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I'm an amateur photographer who is fortunate enough to spend a decent amount of time in the field shooting.

My first love is landscape, although i'm really enjoying shooting more people, travel and the adventures it brings.

I am working towards dedicating two months a year to travel and landscape photography and while it is nice to subsidise part of the costs, I do it for the love.


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Good stuff - all tools to overcome the limitations of our medium.

Have noticed more and more stitched Panoramas proudly displayed in National Geographic too.

Of course, moderation is in the eye of the beholder and it still takes an artists touch to make this technique complimentary to an image rather than the focus of it.

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Really promising system, but they are releasing the top model first.

I would expect (hope) a smaller, cheaper EVF only model is also in the works which I would actually prefer.

Very cool though. 2012 is the year mirrorless gets serious.

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bradleyg5: I don't understand how Ricoh is even still in business. Who is buying into this system. How are they even making back their investment?! All of there cameras are ungodly expensive, have brutal image quality, and the worst headline features.

It's like they make cameras for people who don't want a good camera, they just want a camera nobody else will have. They make cameras for people who keep them on a shelf.

It's like they come out with this retarded system and they don't even push the boundaries, it's like none of the lens/sensor combinations do anything unique. So you go, oh it's flexibility you can just buy one system and it can do all these different things. BUT the cost is so high you could just buy a whole bunch of other dedicated systems that each would be better suited.

Like how could they possibly sell over a hundred of these? of the almost 7 billion human beings on this planet, I cannot imagine more than 100 would actually pay for such a thing as this.

Dude, the GXR is a really well put together kit and the M module is a great camera - go back to your prehistoric Canon.

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (216 comments in total)

As a landscape guy, i'm surprised with these shots - flat, dull light and uninspired compositions. Looks like they phoned-in on the assignment to be critical.

Also, ISO 400 jpegs and F5.6 landscapes? I don't shoot landscapes like that, and I definitely would not if I were doing work for a manufacturer to 'show off' image quality possibilities of a new camera.

Does not really show off the skills of the photographer or capabilities of the camera at all.

Fuji - hit me up, i'll do a better job, in a more exotic locale and for a lower fee.

The Fuji's RAW image quality will be fantastic. Its challenges lie more in its relatively larger size (for mirrorless RF style) and its price.

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On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (216 comments in total)
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zcus: Clean ISO but terribly boring shots and not impressed with the 18mm. Why would Fuji commission people to take shots with the weakest lens of the line up and post dull lifeless photos???

Good points - this is effectively a real world advertorial and if I were Fuji, I would only be showing off the best output, rather than this output which isn't impressive, although decent in the context of the conditions and jpeg.

Link | Posted on Feb 1, 2012 at 02:33 UTC
On article First full-res Fujifilm X-Pro1 images appear on the web (216 comments in total)

Pretty sure these are not from RAW - I think they said 'Raw' in the context of being straight from the camera.

Also, 100% sure these are not the first high rez X pro shots to hit the web.

Sensor looks like a winner with respect to noise - detail and acuity ill be a given, but these shots don't show that.

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AnHund: Even the best EVF will never be as good as an OVF as they are implemented in the current FF DSLRs. Period.

The world isn't round! A computer will never need any more than 64K of RAM!

Seriously guys, wake up and smell the coffee - its 2012.

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Karl Gnter Wnsch: Unless they manage to produce sensors that can convey the *full* dynamic range of the scene (not just 6-7 EV in video mode like today, which is at least 20 stops short of the required range) and the EVF would manage to show the same dynamic range (the OLED is limited to about 5-6 EV) and that without lag and without heating up the sensor and without draining the battery... EVF is a solution to a non existing problem, OVF is and always will be superior, it's just hapless NOOBs which crave for the EVF solution as they lack the knowledge (and with an EVF they will never acquire this knowledge) to judge a scene.
EVF are incapable of showing the vital aspects in any high contrast scene - so they are a deal breaker for many!

The thing is Karl, the EVF has an advantage in that it is WYSIWYG - its a sensor readout, so any dynamic range limitation is what the sensor see's. If you adjust the contrast on your jpeg settings, the EVF adjusts. If you adjust your DRO settings, the EVF adjusts.

