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I hope they make one to fit the new Tamron 15-30 2.8

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mr.izo: the real questions is picture quality (barrel distortions, corner sharpness, vignetting and flare resistance). if that come out nicely with stabilised option also for video etc, it will be hit like 24/70/2.8 vc is.

I absolutely love the Tammy 24-70. It performs as well as any of my Nikons. My only gripe is the lens hood is junky.

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I don't know why Nikon can't make a 15mm 2.8 prime without the bulbous front element and filter threads like the Zeiss plus they should be able to price it under 2K. Hell they could even eliminate AF like Zeiss and no need for VR, keep it light.

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brycesteiner: Lots of noise for this grade of Nikon. Shooting RAW is about the only option to clean it up in the source.

Hell I'm using a 15" laptop and can see lots of noise. Not what I was expecting.

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Ovarland: no FF :(

FF may be a perception issue....but it's my perception issue;^(

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Is it me or does the Olympus look the best in the low light 100 ISO.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)

I hope for it to have interchangeable focus screens. I especially would like a totally plain blank matte screen.

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TomCreek: I'm guessing she's from back east, NY, Vermont maybe...no self-respecting Montana native would have time to produce this self-absored drivel.

I get the feeling Tom is resentful and jealous about Jean's unique style and the success she's enjoying.

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On User Review: Gura Gear Kiboko 30L Backpack article (113 comments in total)
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mikeoregon: Thanks, Carsten, hope you will keep looking and letting us know what you find. I hike and shoot in the mountains here in Oregon with a day pack carrying camera gear, food, a rain jacket, headlamp, etc. and I still haven't found a lightweight pack that can carry it all, plus a tripod.

Hey Mike, I don't pack my tripod, I just extend one leg and use it as a walking stick, of course it's much better to have a light well built tripod. I've had a Bogen for 20yrs now, have had to repair it with J-B weld a couple of times but it still works great. It definitely beats the hell out of having to carry it on your back, plus if you need it quick you've got it right in your hands. One bit of advice, always use the same leg so you don't damage different legs.

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wildkat2: My take:

"I think the K-01 is a watershed camera for Pentax. The K-01 address the two biggest arguements against the current crop of mirrorless systems - small sensors and limited lenses. It is the first mirrorless camera with a "traditional" lens mount and a full range of lenses. Not a couple of lenses and a bunch of adapters. The APS-C sensor is 30% bigger than 4/3 sensor and there are more current production K Mount lenses than all other mirrorless systems combined (including the Q). And while P-TTL flashes are not up to Nikon or Canon standards, they are better than any other mirrorless has. Bottom line - the K-01 is the first mirrorless than dosent make you compromise the most important part of photography - the image."

more here


Pentax made a huge mistake by not adding a viewfinder to the K-01

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I think one reason Pentax had to use such a small sensor is because of their shake reduction. They must have decided it was worth the smaller sensor size to keep the body as compact as possible and to also have the shake reduction feature.

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