Vernon Snider

Vernon Snider

Lives in United States Mankato, United States
Works as a Retired United Methodist Minister
Joined on Apr 16, 2003
About me:

My interest in photography began as a child. My father was a semi-professional
photographer in the 1920s who used glass plates (I have some of his glass
plates of
early Colorado vacation spots) and formulated his own developers etc (I still
have his
hand written notes). However, my earliest remembrance is his using a Kodak
(120 I think) (billows extension) camera.

I began photography as a child with a Kodak 620 Brownie Box Camera,
graduated to
an Argus 35mm (slides extensively), a Mamiya Twin Lens Reflex at which time I
had a
complete darkroom, a Contax 35 mm with a 50mm Zeiss Lens and telephoto
lens, and
a Pentax 35mm compact for convenience.

I now enjoy using a Nikon Coolpix 4500 with which I am still becoming

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