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On CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 article (170 comments in total)
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Anirut J: Should I buy this K-S2 or should I wait for the FF?

Pentax, you're so mean! Great things are coming out all at once!

BTW, Although my K-r went crazy and I got angry and threw it hard on my lawn, it still works except for the AF system. Now, that's one tough camera in spite of it having fallen and rolled in a boat until a piece of the body chipped away and with over 40K shutter actuation in three years.

Pentax ... I still believe in you!

Buy both! Simples.
Same mount, same lenses (almost). One for telephoto,and nature and one for wide angle and better DOF for a certain focal length.
Best of both worlds. :-D

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On CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 article (170 comments in total)
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SETI: Ok, I'll add my 2 cents. My first DSLR was Nikon, then I moved to Canon and after all was impessed with Pentax gear! Amazing lenses with original FR, interesting cameras! 2 years with Pentax and now I'm with Canon and Olympus. Guess why?
Worst QC I ever seen! 4 repairs for 2 cameras (K-5 and K-r) and 3 DOA lenses! And very slow service. I still have my favorite 43mm Lim and use it with my Canon 6D.
Going for popcorn now =)

Well sit back and eat your popcorn. :-)
All brands have their issues, Nikon with the D600 and the oil, D750 and that light leak. Canon 5D mk3 with light leak with the LCD, 1D mk3 with focus issues. etc etc.
I have a few Pentax bodies and so far only one has gone back for repair due to a rather nasty stripe on all images, and that was the K20D. It was sent off and came back soon after with a replacement sensor. Great service!
Nikon, however have not fixed my bosses D3100 and focus issue, in spite of going back 3 times. So much so, he gave it to me, and it still has AF issues in spite of Nikon saying it is fine.

Like I say all brands have issues, you have been unlucky with Pentax.
As an aside my K-5 has now gone beyond 60,000 shots and still going strong. :-D

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On CP+ 2015: Hands-on with new Pentax K-S2 article (170 comments in total)
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06m1r3m86: I've always loved the Safari Leica R's, and if I could get that in a modern DSLR, that would be awesome.

A point of annoyance, I currently have a Canon, would prefer to not switch brands, but I want a weather sealed camera so bad and Pentax has done such a better job at bringing weather sealing down to consumer cameras while still keeping the camera small. The K3, it's smaller than the Canon 70D and Nikon D7100 and yet it still has a full metal body and everything else those cameras have (though the AF doesn't have the same "wow" factor on paper). Why can't the other companies do what Pentax is doing so I wouldn't have to mull over my desire to stick with Canon?

And that kit lens, it's weather resistant, but I haven't seen any clear pictures of the lens mount, is it plastic or is it metal?

The mount on the camera is metal. The bayonet on the 16-50 in the pictures is plastic. Don't let that put you off, as on light lenses the plastic bayonet is very good indeed.

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Rutterbutter: Lets see what would we want...
- 36+ Megapixel
- 1/250th / sec flash sync or faster
- wifi
- focus peaking
- Dx lens compatibility
- Faster Focus speed and sensitivity
- 4K video/30+fps
- Touch screen with toggle to de-activate
- 7+FPS
- ISO Native 50-102400 or higher
- 100% viewfinder
- Weather sealed/magnesium body
- Digital focus crop. Like D7100 for maximizing focus coverage
- Better in camera HDR and live preview of filters
- No AA filter
- 1000 shot battery approx
- Swivel screen and articulating.

Feel free to add to this. but this would probably be the best selling camera ever..

My thoughts.
1. 36mp? More than likely
2. It is possible, the flash units are capable, just needs a shutter to suit.
3. A nice to have, even just to control the camera from a smartphone app
4. Will have it, but can we something other than white.
5. DA lens that can be switched off for those DA lenses that are already FF compatible (DA35 f2.4, DA50, DA40, DA70 etc)
6. more than likely a New SAFOX
7. Unlikely
8. Hate them
9. Possible
10. Possible knowing how Pentax get the best out of the sensor
11. Confirmed
12. More than likely
13. Why? Just get a cheap telephoto, the image will be superior.
14. Erm, just get a good bit of software and do it post.
15. Probable
16. I will go for this, Depends if they keep the same battery as K-3/K-5/645Z Not a problem though. probably have a battery grip as an option anyway.
17. Confirmed

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ogl: OVF 100% 0.8x - not lower
36 MP sensor
wider AF points than in APS-C cameras
No AA filter
It's enough for me

I can't see it being anything other than 36mp for the camera. Even though 16MP would be superb with excellent low light performance, and 24mp being a good balance. But if Pentax are going to sell beyond the diehards, they do need to match the D810 and get close to the 5Ds in the resolution stakes, especially as the rest of the potential specs will hit a price range above the D750 (magnesium body, IBIS, Full weather sealing, tilt/twist LCD etc)
If it provides me Excellent images at up to ISO12800 for my theatre work, to which my K-5 is good at, then if it is 36mp then so be it.
It will mean, as Nikon users have found out, that you have to be more careful when you shoot as even the tiniest movement during shooting can produce less than perfect shots. But we had to take that into consideration when shooting film anyway. :-)

