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ekaton: dpreview`s title is misleading. This is not an underwater camera but a rugged all weather go anywhere one, for the expedition and the rougher outdoors. And as such it is interesting. Courtesy to the headline used by dpreview many of the critical comments are based on the assumption that it was developed for the underwater world - something Leica does not claim.
The price is high, but otherwise this is an interesting camera for the adventurous.

misleading statements about products made (in part) by Audi. how is this shocking anymore?

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happypoppeye: Looks great but the first item that comes to mind is - are Leica going ot guarantee this is waterproof to the specified depth? ...because every other compact waterproof has problems with actually being waterproof ...and now you are talking about a (relatively) lot of money.

"Leica says the camera was designed in collaboration with Audi Design"

translation: no, the tests were done in idealized lab conditions (a bucket).

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On Connect post Panasonic to launch Lumix DMC-CM10 without phone functionality (132 comments in total)
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sh10453: Where on earth is Nokia? Brain dead?
They made dreams come true: A 41 mp camera, a GPS, and a phone, all in one handy piece of hardware, and now Panasonic comes with this??
Instead of adding/integrating more functionality they take the phone away now?

My pockets are running out of room.
I thought carrying multiple units was a thing of the past.
This is a step backwards, and, judging by the limited monthly production, Panasonic already has a feeling it won't sell very well. Could it be that they are just testing the market, especially that it is only for Japan?

I think an LF-2 (with some needed improvements) would have been a better idea.
Aside from that, pricing is too optimistic.

no, this is Patrick

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merkaba: These days, I don't know what to believe and do not try to believe either side. Cool photos or paintings I guess.

"You shall not pass" - Sith lord Darth Dumbledore.

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Edgar_in_Indy: Is it concerned child abuse to deprive your child of dynamic range, or is it more of just a neglect situation?

i think that's neglect. abuse giving them so much DOF that they develop bokeh deficiency.

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Pandimonium: Dual IS, that must be ISIS-support. Very questionable marketing by Panasonic...


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Timbukto: In tandem with this effort, Panasonic is looking into semi-automatic memory card magazines and spent card ejection mechanisms. Videographers at weddings will have to pay attention to these card ejections less they poke a guest in the eye with a spent SanDisk SDXC card.

so shooting will be like shooting.

also: retro design camera with pump action SD card change.

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this is a good feature especially when you give your camera to someone else so that you can be in the picture. I usually set my GH2 to face detect in such scenarios, but it has missed all faces in the frame from time to time, focusing somewhere on the background because the person taking the shot had no idea what to look for ("just press this button all the way down").

i know i'd have to get a new body and new lenses to have this feature, but i think it's pretty useful to have.

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Johannes Zander: Finally we will get MF drones with wooden grips! That will be a great step forward for drone photography ;)

rebadged 10x cheaper drones joke goes here ........................

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cool wallpaper material.

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On article JPEG Committee contemplates adding DRM to image format (186 comments in total)
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nagi603: Yeah, as if DRM was ever actually a solution. CD? DVD? Blu-ray? Anything online? Any software? No, it never worked. It never will.

i'm looking for an AV receiver. after seeing the HDMI 2.0/HDCP 2.2 mess currently developing, which makes 2014-2015 the worst two years for buying AV equipment, I now have to look forward for this crap? DRM in JPEGs? will it also require HDCP connections to view? sure, let's make it harder for the honest person to enjoy digital content! that'll boost our profits!

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Phileas Fogg: Here is the thing for me. The Moon landing hoax fools and their ignorant opinions are an insult to the many people who built America's space programme and ultimately the Apollo Moon landings. From the astronauts, to all the engineers, scientists, astronomers, and the many, many, folks who built, transported and prepared all the gear and rockets to send men to the Moon. This hoax crap is so tiring as its all easily dispelled with even by most educated high school students. It must suck to know that if you are a Moon Landing hoaxer that you are considered to be more stupid on this topic than most educated high school students.

i hear North Korea has a space program that involves shooting people with a cannon. i guess the parts could go into near orbit, or land somewhere, if they do it right.

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skysi: The earth is flat says the Flat Earth Society. All this nonsense comes primarily from this group of numbskulls.
Guys please do not feed these trolls. They should be completely ignored. You can't prove to them anything no matter what evidence you present.
Save yourself some time.

a good trolling each day keeps the boredom away.

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GoneMirrorless: Hilarious. I started a thread with a link to this story with no comment of my own in the E mount forum, and a memeber there freaked out. He got the thread locked and now discusing the topic there is forbidden. But now it is on the Front page instead of in the Sony forum.

I think it is a good move. As Sony said it will make planning and implementation faster, and they will no longer need to worry about interfernce from other divisions. Sensors are very profitable now.

heretic! blasphemer! well informed person!

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ms18: So they went to moon? Or Dpreview made this post in order to praise the photo manipulation? I don't see EXIF :P

but clearly it's a Sony sensor.

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Adrian Van: Google the following - Mythbusters Episode 104 to show why all these photos can actually be all True. They examine all the critics with tests. Including reflectors left on moon by astronauts proven true in a laser test. Interesting read. Video of microgravity test also true and not high frame rate film slowed down for moonwalk, as the motion is different than high speed film slowed down. Love watching the Mythbusters show.

Looks like we made it! or at least a few select astronauts did!

consult a physician if symptoms persist for more than 40 years.

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FM1978: The scans are deliberately low contrast, in order to preserve as much data as possible from the film. Photoshop them, and enjoy glorious color and contrast.

the fact that you can photoshop them proves they're fake!!!111

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merkaba: These days, I don't know what to believe and do not try to believe either side. Cool photos or paintings I guess.

my favorite line by Master Yoda!

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The Name is Bond: I've calculated that if they had got stuck, then it would have taken them, at 50 miles per day (of the typical hard core hiker), about 20 years to walk back to Earth.

yes, and we all know they got back a lot faster than that, so, combined that with the Apollo 13 movie... confirms the conspiracy. it was George Soros all along!

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Andystack: conspiracy theory #432- all the moon landing hoax engineers are now working for Volkswagen!!! think about it, NASA back then was dominated by German engineers, coincidence...

illuminati confirmed!

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