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panpen: I can't take beautiful pictures unless I lug 15LB around my neck, print 4x6 and post on Facebook. Yep, that big label showing CANON on my neck strap makes me a pro.

15lbs for Facebook posting?
Omg.. don't be silly, a smartphone like Samsung Note 4/Edge more than good enough.

Btw, a Hasselblad with standard or zoom lens don't even weigh that much, so which Canon camera and lens combi are you refer to?

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zubs: Canon really need to innovate in the mirrorless market, they were caught sleeping and are now playing catchup. More pixels are not always the answer.

Frankly speaking there isn't much to compare a mirrorless to a high optic quality full frame camera.

So if high optic quality was not one looking for, alternately one can choose Canon compact "mirrorless" camera, a G7X or G1X mkII for example. ;-)

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On article Samsung NX30 real-world samples gallery (62 comments in total)
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Zeisschen: Most ugly mirrorless camera so far. When will Samsung start to employ designers? ALL of their products are of such a bad design :/

viking79: The DSLR lookalike Samsung NX30 DSLM camera are really good design over a rangefinder. Congrats you are still keeping it. Your choice of choosing it as your prefer camera mean it's a greater camera over your other Sony cameras. ;-)

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With German Carl Zeiss brand built quality and 2x~4x $998 price tag, this 50mm F1.8(only) lens IQ has to be top quality than the cheap Canon and Nikon 50mm 1.4/1.8 lenses.

Oh no... the vignetting of this CARL ZEISS lens only go off totally at F8.0, it was much worst than the cheap and good Nikon 50mm F1.8G lens which go off totally after F4.0. That was pretty bad and what a shame.

Maybe the blame should be with the Sony A7R?

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On article Nikon issues statement on rumored D600 / D610 swap-outs (118 comments in total)
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lorenzo de medici: 'Nikon Inc., is committed to serving the needs of our customers. All our customer service inquiries are handled on a case-by-case basis.'

Yeah. Well. I went through the usual goat rope with my D600, I must have talked with 10 different Nikon service reps, there was one shutter replacement, finally I just told them I was tired of them and I would deal with it myself. Fortunately my guess that the problem would resolve over time was correct. Now it's fine. I understand that not everyone has had the same experience. The whole thing left a really bad impression on me, I still like and buy Nikon gear but I won't buy any new camera they issue until it's been out for at least a year. They handled the whole mess quite badly and made a lot of people angry. If they're pacifying the last few with new D610's, great. It won't repair all their previous screw ups.

I've heard some reports that some new D610 was still inherit with old D600 dust/oil-gate issues.

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On article Canon EOS 70D Review (718 comments in total)
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Alsone1: Sounds good but needs 4K @ minimum of 30fps given that 4K tv's are now appearing everywhere albeit at a (fast reducing) cost.

Personally I couldn't spend this much money on something I feel is already out of date.

Obviously you are one of those guy belong to "money has object", just like me. Btw, you can watch free 4K contents on YouTube. :-)

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On article Mid-range Mirrorless camera roundup (2013) (297 comments in total)

What a skin-deep comparison test by famous DPR.

Even the Chinese websites has done a much better & more complete review in their latest mid-level DSLM comparison test.

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NewForce: Judging from the condition, I won't even pay for more than $1000.

Anyway, most antiques does not worth that kind of money when the original maker still alive. It is just a game for the rich to show off their wealth.

What I mean was back in 1932 with the maker still pretty much alive, the camera wasn't worth the money currently seeing in Auction.

You know, just like Picasso Le Rêve painting was worth only around $7K, it is now more than $48.4Mil.

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Judging from the condition, I won't even pay for more than $1000.

Anyway, most antiques does not worth that kind of money when the original maker still alive. It is just a game for the rich to show off their wealth.

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On Connect post Apple buys 3D sensor company PrimeSense (4 comments in total)

Lucky Apple did not buy a toilet bowl company.
Otherwise I'll have to shxx outside their Cupertino Flying sausage new HQ. :-D

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Boerseuntjie: Does Samsung still make cameras?...LOL, they should stick to washing machines and phones

So Apple should stick to only making Mac PC?

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Boerseuntjie: I can't wait for Samsung to shoot themselves in the foot when they finally abandon Android for their Tizen Os and I will watch them fall from their high horse...LOL


Why being such a hater?
Did Samsung devices burned down somebody houses or electrocuted somebody like Apple iPhone and iPad that you've come to know? LOL...

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joe6pack: It is priced too expensively for open source community to pick it up.

If it is $500, this will sell like hot cakes. Developers will put every feature you can imagine on this camera.

Maybe GNX still a Google Android device, so there's still some limit stopping Samsung to do whatever they like.

Perhaps Samsung DSLM both compact or SLR alike cameras will have better life come next year with models running their own Tizen 3.0 OS.

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yonsarh: I would get a7 instead.

Should I say Phase One the best of all then?

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Adrian Tung: I've seen this camera up close, it is really big and bulky for an MILC-Android hybrid.

My personal opinion, not that anyone cares, would be:
1) should have been in NX300 form factor with optional EVF attachment
2) should have provided dual memory card slots -- one for Android usage (apps, music, documents, etc) and one for frequent removal and swapping (i.e. captured RAW photos)
3) offer cellular communication (GSM, etc)*

* more of a curio than a serious suggestion... but it would be neat to be the first, no?


I couldn't agree more with you.
About the dual memory cards support it, not many need it, but it's a welcome feature, and maybe GNX2 will have it.

Yes I agree too, it's definitely one of the well designed box camera. good in my hands.

For more buttons and wheels,
Well I think more probably Samsung design it are targeting Android smartphone users (and there's multiple millions of them), thus GNX come with less buttons and wheels.

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HarrieD7000: Like most android gadgets this will be shown the first week after it is bought and then life a life in a cupboard.

@Roland & DaveE1, well Android phone should be consider as an Android gadget too. I'm wrong about it too?

I meet & know of many iPhone and iPad hard core users, including programmers. But now all of them are Android "gadgets" super fans.

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Sirandar: The interface may not be optimal, but it is Android, so 3rd party devs can make a new interface if Sammy releases enough info to let them

And how do you all that?
Are you a Samsung insider?

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On article Fujifilm XF 55-200mm F3.5-4.8 R LM OIS review (142 comments in total)
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57even: All these comments about Fuji AF. Really? They pretty much fixed it.

If you still have a problem, perhaps you're just not the sort that's prepared to learn how to use a camera.

Foolproof is for fools.

Was super fast AF really that important?
How come 1% top earning professional photograhers are still using MF camera on manual focus mode?

Was it because,
1. Most photographers is still an Amateur after many years of pictures taking, so need newer blazing AF tech to help them to get the job done?
2. Most photographers was simply too lazy?

If the 2nd remark was true, get yourself a Smarter Smartphone then. Stop wasting your time with a DSLM(irrorless) or DSLR.

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On article Editorial: Why I can't stop taking iPhone Panoramas (300 comments in total)
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ferbis: I´m very impressed by not only the HDR, but the quality and definition of the panos as you enlarge them.
Are there any side by side D800 / iPhone 5s comparison?

That's shallow. Many dc and Android phones already have this feature, so nothing new for the world, but just apple fanboys.

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Bjorn_L: Ring flash = poor photos. They obliterate shadows and create very boring flat photos. Also the quality and usefulness of a device like this seems VERY suspect.

May I know,
1. Which ring flash you have or used?
2. If you have one, was it a real ring flash or a led ring light?
3. What camera and lens you used it with?
4. What type of picture are you taking when using the ring flash?

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