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All of these lose out to a phone. None of these shoot RAW.
Please make a CX sensor sized compact with a reasonable pixel pitch... or learn from what nokia is doing.

I understand jacking up the megapixel count is a way of preventing cross segment cannibalisation through limiting the increase in image quality, but does sony have to release this many models?

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now, what would be impressive is if these ARM processors were actually used to provide us with RAW files. Yes the first RAW shooting smartphone would really nail it home.

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morganb: but seriously, are not most sandisk cards strong enough to deal with most normal harsh conditions?

My extreme II cards would like to have a word with you :P

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no SLT is good. It means less degradation of IQ. Seems sony is now trying to become a serious player.

I wonder if they'll chuck a canon and ruthlessly replace canons with sonys at events like F1...?

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jj74e:'s better than the NEX7 in every way except for the sensor, maybe the EVF, and maybe handling? all at a cheaper price? I'm down for it. Just waiting for Samsung to announce the NX20 to see if it's worth looking into.

But am I the only one who doesn't like how it looks? It just looks like an awkward, clunky, kind of retro plastered block. Like an elegant K-01 or something.

I wonder if the sensor is really worse than the NEX7 given how the NEX7 sensor only has resolution to brag about, having a higher proportion of noise than all current m43 sensors.

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On article Nikon D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs announced (271 comments in total)
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Peter G: Deleting the AA filter from a camera at the factory shouldn't increase it's price.

you get more software bundled with the camera that corrects moire.

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On article Nikon D800 and D800E 36MP full-frame DSLRs announced (271 comments in total)
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wskb: Ahhh, so it is 36M! Don't need that then... though I'm sure lots will!

nicolaie, the proportion of noise does not change regardless of resolution. Also colour accuracy suffers as well as tonal information which is the mail pitfall of smaller pixels like this camera... with that said the D7000 sensor knocks on the door of a 5d mk II, and thus this D800 should be just as good as a 5d mk II if not better.

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Jogger: Ive been shooting the Nikkor 24-70 for almost 3 years, i dont think ive ever needed IS/VR once. If you are shooting under 1/60, youre going to get motion blur from your subject... so, nice sharp background and blurry subjects.

Is there a bit of sentimentality speaking there?

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On article Pentax announces K-01 K-mount APS-C mirrorless camera (874 comments in total)

D7000/K5 sensor in a package for half the price.... thats quite good actually

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I wonder how well a 6mpx ultracompact with a more open lens would do. Someone needs to stop this megapixel lunacy... or at least, develop lenses that can decently match the sensor.

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Portrait grip on a P&S. Why not? Why arent other manufacturers adding buttons like that?

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i hope thats not an excuse to jack up the pixel count. The cameras are so far beyond the diffraction limit its not funny....

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On article Just Posted: Nikon 1 V1 and J1 review (442 comments in total)

at first I was critical of this system, but after a bit of thought this camera makes sense. I'd complain if the 2.7 crop factor sensor actually meant a decrease in overall IQ, however this camera offers M43 level performance which isn't really a compromise.

The way I understand it, this camera is designed to be a camera that prioritises capturing things. There are also other things that this camera does that M43 and other MILC will be unable to do, such as the high FPS burst, or always-in-focus video.

Sure, you might go "why not manual focus", or question why you'd need such a high burst rate, and that, that is just marketing but thats really the cry of photographers who are a bit too conservative and who need to realise that 'good photography' doesn't mean shooting with your hands tied behind your back.

I hope the next J1/V1 iteration has a better processor/PASM dial, or at least an option to activate an "advanced mode"

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I wonder what is with the biggotry on dpreview. I thought that there would be better here. A lot of the comments here seem like they're from photographers who are scared of seeing their profession 'die out'.

And they must be incredibly short sighted to see "no application exists". Imagine, you take 64 photos from the same perspective, at different settings from one camera in one snap. That'd let you choose after the shot; that'd make a camera a ridiculously powerful tool.

I think they're the same people who see photography as its own sacred art form in which much bravado is thrown around.

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BobORama: The great thing about the D4 is that with ISO 204,800 its now possible to see the human soul, or lack thereof in individuals sitting in an unlit salt mine.

-- Bob

I think they need a new system for film speeds soon...

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On article Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR (228 comments in total)

people need to understand that cameras like the D700,D3,D3s and this are drugs. The main appeal is the monstrous, light-sucking sensor. Nothing else gives this kind of performance for a relatively accessible price.

Just wait for the D800S if you guys want it at a more sane price.

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On article Nikon announces D4 'multi-media' DSLR (228 comments in total)
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Retro Joe: Looks great but for the price you can get yourself(or many other high end camera combos for that matter...this is just one example to illustrate the overpricing by Nikon):

1.D7000 $1199
2. 5D MkII $2299
3. K5 $1099
4. a77 $1399

Unless you specifically require the improvements, what's the point in buying? The one thing I will say in its favor, high end cameras today are holding their value better and longer as the tech improvements have slowed dramatically in past few years.

thats the same as saying that you could afford more than 50 canon A1500 powershots. Nikon doesn't really overprice considering the D700 exists with a similar sensor to the D3s (which you conveniently ignored).

You're comparing a bodies made of normal materials versus higher end qc + much more expensive materials.

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flood much?

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I hope they implement wifi on the NX20. That would have so many practical implications that would make the camera so much more useful than just a piece of equipment by itself.

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OSAM: Where are my SBs?

SBs come nowhere close to these studio flashes...

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