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ewelch: So, I can store my 10 TB of photos in this? I'll retire before I can upload them all!

Nope. Say you have 10Mb/s upload (about 1 MB/s) that's 60 MB/min. 3.6GB/hr. Or about 70 weeks. Pays to do the math!

Better thing would be to delete all the junk photos and extra copies you've made. Lord knows you don't have 10 TB of good photos. There gotta be a lot if cap in 10 TB!

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santamonica812: 12 bucks a year sounds great, even if used only as a third backup options.

I have about 9 TB of photos (RAW + TIFF & PSD). How do I get my photos from my computer to the cloud? Obviously, I can't upload them. . . by my rough calculations, that would take more than 6-8 months of continuous uploads (ie, 24 hours a day)--assuming that my upload speed stayed constant and at the advertised speed (hah!!!). In real life, probably about 18 months of doing this constant uploading, as I'll be using my computer to do other things at the same time.

I assume serious photographers will be uploading RAW and TIFF files, with JPGs used as images for web use only. So, I expect that pros, semi-pros, and serious amateurs will all have backups of 1 TB and higher. I'm not understanding the logistics . . . how are people managing to get such a huge volume of data uploaded in a reasonable time-frame????

Honestly why are you keeping tif? Waste of space!

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On A Compact PEN: Olympus Stylus SH-2 Hands-on article (150 comments in total)
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BobT3218: Who buys point and shoot cameras when phones are just as good? They should have put their design resources into real cameras.

Where is the phone with the 600 mm built in zoom lens? I'll wait. :D

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On Avaree at the tracks in the Strike a Pose challenge (17 comments in total)
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santamonica812: In terms of photographic skill, I think this is an easy 5.0. In terms of the model's ability, it's also a 5.0. But I'm not totally sure how well this fits into the challenge theme. For a theme of "Take your best model shot." or "Create a cover for a fitness magazine" challenge, I think this is a winner.

But the challenge rules seem to call for a photo that will make the viewer smile. Something "lighthearted." Your photo is a "Wow, that's really amazing" type of shot. But lighthearted?? Not at all.

When we all vote in December or January for "Best photos of the year," this image of yours will be in my top 5, I suspect. But (for me, at least), it doesn't work for this particular challenge.

Agreed. No model pose here it's dancing frozen and she has a scowl on her face. No smile.

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justinwonnacott: Wrong attachment system ... no sale.

You don't use a ball head under a geared head. One or the other. A ball head is quick adjustment but coarse adjustment. Geared head is slow adjustment but very fine tune ability. I use the Manfrotto 420 geared head.

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mpgxsvcd: I am guessing that everyone in the Dpreview office is crowded around just waiting for the comments to roll in. This interview is a gold mine for them. They couldn’t have wished for a better interview even if they had scripted it.

The bile seems to mostly come from m43 fanbois. Bile spewing is often from those with lower real self esteem. As noted by studies showing youth have a high outward opinion of themselves but low internal self esteem which reverses as people grow older and mature.

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Aur: I think some people miss the point of 4k, including canon. I don't have a 4k system, I don't have a 4k TV, I can't show 4k to friends who don't have it.

BUT, I can crop 4k in my video software, I can zoom in on parts of my video, and still remain at 1080p, the fact you can do this is amazing. It allows you to have a 2x zoom in 1080P without any loss of quality.

And the market for people who have time to edit their videos is a very small percentage of video users. Video users are a small percentage of photo users. Market is small. Have any video tools in the cam or phone if you want people to do more with their vids.

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mpgxsvcd: No one seems to ever mention that despite Canon’s announcements of new products early last month we are still 2-3 months out from seeing those products on shelves. Olympus announced a camera with the capability to shoot 60+ megapixel images at about the same time and yet I have had that camera in my hands for 3 weeks now.

Canon has had a history of announcing things WAY before they are ever finished and then delaying them again when they can’t meet their initial deadline. I wouldn’t be surprised if the 5Ds and 5Dr aren’t here until closer to the end of the summer.

A 60 mp image? Gimmick. Just like the old Fujifilm cams that claimed 12MP when it was really 6.

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mpgxsvcd: I have to commend Dpreview on this interview. Most interviewers wouldn’t dare ask the questions that were asked here. Most companies would just answer no comment or give a very generic response like “We are working on that but I can’t talk about future products”.

