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On Leica Q First Impressions Review preview (564 comments in total)
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Johannes Zander: Very nice camera. I like it.
Now if Sony would build somthing like a digital minolta CLE with M mount! How about that?

That's really not so. A key factor of the emounts has been that they take just about any lens ever made. The new A7r11 is specifically made to take Canon glass. Your info on what happened when (and why) Minolta virtually gave their camera division to Sony is also way off the mark.

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On Leica Q First Impressions Review preview (564 comments in total)
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SanPedro: First time I've actually thought 'Hey that Leica looks good value'
How much is a stand alone Summilux? A quick Google suggests $2000 - $4000, depending on focal length and aperture.

So that's a whole camera for the same price as a lens. Sounds like a good deal to me.

And he spec is good. FF, fast lens, quality EVF, exposure compensation dial, high quality LCD, compact size. This addresses all the issues people had with the X cameras.

I still can't afford one, but it's a lot more affordable than an M. Brings the dream a little closer. Thanks Leica.

Leica lens may be an investment but their digital bodies are not.

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bluevellet: My only two issues with this camera is the price and the 28mm focal lenght (a bit too wide for general photography). But aside from that, it looks like a more desirable camera than the RX1. It can't focus as bad as the Sony one, that's for sure.

Not in my quite extensive experience with an RX1. No, I'd accept that it isn't the fastest focussing in lower light, but it is still very usable. And its manual focus is fine. If you understand focus zones and use the excellent on screen distance scale and manual focus, you can manage pretty well any focus situation fast and comfortably. What's the bet that the rather odd 28mm focal length is there because it makes af seem faster

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The Leica is going to sell a lot of Sony RX1s. It is already directing attention
back to that camera Pick up an RX1, the build quality is at Leica levels. Would you prefer a 27 mm or a 35mm lens on a fixed focal length camera? Check the IQ of an RX1, only the very best large bodies pro FF with the very best glass are with it. Now compare the price of the Sony and the Leica.
Then there is the rumoured replacement for the RX1. If rumours are correct, it will have the new patented curved Sony sensor which should be a technological breakthrough in terms of size/cost IQ. I'd probably buy the RX1 in prefeernce right now but there is now way I'd buy the Leica until I had seen the new RX1.

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Billy Chiu: The autofocus of the Leica Q is much faster than the Sony RX1? Please confirm.

The faster focussing than the RX1 seems debatable. I much prefer the 35 focal length of the RX1 to the 27mm of the Leica. I'm guessing but 27mm seems a very odd length a fixed lens camera. I think it's a fair bet that Leica has gone 27mm because it is a little easier to get faster af with a wider angle. The build quality of the RX1 is superb, right up there with Leica.

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On Huawei Honor 6 Plus comes with three 8MP cameras post (41 comments in total)

What happens if this dual lens technology is used with bigger lenses on bigger cameras? Better IQ with dof adjustable PP? Selectable focus point PP. Better dynamic range. Faster AF. Sharper shots with cheaper lenses. It would be fascinating to see a compact sized dedicated camera using this technology.

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We have the same issue in Australia. Paid permits are required for pros. It makes me angry. I don't object to paying to enter a park and I accept that keeping parks the way I want them to be kept costs $ and so I am prepared to pay to enter. But an extra cost to take photos of what I have already paid to enter to enjoy!!!!!
I see this as a different issue however to some of the photographic restrictions here because of cultural significance to the original owners. I understand and go along with those.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)
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Iain Noble: Ah, the Olympus OM-1. What a great camera that was, made it so easy to take really good photos. My first serious camera was an OM-1 35 years ago and I still mourn its loss in a burglary 20 years ago.

Agreed. And I lost mine in a burglary as well.

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On Sony Alpha A7 / A7R preview (2371 comments in total)
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YSLaiHK: You know what kind of people are buying the A7/A7R?

On Sunday I met a 'photographer' shooting with his new A7R. I asked him why he chose the A7R, he said because the CDAF is faster than the PDAF of A7.

