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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)
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kadardr: Leaked specs suggest it might be specialized for low light-high iso. An improved D4 sensor? WOW

I don't think a camera like this needs to do 10 fps like the d4. That won't be designed into this camera's image sensor. An image sensor is designed for specific purposes and throughputting a lot of data won't be this camera's goal.

Direct link | Posted on Nov 1, 2013 at 22:34 UTC

Small camera and big lenses don't make any sense since removing the mirror is claimed to be to made the camera smaller. Big lenses make the camera big to use.

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Dazzer8888: serious serious cameras...put any lens on it you like with an adapter, if you don't mind manual focus, which many don't.

I won't be selling my A99 and 24-70 Zeiss as that's a different beast, but will be getting an A7R for more experimental stuff like free lensing and tilt shift.

And I say many, many more won't be bothered with manual focus lenses. Camera users have voted with their wallets buying autofocus since it came out to the point where extremely small number of manual focus lenses are made anymore. And those are generally made by companies who haven't/can't do the R&D to reverse engineer autofocus, e.g. Samayung.

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On Nikon 1 AW1 preview (588 comments in total)
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Leandros S: Given Nikon's extremely poor track record with its "waterproof" Coolpix AW cameras (AW100, AW110), there may be some hesitation towards this new offering.

Given the fact that the Nikon 1-J3 sells for $250 why are they bringing out more new models? I thought Nikon announced they were to seriously rethink their Nikon 1 line due to poor sales most of which the decline in their sales was due to decline in Nikon 1 sales.

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Francis Carver: Must be one of those quite rare silver colored UW cameras and lenses. Once this gets dropped to a sandy bottom -- good luck finding it down there. But the orange colored rubberized skin looks great.

Why should a "rugged" shockproof (drop proof to 2m), waterproof camera NEED a "protective" skin? Please answer me that Nikon!

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Wasn't Nikon just reporting they had to seriously rethink their Nikon 1 line? Is this "rethinking"? People are in the water and wanting to take photos... rarely. Not a smart move IMHO.

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NickR: $16 a roll?
150 rolls or a $2400 DSLR, which would you rather have?

Film, unless you do sports with "spray and pray".

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photonius: Well, despite the advantages of dSLR, a nice print on good quality film paper should last a long time. In that time you have to keep buying new technology every few years and copy your stuff again and again if you want to save it into the future. Hopefully some new stable technology will come along. I thought CDs and DVDs would last, but seems they don't. (hard drives fail of course routinely).

Today I'll tell you that my product will last 100 years, and you'll believe me. Where's my proof and will my company be around in even 50 years to back it up? No. It is foolish to feel warm and fuzzy that someone has "rated" a inkjet print at 100+ years when the inkjet process has only matured about 10 years ago. No history, no guarantee. Film prints on silver gelatin are proven.

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tinternaut: Only 6MP digital files from a medium format film scan?

That's what comes with "basic" film developing. I'm sure you can pay extra for higher res.

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On Sony A3000 preview (678 comments in total)

So small, too small. Guess it is a camera for women? The picture of the a3000 being used by a man is pretty silly.

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On Sony A3000 preview (678 comments in total)
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sdh: I cannot figure out a reason for this camera's existence. What does it offer over an entry-level SLT model (or generic entry-level DSLR for that matter)? Is the price floor that different? And even if it is, once you start buying lenses, like you're supposed to with any I.L.C., then body price differences diminish further.

And FWIW I'm generally a fan of Sony. In the MILC world I like the shape and feel of the NEX's over the most of the m43's bodies, outside of Pana's mini-DSLR early G models. And I still don't understand why the SLT system didnt become a game changer. (Because on-sensor phase AF will supercede it soon?)

But I just don't see the point if this new model...

It's a test product for sony dumping the mirror completely as rumors have been out that they plan to do so. sony is into making new types of products instead of trying to build a great product people will keep coming back to year after year.

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Too tiny, in my opinion. A camera can be small but it must be usable and a main reason why people gravitate to SLRs are their better ergonomics but this is taken small too far. There were pictures of a man using the camera and well it looked as if he was holding a toy camera. Functional design is needed when size is considered. That's what I think.

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LiSkynden: No flip out screen, no Canon G16 for me. So disapointed. I dont get why they dropped it again (G15). Make up your mind Canon. Why not making one camera that always has flip out screen.? Why drop it and then put it back and then drop it again, and ... what?

to make the camera smaller and lighter duh.

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Neodp: A cell phone camera is generally not the real threat to camera sales; but it is to these, small sensor cams.

You would think, the manufactures know how to put together a balanced benefits camera, including a value price. Why don't they?

Thanks pany troll!

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zodiacfml: Canon=huge dinosaur
These stuff are uncool.
There is little value in adding social media capability even to the avid social media user because why bother if it is still best done on a smartphone especially those with data plans?

Step it up.

Riiight...they are lagging so far behind in sales they need to step up their game, LOL!

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SAERIN: Just read the specs -- the OVF is tunnel perhaps like my G-11 at 70%.

Who's using the OVF on a P&S these days? Not anyone I know that has one with it.

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RunStrom: Canon had far more to offer in the G9 in the face of the opposition when it was launched.

The thing is P&S sales are dying quickly. I'm surprised Canon decided to update the G15 this year since they had waited 2 years on the G12 so they could have easily gone 18 or 24 months before a G16 instead of just 12.

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Sean Nelson: Too little, too late. I've been waiting for what seems like forever for Canon to get with the 1080p60 video programme, but I just bought a Sony RX100M2 because it's the first compact to have both that and a flip LCD.

Sorry, Canon - you snooze, you lose!

60 fps will make video look too much like TV vs. movies. Plus 60 fps will end up with larger files sizes compared with 24 or 30 fps. I'm happy with my G15 although I'd like 50% faster focusing and shutter lag. Must be another implementation of the 70D image sensor technology.

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On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1311 comments in total)
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Mikhail Tal: DPR I would like to point out to you that the Canon 70D received and 8-page preview (not counting studio comparison and sample image gallery and just now topped 700 comments, while the Panasonic GX7 (mirrorless) only got a minimal one-page preview, yet got over 700 comments even though it was just a single page and did not include the image gallery (posted separately) or the studio comparison (posted later but not directly comparable because it is the new studio compare).

So my point is that people are talking more about the mirrorless GX7 than the DSLR 70D and presumably creating at least as much if not more viewer traffic, yet you give more content to the 70D. I understand you may not have foreseen the amount of traffic the GX7 would get, but I would like to suggest that in the future you provide full-length previews to mirrorless cameras just as you would DSLRs because the evidence is there that if you post the previews and reviews then people will come and view them.

go away pany troll! (but thanks for the entertainment)

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 at 23:07 UTC
On Preview:canon-eos-70d (1311 comments in total)
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biancmb: I would have loved to upgrade my 60D to the 70D, in order to gain more resolution and maybe a camera that has a better shutter-noise (one that does sound like a shutter, not like a lashed wiggly sole). But after your review (preview) I am really not convinced of the image quality offered.

Did you compare the test images of the 70D to the 60D through RAW? The 70D looks 1 stop lower noise than the 60D to my eyes.

Posted on Aug 16, 2013 at 23:06 UTC
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