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offertonhatter: Just noticed something, I think we all have.
First Kit zoom to have the DC motor as opposed to the screw.
Silent focus with a kit lens on a Pentax! Whatever next? :-)

Before anyone mis-reads my statement, I meant the the first Pentax kit lens with silent focus. I know that CaNikon have had them for years. ;-)

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Just noticed something, I think we all have.
First Kit zoom to have the DC motor as opposed to the screw.
Silent focus with a kit lens on a Pentax! Whatever next? :-)

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Now this is interesting.
I have the AF540 mk1, the AF360 mk1 and the old but works AF200.
I like this new model. especially the sealing and the tilt head (the 200 does not have that)
Cheap price too and looks pocketable.
I may get one, will be useful.
No mention of "wireless" off camera flash that both the 360 and 540 have. Does it have this feature? Looking at the lack of red panel on the front, I guess not.
Can DPR confirm this?

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Is it FF compatible?

Just kidding!

Still a nice addition to the range, albeit a "kit" lens, but then again the Pentax kit lens does have a tendency to punch above its weight when it comes to IQ. Not outstanding, but pretty good.

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tombell1: Interesting .... Especially with K-01

I was thinking the same thing. :-)
The "brick" lends itself to small lenses, Limiteds, DA35 and DA50, my F-28mm, F-35-70mm, in fact, just about all those tiny impressive primes that Pentax have made over the years.
Good travel set - K-01, 18-50 RE, 35-70, 35 F2.4 and 50 F1.7, not forgetting the 10-17fisheye as well. Wonderful :-)

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Interesting new DSLR. Better looking than the K-S1 especially that grip.
Replacement for the K-50 perhaps?
Not sure about the sports stripe though.

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offertonhatter: I have started saving already. :-)

Don't worry, my K-5 is not going anywhere either, nor my K20D, K10D and *istDs. I love them too much. The FF will be icing on the cake :-)

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I have started saving already. :-)

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I am very interested in the superzoom. 100-400mm? possibly.
In lens stabilisation? doubtful but it does have two switches. Maybe one is for restricted af range. 30m-infinity and close-infinity. Something like that
More interesting is the buttons on the top and side of the lens. Similar buttons that Canon use on big lenses with focusing? Possibly.
If it IS a 100-400mm F4-5.6 I will be very interested and a perfect complement to my DA*50-135 and DA*300.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 6, 2015 at 22:50 UTC as 12th comment
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SirSeth: No full frame! Well I'm going to be avoiding the Pentax forum for a while. I don't want to chewed on by all the gnashing of teeth.

Give it time (too long really) but at least Ricoh have admitted that a FF camera is in the works. How long? we have no idea, maybe it has been in the works for a couple of years, maybe only since Ricoh admitted to it last year. But (fingers crossed) it will be with us soon as many Pentaxians have been holding on to FF capable lenses for the announcement, even though they work beautifully on APS-C.

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On Price released for Brikk's 24k gold Nikon Df article (389 comments in total)

Purely from a looks point of view, I am not sure about the black leather(ette) It would have looked so much better with a dark brown ala certain FM Golds and Pentax LX gold.
But then again I am not in the market for a gold camera, but lots of rappers will be.
I do like the idea of a chunk of the price will go to charity. So kudos for that.

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Cheap looking but not really cheap feeling if other recent lenses are to go by. HD coating, excellent.
DC motor? Ditto. Weather sealing? Excellent.
Very flexible zoom range, but only after tests will we know how it performs. No point in presuming until tests are done.
35MM FF? Maybe a typo, but possibly not.

Lets wait for the performance tests before slagging it off.

Finally to another poster, it is spelt dying and not dieing. And that word has been mentioned for the last 35 years when it comes to Pentax, and yet........

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I find it strange that it is £11,400, yet EUR11,000. At current rates, if you cross the channel and buy it in France you could buy it for effectively £8700 saving you £2300 and still have the Europe-wide warranty. Rip off Britain again?

Edit, sorry just seen to thread below. Still If the 11K euros includes tax, it is still a rip-off. Do we know if this the case or is the euro price without local tax?

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On Ricoh announces Pentax K-3 Prestige Edition article (166 comments in total)
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Andy Dan: The next step will be a golden one like the old LX :-P but made out of plastic.

New lenses that's what Pentax really needs. How about some new 2.8/4 zooms and 1.4/1.8 primes Ricoh? You will never launch the fabled full-frame so newer aps-c glass is a must. Fuji did it in style from scratch.

It's a pity that Pentax has had some bad management and marketing in the last 10-15 years.

Dont forget the F2.8/4 zooms
DA* 16-50 F2.8, DA*50-135 F2.8 DA20-40 F2.8-4, DA17-70 F4, DA*60-250 F4.
All bar the 17-70 are weather sealed as well.

So with ogl's list, that is 11 lenses that meet your criteria.

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Excellent and original. I love the puppy in the camera bag.:-)

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