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On A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom article (193 comments in total)

Lot's of luck trying to find/follow a moving object like a small bird. My FZ200 has about as much reach as I find useful for dynamic subjects.

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electrophoto: My take on this is simply this:
Consider what you are doing currently, consider what you WANT to do eventually. If Photography is part of your work consider your specific needs.
And those questions will detrermine if you'd need a top of the line FF DSLR with top quality glass or if a small pocketable is all you need or anyhting in between.
Every decision comes with compromises.

As an example - when I travel, I travel VERY light weight.. I've carried no more than a 35-40liter (approx. 2300cin) back pack even on 6+ month road trips.
Carrying a full frame camera plus lenses & gear doesn't fit my bill.

I want good quality pictures, I want to be able to play with depth of field, I want to be able to use it in most light situations... so either a small APS-C or M4/3 will do just fine - as long as I am aware of the specific limitations and how to work with / around them.

Studio work? completely different aproach.

Need / want determines what system / route one should take - not "upgrade"

Well said!

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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1457 comments in total)

For me it has always ben important to ask myself what I intend to use the image for. Most of my shots go on my blog so a verity of smaller sensor cameras including a APS-c "bird camera" meet my needs. The quest for ultimate image quality is a very expensive proposition, Most of us will agree that a great picture taken with an average camera trumps a lousy shot taken with a great camera every time. Buy a camera you don't mind taking with you and you will get some great shots.

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On Mountain Magic: Shooting in the Lofoten Islands article (73 comments in total)

Very nice shots. An inspiration to us all to get out when the light is does much of the work for us.

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CaseyComo: Blanket comment: Christ, what a bunch of whiners. Do any of you actually like to take, or view photographs, or do you all just like to look at MTF and chromatic aberration charts? You're like the old-school "audiophiles" who don't actually enjoy music, but instead spend all their time looking at sound-pressure and frequency response charts. Maybe if someone could create an auditory mapping of a sharpness chart and play it through a high-end stereo you could all find something to be cheery about.

People get their enjoyment in different ways.

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