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Interesting pictures.

I have to wonder about the copyright notice, though. A quickie look around the Web suggests that the originals probably would have been under Crown Copyright for 125 years after they were created. That would end in 1987, so today they would be out of copyright. But since they (presumably) weren't previously published — exhibition doesn't count as publication — the owner would retain Publication Rights for 25 years after first publication. Not copyright, but publication rights.

Anyone have better insight into the legal status of these?

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On Portrait Salon 'rejects' exhibition opens in London article (67 comments in total)
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PPierre: I think the 7th one is amazingly well thought: good atmosphere, good story, and a topic we never talk about/feel ashamed to talk about though it exists and is quite common. I like this kind of photos !

Am I the only one who gets more than a bit of Crewdson's "Beneath the Roses" vibe from #7?

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Registering Trunx now does not "secure yourself free unlimited cloud storage for life." That was a misinterpretation by TNW.

What Trunx is offering is that all photos and videos uploaded by the end of September will be stored free for life. From what Trunx has said, it sounds to me like you could replace those photos and videos with other content later; that basically however much storage you're using on September 30 is how much storage you'll have for free for life.

No indication yet as to what charges will apply to photos and videos uploaded starting in October. The official statement is, "the cost for the unlimited account will be inexpensive and very competitive, especially when compared to other cloud services."


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On HTC One 2014 leaks, comes with "Duo Camera" post (25 comments in total)
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Combatmedic870: This device will also get an SD card slot. So thats pretty exciting! for me its either this or the Sony Z2. Which ever one makes it to the states faster!

BTW, the camera is 5MP("Ultra pixels"). I dont know what the 2nd one is though.

Starting with KitKat, the SD card slot is a lot less useful, because apps can't write to it except for their own app-specific folder. Which also means that a file manager can't copy files onto it except into the file manager's own specific folder.

With KitKat, the external SD card is mainly of value for importing files that you've loaded up elsewhere, because apps aren't restricted on *reading* the card.

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On VSCO Cam arrives for Android post (9 comments in total)
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Doug Pardee: Doesn't work on my LG Lucid. It forces the resolution to a setting that the camera doesn't support (3072x1728 on a 2560x1920 sensor), resulting in an image that's just a bunch of lines. Since VSCO provides no controls, there's no way to reset the resolution to anything that works.

I just upgraded to the LG G2, and I'm now a believer. With a top-notch phone, VSCO Cam really delivers. With a low-end phone, not so much.

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On Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app post (3 comments in total)

To each their own, but personally, I can't imagine doing serious editing on an uncalibrated screen. I do use my phone quite a bit for casual editing, but there are some great free apps for that, and I don't see any reason to pay for Lightroom.

If it lets you synchronize your phone photos into your Lightroom catalog, that could be useful for some folks. Well, except that the current Lightroom crowd seems to enjoy sneering at phone cameras as being unworthy, so maybe not now.

Maybe with the raw-shooting phones that are always "coming soon." But again, editing on an uncalibrated screen?

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PDavis: Did they really Just list as a con "very slow shutter speeds inevitably lead to motion blur in non-static scenes"? Really?

The Android specs provide for an "auto-ISO favoring higher ISO" setting. It's called HJR (hand jitter reduction). I don't know if the G2's module provides that or not.

Many Android camera apps don't give access to HJR even if the camera makes it available. Some that do (at least on my phone) include Snap Camera, PerfectShot, Camera360 Ultimate, and Vignette.

Of course, even if you've got HJR available, how well it works is up to the module that the phone or camera maker provided.

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On VSCO Cam arrives for Android post (9 comments in total)

Doesn't work on my LG Lucid. It forces the resolution to a setting that the camera doesn't support (3072x1728 on a 2560x1920 sensor), resulting in an image that's just a bunch of lines. Since VSCO provides no controls, there's no way to reset the resolution to anything that works.

