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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3 Hands-on Preview (416 comments in total)
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TylerBreeden: Not to offend everyone who's politely discussing this *camera*, but I can't believe how many a-holes are fighting like high school girls. I read all 268 comments because I'm interested in the GH3, and I barely made it through all the name calling and butt hurt ego tiffs.

Anyway, I'm excited to see what the image quality is like. Since this sensor is about the size of Sony's APS but has about half the MP of the a65/a77, there's a good chance the image will have a wider DR. I am split about 50/50 with photo and video, so both matter to me. The ability to record at a much higher bit rate is huge. I own an a65 and the video quality in decent lighting is just about equal to my consumer Canon HF-S200 camcorder. DSLR's give you a lot more control over DOF but you give up just about every useful feature in a camcorder. So, to me, bit rate is everything. I've graded/corrected footage with low bit rates and there's a huge difference in how much you can do witih the footage in post.

Tyler, the GH3's m4/3 sensor is smaller than an APS-C...


I have a firmware hacked GH2 which I use just for shooting video. It has great video IQ. The hope is that the GH3 retains the GH2's IQ but will have at least one or two stops more dynamic range and will also be better for stills.

It appears the GH3 is still 8 bit 4.2.0. (video) and there has been some noticeable moire in some of the GH3's video clips thus far which is almost non existent in the GH2. Anyway we'll have a better idea once the camera is released with more mature firmware.

You'll have to excuse some of the low brow comments. One particular poster who you have no doubt identified has been quite actively slagging off at most things m4/3'rds as well as getting quite personal. It appears he has taken a break so things should be somewhat more civil around here.

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Villamarcel: I really apprecaite the constitency of Pentax with this model.
It reminds me a german company named LEICA even if the products and the market strategy is not the same. I have the impression that they take care of their customers.

marike6 "balance their books on the back of their US customers"
Sorry marike6 you have it totally about face.

bossa - marike6 is being serious because he has not known anything else until recently. It has been the rest of the world that has been subsidising US prices for decades.

marike6 - Why is it that so many people on these forums choose to buy camera gear from the US? Because in the past it has been usually half the price to buy from the US compared to purchasing gear in their own countries. It is the rest of the world that has been subsiding US consumers.

The fact that the US dollar was the world's reserve currency has always given US consumers an advantage over the rest of the world's consumers. Now the US dollar is losing value due to unsustainable debt and money printing US consumer prices will continue to increase even more. The party is over marike6 you had better get use to it!

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On article Quick Guide to Video Lighting (33 comments in total)
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kff: the best teacher for it, would be Ingmar Bergman and his films...

This is not a very inspiring example to illustrate an article on three point lighting. As already stated the lighting is too flat. The fill looks a stop too hot. I would also reverse the positions of the fill and key. If the first shot had been with ambient room light only it would have illustrated the changes better with the addition of each light in the subsequent shots.

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On photo L1000332-DNG in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (6 comments in total)

This images are full of blown out highlights. Then again I'm sure that won't affect sales for those with more money than sense.

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On a photo in the Leica M-Monochrom Preview Samples sample gallery (6 comments in total)

This images are full of blown out highlights. Then again I'm sure that won't affect sales for those with more money than sense.

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If many camera manufacturers ensured their cameras/lenses were properly calibrated in the first place I'm sure there would less service issues period!

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