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On article Nikon announces development of flagship D5 DSLR (442 comments in total)

A few years ago, I would have been really excited. But my aging D3s still pumps out amazing photos. Sure the resolution could be higher, but it will do for indoor sports.

I guess Nikon products aren't really, well, exciting anymore. It's more of the same, and while that means great image quality, it also means a big, heavy design, with some oddities that don't make much more sense anymore. Like.. you still need an external wifi adapter? It's 2015 people. Could the body not be made a bit more compact for improved ergonomics? A swivel back screen would be great for those odd angle shots. A built in flash for the occasional fill flash needs would be great, rather than lugging around a separate flash. Maybe some of these will creep in, but I haven't invested in Nikon heavily in about 3 years now, and have switched partially to m4/3 cameras. Other than sports, they do a fantastic job at half the weight and size.

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Good article, and it speaks to the point of how we get so stuck on our gear. I'm not saying we should buy junk, but after a certain price point, it probably matters less what you're carrying and instead more on what you're going to do with it.

I'm going on a photo trip shortly, and the organizer asked each of us to pick our top 10 past photos. We'll do a group critique the first night we're on location to get us primed to shoot for the rest of the trip.

I looked at the photos and surprise - all 10 photos come from different cameras. In fact, most did *not* come from my Nikon FX gear. Some came from my old D300, some from a Fuji XE-1, some from a point and shoot Olympus. I really wasn't expecting such a mix.

So, I guess the oft repeated adage is true - the best camera is the one you're willing to take with you. And make sure you know how to use it....

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Peter Bendheim: Some of you people who are actually complaining about the Fuji update saying it should have been nailed from the start are really just a bunch of over indulged, consumerist spoil brats. Fuji at least continually improve their products. This release was in all probability stuff that Fuji have learnt between the XT1 and the XT10. And pro user feedback. And Fuji has improved an already excellent product.

Honestly some of you should really just grow up somewhat. And have some gratitude.

This is a camera forum. Hands down, of all the forums I visit, photography seems to elicit some of the most immature, obnoxious, trollish comments I've ever seen. Don't know why. There are a lot of great posters and helpful people here, but some people...meh, they have way too much time on their hands.

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On article Samsung Galaxy Camera 2 Review (88 comments in total)

Am I missing something here? Wasn't this camera released... like... ages ago? If it is, I bought it for my wife this past Christmas. Not a pro level camera, but great for what she needs.

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On article Gearing Up For An African Safari (82 comments in total)

There was a recent article in Luminous Landscape where the photographer decided to go with a M4/3 system for long range photos and a Leica medium format for short range and landscape photos and thought it worked much better. Given his experiences, he argued that hauling, clamping, and constantly connecting was just too much trouble, and that a M4/3 allow far more flexibility and comfort.

... not that I'm personally going on a photo safari any time soon (although I'd like to... )

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What a bunch of complainers on this forum! Have ANY of you even tried the camera yet? It's barely in anybody's hands and practically the whole lot of you (with some exceptions) have dismissed it. How about a parallel? Nobody asked for a minivan 30 years ago and many thought it would die a quick death but it become one of the most useful vehicle configurations ever.

For some of us who travel and value compactness, even a small dSLR is too much. I love my D3s for sports and high impact occasions, but there is a reason why technology is designed for different scenarios. I can see something like the Nikon 1 being very handy.

THINK about it people...

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