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On Modifying a Holga DSLR lens to really be f/8 article (6 comments in total)
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nicolasgmatonti: Hi, i have bought this HOLGA lens pack for my Samsung NX100 but can't take any picture. When i press the button to shot it says "check lens" any idea of what i should do in order to use them correctly? any suggestion? thanks!!!

I don't have that camera, but usually you need to be in M or A mode, because the camera is unable to adjust the aperture for the other modes.

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On Can Photojournalism Survive in the Instagram Era? article (101 comments in total)

Asked about "video supplanting photography", he says, "A non-linear narrative that allows for increased complexity and depth, and encourages both subject and reader to have greater involvement, will eventually emerge more fully from the digital environment. This, in a sense, is the more profound democratization of media."

Whatever that means.

I think video is the real threat to the traditional photojournalist, not citizens. Still photography will eventually join B&W on the sidelines. The question is how long it'll take until that happens.

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Johnsonj: 100 million kids with camera phones will always beat a staff of pros with the best gear.

"iPhone and be there."

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Hmm. iOS, iOS, iOS, iOS, iOS, and Win8.

May 25 App news roundup: iOS, iOS, Android, iOS, iOS.

May 17 App News: iOS, iOS, Win8.

May 10 App news: iOS, Win8, iOS/Android, iOS, iOS, iOS.

Final score for May:
* 16 iOS
* 3 Win8
* 2 Android, one of which was also an iOS app.

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thx1138: What's the colour gamut of this screen.

I read Qualcomm's new Mirasol screen ahs 94% AdobeRGB gamut. I'd guess these screens are maybe 40% at best.

Don't hold your breath on Mirasol. Qualcomm canceled production of Mirasol last July. Right now there's a lot of news flap over Qualcomm having unexpectedly shown a mock-up of a Mirasol-based smartphone, but Qualcomm has had a many-years-long history of showing Mirasol mock-ups and demo units but never delivering. Even Qualcomm has reportedly said that it's "a few years away from mass production."

Surprisingly (to me, anyway), even the mock-up didn't look all that impressive.

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ConanFuji: Yet to see a phone with manual mode for photography

For most kinds of photography, there's no need. The aperture needs to be wide-open to collect enough light; there usually isn't even an adjustable aperture. You can set the ISO and the Exposure Compensation, and the camera sets the shutter speed. On Android, at least, Camera FV-5 lets you select specific slow shutter speeds for long exposures.

Fancy manual-mode photos aren't what today's mobile phone cameras are about. They're mainly about taking snapshots of life moments.

I suspect that variable focal length is much higher on most peoples' priority lists than manual controls are.

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HowaboutRAW: Ugh I have to put up with Lightroom if I want to update ACR in a couple years, why? Bridge is excellent.

Adobe should give up on this idea, or at least sell ACR and Bridge as standalone applications.

It might turn out to be the other way around. Adobe has said that they plan to continue updating ACR for CS6 for as long as they keep selling CS6. Adobe has NOT said [anywhere that I can find] that they plan to update Lightroom beyond the Lightroom 5 release.

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Lee Jay: "The move will not affect Lightroom customers, who will continue to be able to purchase 'perpetual' licenses."

You will continue to be able to purchase "perpetual" licenses of CS6, too. The question is, after LR5 comes out, will Adobe be updating Lightroom or only Lightroom CC?

If Adobe does continue updating Lightroom, I wonder how long it'll be before they change *that* policy?

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Amadou Diallo: Hi everyone,
I'll be speaking with an Adobe rep in a few moments about this move. If you have any specific questions you'd like answered please reply to this post.

What about Photoshop Elements?

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The big questions: what about Lightroom? Will it be frozen, too? What about Raw file updates to it?

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Are my eyes broken? When I look at the "globe" crops, it looks to me like the D7100 image is full of (non-color) moiré, particularly noticeable in areas without detail. Is that merely what the globe looks like, or is the globe printed with a half-tone and we're seeing moiré due to the absence of an OLPF?

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On Breaking out of Instagram's square mold post (15 comments in total)

Herewith my usual suggestion to consider Streamzoo as well as EyeEm.

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