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gerard boulanger: Relatively "affordable". 14 stops DR is a little disappointment.

I want one of these as a back up for my Canon 60D.

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On Focus Stacking in Macro Photography article (129 comments in total)
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MP Burke: I think that the interest in photographing animals in the field is the ability to capture behaviour, such as fighting, feeding and mating.
Going out when the insect is at its coldest and immobile prevents such behaviour being observed.
The dragonfly in the photograph is not identified and indeed could be difficult to identify, since the view does not show the top of the abdomen or thorax where many characteristic markings are likely to be. Some may regard the image as novel or attractive, but it says little about what the insect is and nothing about what it does, so I do not regard it as being particularly useful nature photography.
It should be said that if people become fixated on stacking and want a static subject there are many pinned specimens already in museum collections. Some invertebrates are in decline: no need to kill them.
Finally many small animals have been photographed using the scanning electron microscope, with higher DOF and resolution than optical can provide.

I agree 100%. I take both types of picture. Some are just for identification or recording. Others are about an aesthetic. When I'm lucky I get both - but sadly not often.

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On Canon EOS 6D preview (1035 comments in total)
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zkool5: Just got this camera yesterday. It exceeded all my expectations. Coming from the 7D, the 6D's AF accuracy is JAWDROPPING, unlike the former with its AF issues even with micro-AF adjustment (useless). I love the new picture review functionalities, extremely versatile and customizable.

Not to mention the low-light image quality and focussing ability (which is most important of all) - utterly blew my mind away. The low-light focussing ability alone is much better than my old 7D and 5D2.

I have a 60D also and the use of a pals 5D2 - for the type of shots that I do - mostly birds and macro I find that the 60D with a 400 5.6 is as good as the 5D2 with a 300 2.8. However, if I wanted low light work and portraite shots the 5d 2 ids superior. I love the 60D for its light weight. Have been offered a 5d2 body but am not sure about the value.
Check these out for sharpness:

I guess what I am saying is that the 60d is a great value and very usabke camera and if you are on a tight budget then at least the 5d2 may not be a big advantage. The 5D3 is too expensive for me unfortunately.

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(unknown member): Great! As one should expect from Canon, this is a solid camera that doesn't tread heavily on the G1 X nor the DSLR lines. It fills in a gap that people have been wanting filled for a long time and allows you to use the rest of your Canon kit. Canon knows they've got most of their bases covered and they have no reason to come up with gimmicks that they would pass off as "innovations". This is basically a small 650D, probably produces the same image quality, and it will be interesting to see the new line of lenses in action.

I agree. For the money it looks pretty good to me. The f2 lens will push me toward it regardless and the fact I can put my quite large collection of L series lenses with it be a big factor in my getting one. Sure - I don't like touch screens,n cameras without viewfingers and would much prefer ring adiustment as well as hinged screen but as a back up and a travel body it has a lot going for it. I have a 5D2 and a 7D but my most used camera is the 60D and yet it attracted pages of neagative comments at the time.

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On Technique: Digital Photo Collages article (107 comments in total)

I used this style many times about 15 years ago with film/prints. I incorporated into several exhibitions - I was working as an artist at the time. It was interesting to see the ammount of interest it generated from the public - often a lot more than the standard (if better technically) landscapes etc. This is often about subverting the technical obsesion of photography. It may also be about getting a more sculptural effect than the confines of a rectangle. Something I really like to do every now and then. Frees me up a lot to re-examine creativity.

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ARTASHES: It would be cool if we had ZS15(TZ25) studio shots, this camera is the main rival of SX240/260 in therms of IQ in the class IMHO

I don't have a point and shoot - too much heavy and long lenses. But I am amazed at what you get for the money - I paid that much for a bag the other day.

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Jonathan Reed: ThinkTank makes the best bags out there. Worth every penney.

Get a ScottEVest!

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On Just Posted: Nikon D3200 preview samples gallery article (499 comments in total)

As a Nikon preferer and (I also use Canon) user I am sure that this model will sell in bucket-loads. This level of user will always go for the high pixel count. Sadly the Canon is clearly the winner in actual clarity of pictures.

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highwave: Raw files from Nikon D3200 and Sony NEX-7 look pretty much identical to my eyes. D3200 just slightly less exposed but same everything else. (IMHP)

Canon is clearly the winner - and I shoot Nikon by the way.

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Fantabulous! I thought my shots were OK but this blows me away.

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This is my first go at Macro - I am using a Canon 100mm 2,8 EF I borrowed and a 60D body.
I have some more on the following link if anyone is interested.
I know I have a lot to learn but hope to improve.

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