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  • Commented on Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 Review preview

    I agree! No more megapixels for this format. It has plenty. Nikon made the mistake of stuffing too many in the latest N1 cameras with the much smaller sensor and the picture quality suffers for it.

  • Nice shots! The WA lens looks fun. I can't afford it though. It cost as much as the two N1 bodies and the four lenses I have! The ISO 1600 shot cleaned up well.
  • Here are some black dots to get 'em going. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • I have the S1 and have not noticed this (yet). I haven't had the camera that long. The first shot is great, BTW. Had you focused on the skiers, the background would be fuzzy. I would have used a ...
  • Good stuff. I usually find something to complain about, but not here. Even the zoom lens is good. I believe 24mp is the sweet spot for FF as there is plenty of resolution and great high ISO...

  • When sensor area was taken into consideration, Apple came in dead last :)

  • My Nikon J1 with 10-30mm, 18.5mm and 30-110mm lenses, spare battery, polarizer filter and a couple misc. items weigh a bit over 2 pounds in its small bag. My SLR gear and lenses were a strain to ...
  • At least the memory card did!

  • Most important to me is the loss of telephoto reach you incur going to full frame. My largest lens was a 300mm f/4 which has the same reach of a 450mm on FF.

    The later APS-C sensors shows that the...

  • Nice handling of JPEGS. No sharpening halos. Contrast seems a bit low but that helps to prevent blown highlights. Canon and Nikon need to be schooled here.

  • Yes. They have optical zooms (cell phones mostly do not) and around about next holiday season, will be discounted. I got an Elph 115 IS for $40 and it is an okay bang around camera that zooms out...

  • Replied in Low oil prices
    If oil remains low, expendable income by many will be higher and they may purchase more non essential goods, like cameras. Big oil wants us thirsty for the stuff again and then they will clamp down ...
  • Replied in $28,587.00
    Servers are not Y2K+15 ready ;)
  • Lovely shots with nice detail! My only advice would be to use less compression on the JPEGs. I can see lots of artifacting in the images at full view. Along the border where the mountains meet the ...
  • I agree, a 37mm or 40mm f/2.8 micro Nikkor which could go beyond 1:1 magnification. 13mm f/2 would make a nice 35mm equivalent standard lens. 10-27mm f/2.8 zoom. 150mm f/2.8 (=400mm full frame ...
  • Looking at the raw images, the S1 images are by far less noisy but at lower res. The J4 is just too noisy at base ISO (why start at 160?) Because of this the J4 images has more smeary JPEGs at ...
  • The N1 system is right up my alley. It is the right size for me. Some people comment that the cameras are not much smaller than 4/3rd or APS-C mirrorless, but they don't consider the lenses. Your ...
  • I can certainly agree. When I first heard about how good the 11-27.5 was, I though it was a no brainer. Having one now, I can see it is better optically, but it is all the other shortcomings as I ...
  • Created discussions 10-30 vs 11-27.5 comments
    Now that I've had a chance to use these lenses for a while, I can give some feedback to those who are interested. The 10-30 that I'm referring to is the original that sold with the early N1 ...
  • I have the J1 and wanted to try the 11-27.5 lens but I could get the red S1 at B&H for $149 which is less than the lens alone at $186. The menu is the same as the J1, but is broken up and accessed ...
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