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Color negative film, but you get back a positive film to view? I'm glad scanning is included in price. Does anyone remember just how fuzzy Super 8 Kodachrome was and now they are going to introduce film grain as well? I wish they had done this in 16mm so the film would be worth viewing. Does Kodak have a low cost scanning service for the box of Super 8 films I already have?

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This is not rocket science. Put your own camera on a tripod in live view mode and hold an LED flashlight at various angles into your lens while observing the rear display. I just finished doing this with my D7100 and 17-55mm lens. I got some doozies. Look for some large banding when you reach just the right angle. Now repeat the procedure with your sun shade in place and you only get some minor glare. I am glad that this will make the manufacturers more attentive to shielding the AF sensors.

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DanK7: This just shows what engineers left alone without production, marketing, accounting and other unnecessary hangers-on can come up with, haha. Interesting to see what sector of the industry will find a useful application for this package. Any ideas? I think I'd put my money toward a Pentax 645 not knowing any better.

Photo booth

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The third most photographed airplane after the Spruce Goose and Concorde?

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Focus point is the railing. Compare sharpness of motorcycle engines to the wood texture of the railing.

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Focus point is the railing. Compare sharpness of motorcycle engines to the wood texture of the railing.

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Kodak brought out a set of curved field lenses for their slide projectors back in the 1970's when their testing revealed that cardboard mounted Kodachromes all bowed identically in their card board mounts. Up till then you had to remove the cardboard mounts and remount the positive in thin glass plates if you wanted a sharply projected image.

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Any durability test should at least include a few 3 foot falls to a hard floor. Lighting equipment never gets the same respect as cameras and lenses.

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plevyadophy: Have all the Pentax fans actually considered the fact that this thing is NOT really medium format; it's not true medium format in sensor size nor is it digital medium format.

It's more like the medium format equivalent of a Leica M8 or Canon 1D with their APS-H sized sensors, and some have even gone as far as referring to this new Pentax's sensor size as Medium Format DX.

Really, in my view, things only matter when the diagonal of the sensor/film roughlydoubles/halves. So going from micro Four Thirds to 35mm,and then from 35mm to 645 or 6 x 6, and then up to 10 x 8 all make a significant difference. For those going from Pentax APS-C sensor cams to this Pentax 645Z there's gonna be a MASSIVE difference but I don't think it's worth bothering with if you already own say a Nikon D800e.

The camera body is superb though, the best on the market in my view. It's just a pity that they didn't provide a fully articulating rear LCD instead of the mere flip up and flip down variety.

I'm still dreaming of a full size digital back for my Mamiya 6x7.

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RangeOfLight: Despite a raft of trivial and ignorant comments, I fortunately decided to view the video for myself. The point of the piece is to document the cataloging and preservation of historical photographic prints by Corbis. This is important work in an age where, as related within the video, we are rapidly progressing to all digital image manufacture and representation. Of course, there is also thoughtful replication in digital format, but the mandate of the archive is to preserve the inherent medium, not bits, for posterity.

There is an ironic twist to this. They are digitizing originals as requests come in for them. But how are young people to know the images are available until they are all digitized?

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Color negatives and color prints are easily the quickest to fade. Polaroid images are already gone. Digitizing what you can as soon as you can is the best thing you can do for your own legacy.

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At least we're one step closer to the D5.

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An interesting concept here; using bundled fiber optics as a "lens".

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DotCom Editor: I think this is a brilliant idea and I recommend it to all Nikon owners.

I'll bet you own a Canon.

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What's missing is ballast to keep the tank reasonably submerged and stable, otherwise it will take some effort to hold it down. The bottom of fish tanks is glass, the bottom should be protected with plywood on both sides. Use towels inside the tank to absorb stray water before it can reach the camera.

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This poor fellow will now be besieged with donations of Kodak Autographics, Brownies, 8mm movie cameras, and Polaroids.

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Square format, but its a cinch you wouldn't get these photos from a Hasselblad.

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He is aiming at a cockroach on the paper on the wall. A woman and a child are cowering against any potential ricochet. Is this a powerful social statement or just another instance of the truism, "All you need for a movie is a girl and a gun"

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alfredo_tomato: The best way to hold onto power is to pit one group against another. The biggest fear of the ruling class is if the poor of all races and religion see the predatory capitalist and bought off politician as the enemy, not their neighbor.

The haters like the Klan, Tea Party, and the Nation of Islam play right into the hands of those who profit from our division. The monied class wants us fighting over the scraps that trickle down on us. Wake up, grow up.

All photographers are welcome to come to Tea Party meetings. You can picture us saying the Pledge of Allegiance. If you are quick, you can get a shot of one of our extreme members picking up litter, we are known for that.

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My Vivitar Series 1 70-210mm held together. Sold it long ago, though.

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