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I agree with the last poster (jeep). I've only used Jessops once in the last few years and the service was absolutely appalling. They deserved to fail - good riddance. God knows how they've lasted this long.

Unfortunately they had gobbled up some excellent independent shops and small local chains - that sank into the mediocre standard set by Jessops and now they're lost forever.

I do miss Jacobs though - what a difference.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Preview preview (178 comments in total)

Having an LX5 to complement my Nikon D300 "brick" I wish Panasonic had used this opportunity to add:

Remote control
Bulb setting

Otherwise, seems a reasonable upgrade. I use my LX5 almost exclusively in 'A' mode, shooting RAW so never use the "gimmicks".

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On Practical HDR, Second Edition article (54 comments in total)

On Amazon's UK site it shows two versions of this book. One has the cover shown above, the other has what looks like a seaside end-of-pier stall. The latter seems to be the latest. Both say "New and Revised Edition" on the cover.

So which is it?

The one with the seaside stall IS available on Kindle BTW.

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erichK: Cameras and lenses are not an "investment" unless you want to store them in a display case or safety deposit box, and eventually sell them as collectors items or antiques. Cameras are tools for taking pictures, and their value is in using them, not speculation: they tend to depreciate rather than appreciate as they age, regardless of brand

Like many other Olympus DSLR buyers, I continue to use my E-5 and other Olympus dslrs and lenses, and still find them am excellent value. In fact, I will be picking up my PanaLeica 25f1.4 from Fedex tomorrow morning, and look forward to using it.

My 1973 OM1 still works well, so my E-5 and E-3 should keep working for some years yet.

Olympus produces good cameras and lenses, and came up with innovations, like the dust-buster and live-view (which made dslr video possible)l that the whole industry copied.

And 35,000 people who produce vital medical and decent optical equipment should not suffer because of a few swindling egomaniacs at the top.

"I know of no OM-1 still working with the original shutter".

Both mine are, as is my OM2n

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On DSCN2402 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

It would have been useful to see some high ISO shots here.

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On photo in sample gallery (2 comments in total)

It would have been useful to see some high ISO shots here.

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Two that I would have liked but not included AFAIK:

Camera standby mode where *only" the screen went to sleep - so ready for instant action.

Replace the annoying "zoom will now return to same position...." with an indication of the focal length it will actually return to.

And, like the previous contributor - a REMOTE!!

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