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MPA1: Any time I see yet another backpack, I look forward to seeing them on the second hand listings pretty quick when those who think they are the answer realise that they cannot get at their gear and shoot quickly!
Backpacks are the answer to far less people than the number of them on the market would suggest.

MPA1: I think your post is a waste of time.
Seriously, backpacks are not the ideal answer for everyone, but still a useful one. And Flipside bags are among the better designed I never used. As it was written before, you don't have to lay your bag on the ground. You can you it as a small table along your hips. Enough to change lenses and reorganize the bag. Great!

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On Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras article (421 comments in total)

I was very happy to discover this review as I'm a DSLR user wanting a compact camera for travelling light.
I was about to go for a Canon G15 or S110, I didn't exactly know if I needed more the first's commands or the second's small size, but reading this made me appear that the Nikon P7700 is not bad choice at all. Add to that that I'm already a Nikon user, I can use my flashgun in case of need or more useful the ML-L3 remote (so told me the guy at the shop), and the possibility of adding a microphone is a plus.
I just hoped that more among this cameras were able to make in-camera crop like 3:2 or 1:1 and not only 4:3…

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On Canon EF 24-70mm f/4L IS USM Preview preview (127 comments in total)
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DavesMan: Canon is crazy! Nearly same price (in numbers) i Dollars, Pounds and Euros??? These three currencies are not equal value! If US price i 1500 Dollars, then i should cost roughly 1200 Euros and 900 Pounds.

Aren't US prices excluding VAT?

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On Accessory Review: Kata Revolver-8 Backpack article (71 comments in total)

Looks interesting, but I'm still not sure I really understands how it works. I'll have to find one in a shop to see how convenient it is. My biggest concern when I was looking for a bag was the possibility to stick my 14-24 inside – and take it out easily. As it is V shaped and pretty large at the bottom, it can be difficult. But this bag could be a good solution.
Thanks for the review!

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On Nikon D600 Hands-on Preview preview (713 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: The tiny Motor Screw is such a welcome sight.

It spells legacy.

The AF-D lenses in the bag could breath and relax now...


Wasn't there already with the D90 and D7000? I have/had these 2 cameras and my 50mm 1.8 AF-D always worked perfectly…

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ezradja: More expensive than 50mm 1,8. Nikon always like that, overrated overpriced product LOL

Brand New product more expensive that an old classic sold by dozens of thousands… such LOSERS!

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Great Island: Like putting cheap oil in an expensive car... kind of silly. If one can afford the camera, why buy a Chineses knok-off?

Hey man, I just had a look at my official Nikon MD-B11. Guess what's written on it? MADE IN CHINA!
So don't be so assertive to give a judgement on something just by where it is from ;)

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On First Impressions: Using the Nikon D4 article (183 comments in total)
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srados: Why is that on these forums there is a LOT of people that complain and nit-pick about features like "how they will not buy camera because button does not exist". It reminds me about commercial when guy is sitting in formula 1 and obviously does not have money to purchase it, he was asking a sales person "does it comes in blue"??? It seems to me photographers are bunch of cry-babies that did forgot the fact that not so long ago we were shooting FILM and that was a challenge...especially changing roll in the middle of the shoot.No button to press...not to mention 5-10% of failed pictures for wedding for example.For the record I will continue to use my trusty Canon 20D...I like the new Nikon line!!!Especially 4D.If I could afford it to make money with it, I would buy it, no I am not asking does it come in blue... :-)

You better go Pentax if you want blue!

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