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About me:

I'm new to the technical part of photography, but I thoroughly enjoy everything about the art. As I am learning more I am appreciating it even more. A sincere thank you to everyone for the advice, criticism and tips. Keep sharing your unique perspective of the world around us.

All critiques welcome and appreciated


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Champaigne SunsetThe beauty withinHermosa Beach Pierhdr_00002_2Acoustic Big SurBDC7B846-4766-4531-96AF-49974EEECFB5My Tele garden98E44810-3D4A-424B-AD51-BC1CECBAE663FBC2AE37-7767-4260-A2CF-1B04300A517CCB699B99-56AA-4319-A933-A1C8F3AB98F29D81AE24-7B53-49D1-ADC7-CE834B38F4A0Jen CrestJen RoseGlitterThe Trail Less TraveledHollywood sunsetLong dayCallie B&WIMG_0332Do Not CrossCatalina CactusX GamesPool Portal 1Jen guitar 2Jen Surf SilhouetteCatalina mistJiffyIn AvalonIMG_0922Georgia SunJ Wht Dress SurfBurton B.B.MotherSan Pedro DawnSunset @ BreakerSilver Lake a.m.Lot TreeLompoc Road2IMG_1161IMG_1196Saint John's AbbeySaint John's walk bridgeMpls. BasillicaCabin FireRefugeeSound Garden9/11/2011 vs S.D.DSC_0112Her Light