This guy gives his own personal opinion several times. He should know that some people won’t care that he said it is his own opinion. He is there representing Canon so some people are going to attribute his opinions to Canon.

His comments are just too off the wall to be a translation issue. Simply put. He thinks Canon is doing everything correctly. Only time will tell if his customers think the same thing.

No one giving a public statement should ever give the notion of weakness or uncertainty in a way it makes the company or its leadership look bad.

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mpgxsvcd: Here is how he could have answered these questions and made the company look so much better than he did.

“Canon offered a maximum pixel count of ~22MP for seven years before the launch of the EOS 5DS and 5DS R. Why did it take that long to increase resolution?”

We believe that the other companies chased the megapixel war too soon. Their initial high megapixel cameras did not offer the image quality that we believe our lower megapixel cameras offered. Now we have developed the technology to get great image quality despite having more megapixels than any other full frame DSLR on the market today. Now we see it as they are trying to catch up to us.

“You must watch the industry very closely - what did you learn from watching Sony and Nikon go before you, in terms of offering higher resolutions?

We didn’t want to copy anything they did. We wanted to innovate beyond what they were capable of doing. We have done that with our new 5Ds and 5Dr.

Wrong. The interviewee answered correctly. The design and make a mirrorless model but one country chooses not to sell It. Saying it's not worth the r&d costs would be a lie since they just announced a new model!

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justinwonnacott: Wrong attachment system ... no sale.

You buy quick release plates.

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On A closer look at the Nikon Coolpix P900 megazoom article (179 comments in total)

LOL it's huge! If you're going to get something that size you'd be beer off with a small dslr with a 18-300 lens. Better IQ in the end even after cropping.

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On Sony Alpha 7S Review preview (461 comments in total)
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Photato: Apple is now hanging billboard advertisements around the world including some dramatic large billboards on the side of skyscrapers.
All Shot with 8MP iPhone 6.
Goes to show that 12MP is too low. lol

...because you can't enjoy a 8"x10" print from across the room.

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On Sony Alpha 7S Review preview (461 comments in total)

So many cons to get a gold award. Awards are jokes theses days.

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On Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review preview (824 comments in total)
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bgbs: For $1100 it is plenty.

It's $1200 not $1100

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On Nikon D7200 First Impressions Review preview (824 comments in total)
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FamlilyPhotographer: how many crosstype are there???

And still just in the center of the viewfinder

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whatta: In general I wonder why a dedicated camera is not better in almost all aspects than a phone.
1080p 60 fps
720p 240 fps

10fps still (without autofocus)

timelapse and gsp as already mentioned.

these are missing from these canons.


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Gesture: Is this Canon's entry-level DSLR?

No. Entry model is SL1.

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xsamie: It's not whining. really. The main complaint is that if you already have a rebel or similar, you are getting very little new. It is not an upgrade, at all. Even if pictures are your main field, you still get very little more. Wifi? If you are a canon user and needed wi-fi, you probably already bought a wi-fi solution. Like I have. lol It is 2015, it's a little too late. Touchscreen is probably most useful in video, and you are getting 30fps(!). I rather buy used L glass for my d500/d600 for photos, which is a bit of a shame. Has it been 4+years?

Canon is just protecting its upper market. It is never fair to underdeliver and live off your name for ever. Eventually, things will backfire.

People will buy these cameras, sure. But know that for a similar price you can get timelapse, stock animation, multiple custom buttons, wi-fi, 60fps, touchscreen, camera stabilization. etc

Anyways, I had been waiting to upgrade, but it has been to long. @Xmas I left canon, sadly so.

New models are rarely big updates. But for a new user or someone with a 6 year old camera it's a great camera. I'm interested in it big time. T6s is a small camera with high end features. My slr came out 9.5 years ago.

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mpgxsvcd: I really don’t understand why they put the little screen on top of the camera. That is the last place I would want information to be displayed. I have to bring the camera down to be able to check that information. What is the need for it anyway? Can’t all of that information just be displayed on the LCD screen on the back of the camera?

It's a low power lcd screen. Allows you to see camera settings without having to rotate the camera. It's very natural as you have the camera in your hands. it's faster than using the bid lcd on the back and again uses less power.

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