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Albert Macfarlane: It is interesting that Niepce (or maybe Daguerre) in the 1830-40 decade was the last person on earth who could truly say that he had personally examined all of the photographic images which currently exist. Every photographer since that time either lived in other geographic areas as the technique spread across the world, or was simply overcome by the mass of images.
Mike Johnston recently pointed this out in one of his columns.

Problem is Mike Johnson is an idiot.

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On Lomography adds Lomochrome Turquoise film to lineup article (91 comments in total)

I want to vomit now. Thanks Lomo!

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Diopter: really "sustainable" is not printing at all.
( That's what most of the people do )

Ah yes, another internet sexual intellectual. Tell Rich us how you are going to save the planet and then the universe.

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Lucas_: I do RAW conversion, noise control and minor editing with Silkypix Pro 6 and final editing on PS CS6 Extended. I never liked LR since it's more a file management software than anything else. AFAIK LR has the same RAW engine as PS CS ( ACR ).

You know, nobody gives a s**t about these complaints. Either pony up the money or move along. Photography has always been a black hole for money and always will be.

If you don't like Adobe go use Gimp and see how you like that.

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On Lomography seeks crowdfunding for Lomo'Instant Camera article (44 comments in total)

Who gives a s**t? This is another unethical crowd funding ripoff by Lomo. Besides who wants to use crappy instant film. I quit instant film photography when Polaroid died.

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On Street photography tips with Zack Arias article (152 comments in total)

Oh yeah Arias is a Fuji whore.

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On Street photography tips with Zack Arias article (152 comments in total)

> Photographer Zack Arias is particularly known for is his street work ...

I've never regarded Arias as a street photographer at all, not sure where that notion comes from. He hails from Atlanta as I do and he has no local recognition as a street photographer.

His notoriety in part stems from his studio work with a single light source.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2962 comments in total)

Is there a tripod mount?

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svx94: If Nikon pay attention to Fuji's X forums, and how many Nikon-Fuji adapters sold, it is not hard to figure out that those are the people Nikon LOST (with me being one of them). Nikon 1 is a disaster, face it.

@yabokkie - "Fuji do not have good camera, nor they have good lens."

Where do you come up with such nonsense?

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tjbates: Wow, and they had a chance to give us a 35mm equivalent lens like the Olympus 17mm but instead just gave us a silver version of a lens that doesn't need replacing. The 20mm 1.7 is on my camera permanently but this announcement looks so uninspiring and lazy on the part of Panasonic especially without focus speed improvement or manual focus ring dampening improvement.
Will we see an AF100 video camera in red next instead of updating it with 4:2:2 codec or replacing it all together to at least keep up with the competition?
Cynical marketing? The buyer has the last say.

@Yabokkie - You are an ignorant dick! Why do you keep embarrassing yourself with these stupid posts?

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On Exhibition Review: 8x10 By Impossible article (85 comments in total)
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MartinaB: Just beautiful. Photography is amazing now, but it was amazing back when. I have done some big format work and there is something intangible , hard to describe about it. If you can go see the show! If you can, buy an old 8x10 and try this film. Be patient and you will be rewarded.

I've used 8x10 for decades and made tons of alternative process prints. I understand and embrace the concept of wabi-sabi. The examples shown are very creative and exploit the characteristics of the film.

Having said that I also think this product is way over priced CRAP and never plan to use it.

Youngsters purchase good film and support film manufacters this stuff is dodo.

Oops I'm repeating myself.

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jhinkey: This lens and the OM-D E-M5 may make me finally get into m43 for a compact alternative to my Nikon D700 + FX lenses.

We have an embarrassment of riches with superlative new cameras and lenses and what do we get? Petty groaning and griping, things haven't ever been so good.

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On Shooting with the Leica M9-P article (629 comments in total)
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lxstorm: SLR/DSLR is a superior instrument optically it let you see what you are shooting that is a very important addendum for a person who do care about image outcome :) " 'tunnel-vision' of an SLR" just a bloody Leica M marketing nothing more.

Second SLR/DSLR lenses could deliver same/better IQ even in case of film media and for digital capture DSLR concept works better due to angle of incidence issue in case of silicon.

Third leaf shutter lenses do render image differently that is true but Leica M lenses are not.

Fourth only camera with movements let you shoot wide open on various occasions Leica has no movements.

Fifth knowledgeable photographer can survive handling tripod or Broncolor powerpack and 99% of occasions that would blow Leica M out of the water.

For most shooters M body just a compact seriously overpriced status travel camera with an obtrusive outdated viewfinder/focusing mechanism that is true. Leca M lenses deliver spectacular IQ being used wide open that is true too.

What a load.

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On First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web article (216 comments in total)
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samhain: 'Pros' took those? My dog takes better photos than that, particularly the 2 from Christian Fletcher. He must be someone's nephew.
I agree with johnmatrix, fuji needs to get their money back from those 'pros' and hire new marketing people & photographers. Those pics do nothing to help the camera.
Can't comment on the virus link, imo the photos aren't worth clicking on.

Hey samhain - your a phucking moron. Get a life!

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Alfie Smith: Noob question: Is this a rangefinder or a DSRL?

No you don't know what you are talking about. And your attempt at analogies simply fail.

The sensors used for the M9 are excellent and have nothing to do with Kodak's marketing and sales failures.

Move along, you are simply trolling!

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