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I am sick and tired with the Flashair, it took centuries to download photos to my Android phone, the app keeps interrupting and look for nearby hotspot even connect to it, in instead of staying with the card that already connected and downloading, I don't expect much fun with that Transfer Jet thing that requires an adaptor and only works in close distance.

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Yes it is pretty ugly, as ugly as the 67 hahaha !!!

I want it to be lighter, or as least not heavier than the K3 with all the bells and whistles, coz this damX old doesn't have the strength holding it (with the FF lens mounted) after the long wait, and it is weird that no FF wide angle zoom or kit lens published so far, they should go before the tele...

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I pass, I am happy with my Industar 50-2 pancake minus the vignetting...

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I am in HK and I'm glad to see some of us won the award but seriously !? please ignore me I'm just a noob...

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)

I purchased the 16GB card and it worked ok, from the Android app I know the v1.8 firmware has been released and I decided to update it.

I download and extract the firmware files to the root of the SD and update in my Pentax K5, I power on the camera and wait 5min. but nothing happened, I then power cycle the camera and I got 'memory card error'.

Then I try the windows update tool but I got stuck at stage 4 nothing happened after 5min., then I remember there is a card reader came with the card, just like the Eyefi card this card takes higher current than a standard SD slot can provide, and I successfully updated the card with the card reader, but still got memory card error on my camera, even worse my camera locked up, I must remove the battery to reset the camera.

Now I got a half dead card, it didn't work on my camera but still works as a normal SD on the computer.

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On Homemade rig captures extreme macro shots of snowflakes article (186 comments in total)

Reverse ring is not new, but hardly any people use it these days, lighting and reflection is difficult problem to solve in extreme close up shots, awesome shots those are !!

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)

I used few different made of wifi SD, Eyefi and some cheapo, Eyefi has the strongest signal no doubt. I can leave my tablet in the control room of a concert hall and go down shooting at the stage, all my pics got transferred to the tablet no problem, but I dun like the card for 2 reasons.

1. I am using a 3G tablet, for unknown reason all my pics not only transferred to the tablet but also uploaded to the web, I did not program the card to do this, I checked the forum and find that I am not alone on this.

2. The UI design of the app is not user friendly and confusing, being a non native English speaker I am able to manage most other apps but not this one, is it French design ? Now I stick with my Toshiba, and would like to see how the Transcend instant preview works.

The reason Eyefi supplies it's own card reader is that, the card requires higher than normal current to work, a standard reader can not read the card, this explained why the card has so strong wifi signal !

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On Pentax K-3 preview (959 comments in total)

I don't know if anyone ever had problem using flash with the K5 ? I tried few 3rd party made including Metz, they all seriously over when tilted up, the TTL does not function when the flash head moved out of home position, and this is a known problem, you will see many people complain about this if you search the net. AFAIK this is a bug on the K5 firmware but I don't see a fix for it, I don't know about the K3.

The other thing is what I am interested to see, a Titanium body for the K3 ! there are few Ti edition of film cameras but I don't see any digital one (or I missed ?), the K5 is already heavy, when combine with a DA* lens make me a hard day shooting when hiking, what about a Ti edition to replace the silver one ? maybe DSLR lives a shorter life than film camera so no one will waste money to produce one, or Pentax decided to leave it to K1, just a thought

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On Pentax K-3 preview (959 comments in total)

I don't agree Pentax is "doomed", it is a small company not only produce cameras but also a line of optics, binocular...etc., and it has root on photography like the "big two", it understands what a real camera should be like, Pentax did not bought things up from others and put it's stamp on it ! Pentax made very nice camera with specs exceeded other made at the same price range. What I worry about the K3 is the sensor shift motion blur thing, I dropped my K5 once onto hard concrete from couple feet up, and the SR is half dead and shift out of place, I spent $400 to replace it, this sounds silly but I don't want to invest on the MKII for just minor improvement. That was an extreme test on a camera, but I worry the sensor SR mechanism will eventually shift out of place after some normal bumps, sensor at that high resolution requires absolute precise alignment. And btw I hated the tilted LCD, it will make the camera looks cheap, and you won't see that on the flag ships of the big two.

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I was shooting film and using Nikon mainly, I switched to DSLR recently and my first model is K20D because of the bargain clearance sales, I loved Pentax since then. It build like a tank with good handling and weather resist, I can't get this quality from Nikon and Canon at the same class level, and I am quite satisfied with the image quality. I 'upgraded' to K7 lately and I really love this camera, and waiting for the K5 to drop price... I also like Ricoh although I do not own any, it is an innovative company who design unusual cameras. Both Pentax and Ricoh have root in photography, unlike some company that know nothing in photography, they just buy things from others and stamp their name on it, I hated to see that !!

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