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On Windows XP is dead. Long live Windows XP 'Bliss' news story (101 comments in total)
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Bugs Bunny: XP is gone, Long live the Mac OS
Microsoft had that os for more than 10 years
A lot of people do not trust Microsoft OS.
Apple is years ahead.

Even after Windows 7 was introduce XP was still widely available on new PCs.

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NZ Scott: NO!

No filter thread on the new 7-14 ...

That means I can't buy it. I'll have to get a 9-18 instead, which doesn't go wide enough for me.

Sony's NEX system has an ultrawide starting at 15mm (ff equivalent) that takes filters and only weighs a couple of hundred grams.

Why can't Oly/Panny do the same?

Apparently the panasonic 7-14mm is relatively easy to add the rear filter holder from panasonic's fisheye.

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Adrian Van: I actually like the camera body design and nice lens bodies of this camera better than the Nikon 1 J series (I know Nikon 1 is not m43 but it is competing with it to a degree in mirrorless) and also like the tilt screen of this new camera. If the sensor and image quality is good enough, and reasonable price, this could get interesting with JK Imaging /Kodak entering m43 arena of cameras out there or ILC in general.

The kit lens of S1 shows Aspheric ED Lens at 12-45mm. After using the collapsible lens of Oly, I stopped using it, and prefer the non-collapsible in other m43 lenses on my EPL. So these lenses I like. I would use primes for short lenses over collapsible ones.

If they are using a sony sensor I doubt the image quality will be any worse , at least in raw. Focus speed, buffer speed, interface, build quality and the like are where it would likely show it's price.

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On Leica M-Monochrom preview (449 comments in total)
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shaocaholica: It seems like the limitations of highlight clipping for a sensor without a color filter array could be solved by something like the Fuji EXR system where there's are 2 sets of photosites where one set is highly sensitive for shadows and the other set is less sensitive for highlights. Not sure how much resolution you'd lose with this approach but it would be cool to have the extra DR.

Seems like they could have done something rather more interesting buy replacing some of the color filters with ND filters

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