably with the other camera makers.
As for your last comment, you could make a similarly inane criticism of the large/heavy DSLRs that have IQ no better than the smaller/lighter Sony A7/R.

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JEROME NOLAS: I agree on many points why it's not selling so well outside of Asia. In America, everything is big- big Mac, big cars, and very big people :) and Olympus and Panasonic are trying to sell them vegetables in Geo Metro package....try 100 years later when we really run out of all resources!

MacBook Air is a big success and, despite Steve Jobs claim that Apple would never make a small tablet, the iPad Mini is also very popular. As for stereotyping Asians, the large phablet phones are very popular in Japan & Korea and GM has trouble meeting demand for Buicks in China.
Your argument also doesn't explain why yearly mirrorless shipments to the Americas were 45% lower in 2013 than in 2012.

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Markol: What I don't get is pricing- The first 3 generations of PENs were sold at a 50% discount some 6 months after they were released, the P5 is still at the original price after 9 months, the PL5 dropped by less than 15% in much over a year. Compared to many competitors, they are just too expansive and the policy is confusing. I understand that for lenses, but cameras?

Olympus has also kept the E-5 at full price or close to it.
Based on poor sales of the E-P3, they may have decided to produce a much smaller number of E-P5s with the aim in mind of selling to a niche market that is willing to pay full price.

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JDThomas: The market had downturn and it won't come back up. It will eventually plateau. After the digital boom of the 15 years companies are used to making money hand over fist. They're not "losing" money, they just aren't raking it in as fast. And it's unlikely that the business will ever boom like that again unless a radical new technology appears again.

It's always good to be in a business that makes products that are rapidly developing. It's an exciting time and technology is growing by leaps and bounds. People are thrilled by the fast pace of change and want to have the newest and best thing out there.

It's been 15 years since the digital photography revolution started and the technology has reached a point of maturity. They are running out of amazing new features to add.

As others pointed out, cameras are now good enough that most people don't need a new one every year. And contrary to popular belief the majority of consumers aren't on the forums geeking out over the newest junk.

Well said. Your only point that I would qualify is that Canon and Nikon are the only companies that are clearly making a profit on their cameras.

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SteveNunez: The Smartphone has killed the camera market and I see no resurgence coming......same for the camcorder market- the Smartphone is what everyone carries and uses for their photography needs.....only enthusiasts and pros will continue to desire the higher end models.

I would make that the smartphone plus the social media sites where most people post. Most people are also satisfied with smartphone images viewed on their iPads.
There will still be a substantial number of people who will buy a better camera for special occasions. However, if my two sons are any indication, they will use one or two kit lenses and keep their cameras until they die.

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MayaTlab0: It would have been interesting to see manufacturers breaking down in more details their sales. Especially regarding mirrorless ILC, I'd really like to know how the higher-end models (OM-D, A7, NEX 6/7, etc.) did in comparison to lower-end ones and if the fall in sales was as strong in that segment as in the lower one. I'd bet these higher-end models sold pretty well and resisted better the downturn in the ILC market than the entry-level ones.

Unfortunately, I don't think we will ever see break downs by model. As far as MILCs are concerned, I think it is a mixed bag. For example, Oly OM-D models have been well received, but I don't think the same can be said for sales of the PEN E-P5. While I think we will companies focusing more on high end models, the deterioration of low end models implies that camera companies will become smaller.

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On Olympus OM-D E-M1 Review preview (2062 comments in total)
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reefdreams: Seems like a very nice camera, I think if it would be APS-C instead of m4/3 with the same selection of lenses it would be even more successfull.

It is true though that with Sony pushing the full-frame pricing very low it might hurt the sales of a 4/3 sensor camera regardless of how good it is!

If it were APS-C or FF, the lenses would be larger and heavier. Beginning with the E-M5, many of us have decided that m4/3 provides the optimal combination of IQ and size. I don't feel the need to go on threads about APS-C or FF cameras and criticize them for having larger and heavier lenses, and fail to understand why some people feel the need to criticize m4/3.

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On Panasonic DMC-GM1 preview (631 comments in total)
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EDWARD ARTISTE: I have to say. First impressions "review" makes no sense at all.

I'm sure it will help with metrics and search- but its still pretty nonsensical. Its not a review in any sense of the word, its a PREVIEW.

C'mon DP.

DPR have published 8 "first impressions reviews" and one "preview" this month. It would be nice if they would let us know how their two types of early evaluations differ. Personally, I would prefer they simply use "first impressions" since "preview" generally doesn't include an evaluative component and also is usually provided by the company releasing the product.

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