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RandyPD: ..and they had to go with almost the exact same shape as the GoPro...I see a lot of originality here..

There are many shapes of cameras. If you look at these 'action POV' cameras, there is basically only one manufacturer who adopts a 'squarish brick' shape and that is GoPro. Others have a separate lens attached via dongle to a the recording unit, others have a camcorder format. So basically they copied the GoPro size. If they did it to take advantage of the GoPro popularity and USE accessories meant for the GoPro, so be it. I'm just saying they have no imagination (which is true).

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..and they had to go with almost the exact same shape as the GoPro...I see a lot of originality here..

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On Canon EOS 5DS / SR First Impressions Review preview (2359 comments in total)

I expected a swivel screen, built-in 4g LTE, free data plan, and a Facebook app so I can post selfies....

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Just another Canon shooter: Thank you for that comparison.

At ISO 3200, the noise levels are more or less the same but the 5D3 and the A7R images have more detail. At ISO 6400 maybe - maybe, the A7S has some slight advantage. Above that, the shadow cast destroys the 5D3 and the A7R images.

That's simply the higher MP of the two cameras coming into play.

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (692 comments in total)

Uhmm...isn't that ISO shoe kinda like Sony's?

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On Sony SLT-A77 II First Impressions Review preview (685 comments in total)
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ProfHankD: All fine except the naming.

I don't get the "II" name? This and the RX100 II seem to be suggesting Sony's doing something new with the naming. The A7/A7R/A7S set is also a different naming scheme. And of course they dropped the NEX names. To add further to the confusion, long after announcing that all full-frame E-mount will be called FE, Sony's own web site uses phrases like "full-frame E-mount."

You'd think a company able to so cleanly engineer complex new camera systems would be able to come up with a better naming convention for them.... ;-)

Well. II is the Roman numeral for '2'. Does the Canon system of naming a newer camera after a guy (Mark) makes sense also?

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)
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Eric Hensel: It hasn't occurred to folks that dinging Sony for the 'Bionz' moniker has been a running inside gag for awhile now? I can see them snickering at the comments...;)
Having said that having to 'watch where my thumb goes' on a tiny camera with a few nice new (useful) buttons seems normal, and not unique to Sony's small offerings.

BIONZ vs. EXPEED vs. DIGIC...does it even make sense to someone why they are named like that? so EXPEED is cool but BIONZ isn't?

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On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (503 comments in total)

I wonder if the reviewer used any adapters with a an AF confirm chip on it...I used one for m42 lenses and it helps in lower light.

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On Using third-party lenses on Sony Cyber-shot a7 / a7R article (503 comments in total)
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Serious Sam: Just love so far what all the Sony fan boys says about this camera. I don't own an A7 or A7R but there is enough review on the net to give us some idea.

I get extremely annoyed when fan boys say things like “It is not the equipment’s fault, you have to custom to it…” Ah… it doesn’t bloody focus correctly and that’s my fault OMG.

About the focus peaking, if I pay 2K for an FF body, I will expect the system to work. This is a standard feature for all mirrorless. My crappy G5 can focus peaking in almost any condition. Why can’t a 2K Sony do that? I have never been an NEX fan and I guess I never will be.

All those of you who glorify about how good you expensive Canon/Nikon glass work on A7, read what he is writing. He is using some cheap lens and looking at whether A7 is good platform to use it. I never understand why you want to mount Nikon/ Canon lens on a non-native body. Then again one reason why people is doing this, because the FE lens range is crap.

I think one of the main challenges for focus peaking for the A7/A7r is that the DOF for full frame is way less compared to 4/3s. The G5, even at wide open apertures, you can get good sharpness across the whole frame.

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If the sensor size won't make you look like a 'pro', maybe the camera size will...

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On Samyang announces five full frame E-mount lenses article (18 comments in total)

Might as well buy the regular DSLR lenses and get adapters..

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zigi_S: To all you sony fanboys out there. SLT isn't the same tech as on sensor pdaf. SLT still has a mirror! And it's nothing new. The SLT concept is old and only a desperate manufacturer like SONY would try to market it like inovation. It will be funny when mew canon M models will AF much better than the NEX system. Where will be the new tech from sony then? Sony's on sensor PDAF is inferior to CANON's. It loses light!

The A77 is a much older camera and on sensor PDAF has been implemented on the A99 (more as a supplement to the regular AF system). The A99 is also older than the Canon 70D.

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marike6: The best show in TV since The Sopranos and a good read but to say that "film was never sharp" totally discounts something like a 4x5 contact print or a drum scanned Velvia slide. And sharpness is but only one aspect of IQ: DR, smoothness of gradations, color fidelity, grain are all equally important.

He didn't say film was never sharp. He said film was "never THIS sharp". Meaning digital was just sharper.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1311 comments in total)
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The Lotus Eater: Canon chickened out putting an EVF into this camera. The obvious reason is that they would have upset a lot of people, and that's fair enough, but how much more can they improve their APS-C OVFs? EVFs are getting better and better, and many EVFs already surpass APS-C OVFs in terms of both view and functionality.

How good is Canon's on-sensor PDAF? If it is as fast as the off-sensor PDAF module, then Canon should have removed the OVF, mirror and PDAF module. Does the fact that they haven't indicate that it isn't as fast, or is it purely for the reason of avoiding alienation? If the latter, then one could argue that it is a compromised design.

EVF also shows 100% and high magnification, which you don't get with OVF unless you go with expensive pro-level cameras. EVF will also show the effects of the metering mode/exposure compensation being used; it takes the guesswork out of tricky lighting situations. Just use spot metering, scan the scene until you get the best balance between highlight/shadow, AEL, recompose and shot.

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Michael Ma: Fill lighting will be a concept for the history books since we can just slide a lever in the near future. I'm guessing it's gonna take many updates to photoshop to get this right, but it will happen eventually.

Next up, maybe we can add IR sensitive senors that capture a 3D representation of objects so we can add lighting in a 3D space. Also with that 3D information, we can selectively blur objects based on different distances. We can shoot with a deep dof, but recreate a shallow dof shot in post. The Microsoft Kinect already does this with a separate camera. Why not just add those sensors to the RGB sensor now that we got room to play with?

The Lytro already has this technology, where you can select the focus point after you have already taken the picture..


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On Sony announces SLT-A58 20MP mid-level DSLR-style camera article (128 comments in total)
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Peiasdf: Hey, more fps than A99. SONY's DSLT line up is a mess. A99 is clearly cripple as not to infringe on A100.

As for A58, I think SONY forget how to build small and cheap DSLT which was the original point of DSLT. Add the sensor and EVF to A35 and it would be a great compact DSLR.

The smaller SLT's primary problem was battery life ( or the lack of it). Second is the grip, which was too small for a lot of people. They could have solved it by having an official vertical grip.

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zoranT: Samsung copy everything, first Sony's NEX series, and now they go a bit towards the retro concept of Fuji. And IQ-wise they have been always a bit behind, no surprise. They could bring it on however, if they wanted to be more serious about leading the market.

It is true. Sony has NEX, then Samsung names their camera..NX..lol. Its pretty obvious. There is a very good reason why they were penalized for infringement against Apple..

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