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  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    It has a 150-year old proven device instead, called a "tripod socket".

  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    So what's the point? It has a 150-year old proven device instead, called a "tripod socket". It is very possible to make excellent shots in low light due to the lack of any vibration.

    And if need...

  • Who cares what it looks like. The results is what really counts. I own and use cameras that are pig-ugly, heavy, old-fashioned and cumbersome. But they do take stellar pictures.

  • Very impressive optics and camera. Can't wait to read the review!

  • Korea, and it's gallant people indeed have much to be proud of. There's nothing wrong with a healthy dose of respect and love for one's own country - even though doing so is not, according to...

  • Tell that to the millions of victims of the Japanese imperialism of the time.

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    Absolutely correct. But considering the shrinking market and the relatively small numbers these things sell in, I think it's courageous.

  • Maybe you should offer to help out to ease the workload? Maintaining a FREE service like this in a busy market is not easy, nor is it cheap. I'm sure they're working on it.

    Quality takes time....

  • Caution: too many intelligent remarks is not allowed by the equivalence brigade. Or the sensor size brigade. Or the DOF fetishists. Or the UI "specialists". Or the IQ "experts".

    Anyway... thank...

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    RAM and processing power. If you're not in a hurry a more pedestrian machine would do (2-core, 4-core) but lots and lots of RAM and a fast HDD (preferably also a solid-state drive) are a must.

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    I must say that Pentax is courageous to introduce such a rather specialized camera at this relatively competitive price point. It will be perfect for the fans of shallow DOF and fans of...

  • Commented on Hands on with the Pentax 645Z article

    If Ansel Adams would be alive today he'd laugh so hard at all these internet armchair "experts" he'd probably succumb to a heart attack.

  • Indeed Kowa had, and still has, an excellent reputation for optics. In the past they made lovely cameras too - the Kowa Six, for example, and some rather spectacular dedicated wide-angle 35mm...

  • Hmmm. I like and respect Nikon, but there's a bit too much "corporate speak" here and there, although there's openness as well. Nikon would do well by listening to their customers more. If they...

  • Excellent interview. A honest, humble and straightforward person too, this CEO. Like father like son. Sigma is on a roll!

  • Brilliant interview - you guys asked exactly the right questions. And the honest and open answers confirm much of what many have been expecting from Fuji. They got it right: "the only way is to...

  • Well done and tasteful, somewhat minimalistic video. Not revealing too much of course, but it does leave the impression of dedication, quality, and precision. Which is what (good) lens making is...

  • Commented on Nikon D5300 Review preview

    What Sigma lens, if I may be so bold to inquire?

  • Another priceless contribution by a "real pro", mr. haha.

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