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Hard to photograph a place in your mind, however.
I thought the whole idea of space and time was to enjoy the "illusion" and for some of us to photograph it.
One person's illusion is another person's photographed reality

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adhall: Would be great if Affinity also made a Lightroom replacement. But hey, one step at a time...

Agreed. Affinity Photo for me is only a PS replacement, but would love to see them offer a LR

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I've had this for several days. There is a deal on it right now,
so I got it and it is very useful especially as I use Lightroom/DPP4, 95% of the time, Topaz and Photomatix plugins/export with very little use for my CS5.

Affinity is a great supplement to LR and is not as bloated as PS.
It takes a bit to feel your way, but no more than LR really.
For the price it was a no brainer for me to at least
give it a try.

It's set up very similarly to PS as the tools images usually have more than one tool under them.
Misc functions on the right with filters etc at the top in the headers area. I'm still learning what is available and the one thing that some people are asking for is a PDF manual.
Other than that it's tutorials and just exploring for yourself or finding forums, etc.

So far so good and I don't have to update my OS (10.8.5) on my older laptop that I'm using due to an injury.

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Photographers help make them famous.
Solution, don't take photos of them, period.

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Having been in Law Enforcement I can tell you that what most people SHOULD be concerned about is Justice.

If you have Improper Police Action then it NEEDS to come to the Public Eye.

People worrying about images taken out of context/altered shouldn't be concerned as physical evidence and Investigations Technology can either corroborate video/photos or negate their authenticity.

I personally find the installation of laws protecting Photographers as another positive stand for Public and Private Freedoms which in the past has seemed to go in the direction of more control and less freedom.

Without Photographers the Boston City Bombers may have Never been caught. Think about that.

Those of us that are Photographers have a Civic Duty to capture evidence that may lead to Justice.

Regardless of what some think We are All in This Life
Together. Having the Courage to help one another is what this life is all about and thankfully most of us exhibit that courage every day to some degree.

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Photomonkey: Canon did not set out to build an A7. They set out to create the next generation DSLR and as such seem to have improved every aspect of it.
Not adding the features that the hobbyists are clamoring for is not an oversight but a deliberate statement about their idea of what the camera should be.

If you are looking for the Swiss Army knife of cameras, look elswhere.

I agree with you, photomonkey. I shoot and have shot travel and nature photography for many years. If I want a lightweight good quality DSLR I use my 60D, which is still excellent by the
If I'm working 12 hours days at 10,000 feet I want a brick solid DSLR that will handle almost anything that comes at me or it.
Flip out screens/touch screens have little value if they can break or cannot be used with gloved fingers at 0 degrees.
Canon made this for serious pros that can't afford the weight, or don't want to invest their money in 1D series gear when they can buy better lenses.
Most of my investment is with L series lenses. The camera will always be secondary for most applications.

Thank you Canon for creating a serious tool for people who need to depend on their gear and NOT making a toy that wont last 5 YEARS.

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Greg VdB: @RichRMA and others worried about the tele-side: check here for another comparison of this lens at 150mm and 500mm wide-open:

You'll see that if anything, their sample of the lens was sharper at 500mm...

This illustrates the big problem with lens testing sites: sample variation is very real, and basing nice numbers on just one copy is very much flawed! I've read somewhere that Roger Cicela from LensRentals acquired a new testing unit or so - here's hoping that he'll use it to systematically test at least ten copies of every type of lens he has and share the results with us. Because as it stands, lens review sites are pretty much useless to assess what one can expect from a lens sharpness-wise.

Greg, I agree. There are huge variations at times in lens models and DSLR models. I had three different Canon 7Ds before I found one that did not have focus issues. I've had Canon 5Ds, 5DIIs, 40Ds and 60Ds, but the Canon 7D was the only one that had severe front and back focus issues with different L lenses. Later found out this was a common issue for the 7D that Canon had never made public or recalled.
I also tried two Canon 70-300 L lenses before getting a sharp copy. Even on DPR if you look at the Canon 7D test shot you'll see that the camera is back focusing. The playing card in the back of the image is tack sharp, but the Bailey's bottle image with the tree and pasture with fence are less sharp than other comparable DSLRs.
If the lenses and DSLRs are not calibrated before a test the results are not really usable.

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Not any different than UK only Comps. Yeah, there is so much More in the World!

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Wow. Really. This is a photo forum and a great photographer and humanitarian has died. Is there really any need to muddy the waters with more hate?

Anja was a talented witness with a
lens to share her images with people to try and help make the world a Better place.

She will be missed.

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hulkster123: Here's some airborne pictures from one of the secondary eruptions -

THanks for the link. Too bad the photographers didn't get credit for some of the use. Right place at the right time.
Thanks again.

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Acratech makes great products as well. Been using them for years. Wonderful customer service.

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On Canon EOS 70D Review (716 comments in total)

Still do not like the "new" test scene. Now we have no idea if the newer cameras are really worth the money or if it just marketing to sell new cameras. Guess I'll no longer use DPRs test scenes as research for my gear. DPR used to save me a bit of rental $.

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Interesting test photo subject matter, but it doesn't work for historical comparisons. I think the black background doesn't work for that reason.

Wonder if that is the point. Less and less true difference between the new cameras and the old when it comes to image quality. I guess if you can't see the difference in similar images then they can convince you to buy the newest, latest, greatest.

Bells and whistles are great, but if there is not a significant difference in image quality then I guess they have to come up with some other way to get your money.

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First good hack and how many of our accounts will be vulnerable to outside access?

I don't save my work to the cloud because of this, and the fact that companies fail everyday.

I wont go for the "Perpetual Pay". Guess Semi-Pro is not good enough for Adobe and I've been using their products for many years.

If you read the article closely you will have to "CC" to get more "functionality" from Lightroom as well. Read the fine print. Lightroom is too widely used for them not to squeeze ever bit of money from you that they can.

They have too many of us locked into their software with thousands of photo XMP files/catalogs that would be lost.
I'll be slowly moving to other software and keeping the versions of PS and LR that I have.

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Jetta392: I think some of the firmware features will be useful, I like the adjustable audio recording level and the picture resizing ability.

What will Canon do about the focusing issues that many 7D owners are facing? There are many threads on this subject and several people are convinced it is not the way the user shoots or their settings.

This issue dates back to 2009 when the camera was new and still to this day.

I've had two of the 7Ds. Sold the first after 10K shutter count and couldn't get the focus issue resolved. Have had the 40D and 5DII with NO issues.
Check the comparison images between the 5DIII, 5DII and the 7D. Move the image box in the main image to the Queen of Hearts and Gray Scale chart.
You will see that the 7D was back focusing, even for DP Review, they just didn't see it. Those objects are as sharp as a tack, but the images in the foreground the Bailey's Bottle and the Martini Bottle are sharp for the 5DII and the 5DIII because that's where the focus was. The 7D as far as I can tell is just as sharp, but it is back focused.

Just because some photographers are NOT plagued by this problem does NOT mean it doesn't exist.

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