Then we chat about lens choices, and I said what a pity the 35mm is only f2.8. He said that lens is useless because the aperture is too large for him.

So these are the people raving about new cameras these days. What a pity!

Ah, yet another photographer who chooses their camera because of the image he thinks the camera will give him rather than being able to assess it for himself.

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On Sigma USB Dock quick review article (142 comments in total)
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keepreal: This is another example of technology getting out of hand. As I went digital, I had to familiarise myself with all sorts of concepts only to subsequently dispose of most of them, like having twenty two subject modes, none of which are needed for serious photography where the camera operator still knows what he is doing and remains in control.

I am not saying that this Sigma device is unnecessary, just that it ought to be in the labs of manufacturers. If one is using high quality equipment where fine tuning to this degree makes sense, for the exorbitant amounts one has to pay, let them get it right before the user gets to buy anything or, if we are talking about an option like adjusting the autofocus seek range, let them build that into the camera to adjust, where it should be in the first place, so that one is not stuck with one setting per shooting session.

Everything now is becoming so unnecessarily complicated that soon you will need training just to suck eggs.

OEM lenses on pdaf cameras have exactly the same problem. To really nail AF you need to calibrate them to the particular camera as well.
I'd have thought however it ought to be possible to improve this device by running the cable to the camera (with the lens attached) and calibrating actual shots on a test chart. It would save a lot of messing around.

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On Aptina signs patent cross-license agreement with Sony article (30 comments in total)

I agree that this is really significant news. Add Aptina high speed Af technology to Sony DR leadership and you can see what is in it for both companies. I agree that Canon is falling off the sensor development pace.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D4 Studio Test Samples article (309 comments in total)
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Mike Fewster: I think the Nikon has the same senor as the Nex5n. So I brought up the comparison. The 5n sure looks like a bargain.

Must admit, I had''t picked that the Nikon was ff. The Nex 5n is looking even better.

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On Just Posted: Nikon D4 Studio Test Samples article (309 comments in total)

I think the Nikon has the same senor as the Nex5n. So I brought up the comparison. The 5n sure looks like a bargain.

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Xiaomao: Hope Fujifilm will put their in releasing a brand new X11 or X12, instead. I like the desigh and idea of X10, but will buy one without orbs.

Does the X10 have an aa filter or does it have the Fuji technology that is claimed to avoid the need for an aa filter? There are real advantages and disadvantages to not having an aa filter. The advantages are in resulution of fine detail which the Fujis seem to do very well. So are we just looking at a tradeoff? Just like the Leicas without aa filters also have trade offs. For the same reason the new Nikon D800 is coming out in two versions, one with an aa filter and the other without. It seems quite possible that the "orb" is also on other cameras without aa filter but as the senor in the small Fuji is smaller, it shows up more on this model.

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On Preview:panasonicdmcgx1 (318 comments in total)
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ionosphere: Jesus Christ, can't any of you people be happy?

When Panasonic released the GF2, everyone complained about touchscreeen and no external controls, or no EVF. Panasonic releases the G3, with an EVF, everyone whines. Panasonic releases the GX1, with external controls, more whining.

I for one, am very happy with this development, except for the lofty price. I have a GF2, and all I would really like is a better high ISO noise characteristics, a mode dial, and a built in flash that doesn't cast a shadow across the kit lens.

The GX1 gives me a lot of that.

I don't understand this "push the boundaries" nonsense. All those 'pushing the boundary' features we get are nice and cute, but when it comes down to it, lenses and usability matter the most.

I don't care if Sony manages to cram God's left eye into half a kit kat. I won't buy a Nex so long as their lenses are poop.

I like the sound of the GX1 too, but the comments on Sony lenses are nonsense.Their kit lenses are really rather good and there are now lots of options available that cover all the needs I have for this kind of camera.

Posted on Nov 8, 2011 at 01:36 UTC
On The story of a picture - Sydney Harbour Bridge article (29 comments in total)

Great shot. I had planned to try something similar but, like others, was frustrated to find I couldn't take a camera up on the walk.

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