I would make the point that an OVF see's the same dynamic range as the human eye which no sensor could hope to capture, therefore the OVF has the inherent fault of not accurately displaying your image.

EVF's are great, and i'm no hapless noob, thank you very much.

I'm just not stuck in the past.

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Pretty weak response, but it was hardly required - any professional can charge what they like - the market will decide if its appropriate or not.

So what was so justified about the other $12,000 spent on an average wedding?

What goes into a $2000 dress?

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I think Justin Fielder may be in for a number of copyright breaches himself given he has chosen to dig a hole for himself:

Google: london red bus black white

I'm sure there will be one which was taken before his!

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This is ridiculous - every second chap has probably tried something similar in London.

They are both poor images as well, in terms or creative and technical execution.

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tkbslc: I'm hoping for a HUGE viewfinder like I remember from the OM line.

Could get your wish, i'm sitting here with my NEX 5N EVF and my OM and the viewfinders are very very similar in size.

Link | Posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 06:28 UTC
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wlachan: How about a manual focus OM-D? No more BF, no more FF. Just pure joy with large bright clear sharp viewfinder with awesome well made manual focus lenses which suffer no optical misalignment?

Mate, what you want to buy is a NEX with Leica lenses - the EVF owns and the lenses and focus feel cannot be beat.

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SteB: I love this contrivance because you can bet that Dpreview already know about this and they are likely to have it for their preview. But because of the NDA, their lips are sealed. But if they are reporting what a news agency have said, they are not breaking any NDA.

Excellent point - guarantee they have one right now.

Link | Posted on Jan 24, 2012 at 06:25 UTC
On article Landscape Photography Primer (97 comments in total)

Really well balanced article - well done!

Link | Posted on Jan 20, 2012 at 03:26 UTC as 59th comment

Can't think of too many lenses that would make sense (in keeping with the size), perhaps the 15-85 as a walk around.

given the price, it may only appeal to those wanting to use higher end lenses on their NEX for some reason - maybe a TSE on a NEX 7 as Chez says.

One interesting thing about the adapter is though... it seems quite thin for an SLR adapter?

What is the EF flange distance?

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On article Fujifilm produces limited edition of 10,000 black X100s (101 comments in total)

Gosh, thats beautiful, wish the X pro 1 (not that it isn't a nice looking camera in its own right) was this size and style, although I guess the variable magnification OVF required some change.

Link | Posted on Jan 12, 2012 at 02:39 UTC as 43rd comment
On article Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact (776 comments in total)
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Josh152: I don't understand all the people putting down this camera. A camera like this has been needed for years. That is a small camera with a decent sensor in it and a practical focal length range that still easily fits in a coat/cargo/vest pocket or in your camera bag with the rest of your gear. The is the first real alternative to a DSLR that actually makes sense.

With a traditional compact camera you have a tiny sensor with lots of noise and little to no DOF control.

With a mirror less interchangeable lens camera you are really just getting a DSLR with crappy ergonomics. They are no more convenient to use than a DSLR and once you put a practical lens on it it is almost as big as a DSLR anyway. There is very little practical differnce between using a MILC and a DSLR. Especially logistically speaking.

This camera strikes a perfect balance between all of the major camera types. The G1 X is the camera many people who bought MILC cameras really wanted.

Probably because its 550 grams, has a small sensor and has got a slow zoom glued to it.

One would be infinitely better off with a Panny GX1 or similar with a collapsible kit and the option for other lenses / EVF etc as needed.

This is basically a huge, expensive P&S with a lens which negates its slightly larger sensor.

Link | Posted on Jan 11, 2012 at 02:19 UTC
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scottacus: Very interesting that there is a pancake in their lineup. Considering how relatively large and fat the X-Pro 1 is, it's not exactly crying out for a tiny pancake lens.

I wonder if this means there may be another, smaller X-series ILC coming in the next year.

An X series EVF only model could be smaller and cheaper for sure for those not interested in the OVF aspect...

Link | Posted on Jan 11, 2012 at 02:04 UTC
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diforbes: No 24mm or 35mm equivalent prime? No 24-70mm equivalent zoom? This camera is DOA for me under the current roadmap.

No 600mm F4 OMG what is fuji thinking. DOA for birders as well.

Link | Posted on Jan 11, 2012 at 02:03 UTC
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