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On Is it true? New service detects processed photos article (88 comments in total)

I vaguely remember hearing an interview a few years back on NPR radio, where a computer scientist found a way to detect if a shot had been altered in Photoshop. He was using this technology for legal/court cases, etc. I wonder if this is a by-product of that guy?

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On FroKnowsPhoto's Video Guide on sale article (143 comments in total)

Jared is an enterprising young man, with a strong point of view, a morning radio show personality as well as a distinctive follicular silhouette. If he can market himself and sell some products and in the process teach photo techniques. Then I say more power to him.

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I am convinced that by the end of 2014, there will be at least a dozen major Music Video's with scenes shot with this lens.

This kind of lens is not my cup of tea. But I can see that is has a unique look and a creative cinematographer could do some interesting things with it.

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Boerseuntjie: Stanley Kubrick was a ingenious filmmaker and Barry Lyndon was a visual masterpiece.

All that you say is true. But let us all bear in mind that a lot of the credit for "Barry Lyndon" is shared by the late cinematographer John Alcott B.S.C.

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f8BeThereToo: I received the confirmation e-mail but I don't see a serial number...

I just installed it and it did not need any serial numbers, like before! Give it a try

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I only bought the bundle for Aperture, years ago before they came out with HDR Efex Pro. I got an email link today and installed it. Now I have all the new versions of the plug-ins, plus HDR Efex Pro in both my Aperture and Photoshop! Tested them and they work fine! I could not be happier!!

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On Nikon updates firmware for discontinued CoolPix P7000 article (36 comments in total)
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newe: Why is this stated as an "unusual step" if there are still this many problems to fix? Seems to me Nikon should upgrade the firmware on an on-going basis as this is not a throw-away camera...or is it?

The only other camera maker that I know of that regularly issues performance enhancing firmware updates (in addition to bug fixes) to discontinued cameras is Ricoh.

This is a classy move by Nikon and I applaud them!

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On Ricoh GR Digital IV preview (187 comments in total)
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jpr2: if only Ricoh took heed of the recent uproars created by built-in VFs of x100 and Nex7 :( !!


I have a GRD3 with a GV-2 viewfinder. There is a focus confirmation light near the hot-shoe which you can easily see when using the optional optical viewfinder. This is a clever feature that I believe was later copied by the excellent Leica X1

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TheTeh: To me lens matters more than camera body be it mirror or mirrorless.

M. Jesper: if you want a mirrorless with a pro DSLR level UI , look at the Ricoh GXR

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