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Sony RX100, EOS-M, 550D. all going in the trash can .. Hello Panasonic LX100. need 3x of these for my multicam interview setups soon in 4k :) ( kidding 4k, need 4k for editing pans and zooms in edit )
old junk - never used for past 3-4 years :( not even touched. really. its sad i know ..
Nikon D3. 14-24, 24-70, 70-200.. 105mm f2.8 & 60mm f2.8
nikkor ( old school ), 90mm tamron, 85mm pc-e tilt/shift, 24mm pc-e tilt/shift. sb-
600s ( multiple ), sb-800x1.
full set of studio lights & studio porta 1000w kit and pano head & gigapan robotic pano

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  • oh yeah - one more plus for the pix range - Virtually Indestructible Gorilla® Glass 2. atmos units don't have this

  • fair points Halc,

    I'm now thinking a $1000 5"/7" 4k monitor/recorder is in order - it has very nice hdmi out specs.. find one with headphone out jacks, and if your lucky builtin XLR ..


  • on these macs right now, rocky mountain is the way to go..
    yeah I'm hanging out for a skylake macbook pro...

  • And they are still a PITA to edit in fcpx for example.. I cannot help but feel if samsung made an external breakout box, with an H.265 converter chip built into it to make converting a day worth of...

  • @abortabort
    which chain was that? Harvey or Myers? can you remember what it sold for on sale?
    I tried to buy one at the HK Samsung superstore, ( may or may not be an official store, its really hard...

  • is that the same with the f5s and the bundled 18-105 power zoom i wonder? it's what's not mentioned in the sales spill eh !! mmm i hope this is not the case!

    they write
    Zoom lens provides...

  • wow - 800 backers already in four days - seems to be spearheaded by Holga founder H.M Lee which if true, means a lot to all the holga lovers and users..

    love the digital idea.. nice!

    on their...

  • Commented on Connect post LG G4 camera review

    has anyone played with periscope with this phone yet? that's the only reason i'm upgrading from my old iphone4 right now.. i want the best possible image qual for periscoping!

  • ps: I am going to buy 3 of the RX10mk2's for the 4k video stuff /OR/ the new a7000, so I am waiting to see how that is priced and spec'd before jumping.. but then the panasonic G7 also looks great...

  • i had my org RX100 fixed here in Guangzhou, China at a SONY super store in this city which has onsite repair centre, fixed no problems within a week, and i don't even speak the local language. They...

  • yeah same here - hopefully someone does a low light comp between these two.. winner gets my 3 orders :) and just after that happens i bet the a7000 comes out and blows them both away for low light...

  • @bernard Carns, there is a new 'jello killer' feature of the sony RX10mk2. check their features it out... I cannot wait to have a try myself.. as for pulling clean non-blur'd stills from high...

  • try lower wages - but offset with much much lower cost of living, for example, i can buy a carton of smokes here in gz, china for under $10usd, or my dinner tonight was a big hot bowl of noodles...

  • why nikon? all they gave you was 15frames per second 4k.. total balls up. how does 15fps help anyone to film ?...

  • ok thanks guys - that clears that up,

    Next question as I've never used m43 before.

    What lenses do I need if I need to be at 24/28mm equiv FF ?

    I shoot interviews weekly using 3 cams for...

  • ok thanks guys - that clears that up,

    Next question as I've never used m43 before.

    What lenses do I need if I need to be at 24/28mm equiv FF ?

    I shoot interviews weekly using 3 cams for...

  • thanks @boissez, hopefully that's the issue here.. otherwise. eek!
    @grasscatcher, yes 180 shutter rule and all, I understand that bit :)
    the stills capture bit should work well for fashion runways...

  • hey guys - lets talk G7 4k video quality for a bit..

    pause it on ANY frame with motion .. is this youtubes compression making this blocky mess or something...

  • same here in China bro, nikon and canon both put ads on tv every few mins non-stop all day long on the sports channels.. plus every store has nikon, canon and sony only. you cannot simply walk into...

  • and hide that STUPID 'L' - why is there a fat L on the front of all these little cams? looks totally out of place and looks like some gaffer tape is going to go straight over it as soon as i get my...

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