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  • Rodger Kingston images in the showcase and the information that he uses an X10 and an X20 made me curious about his book (mentioned at #10). The title "Searching for Edward Hopper" has somewhat of...

  • No, I haven't!

    I suggest taking the studio test scene (in full screen mode) within e.g. the Samsung NX1 review. Compare the IQ of the NX1 and of E-M5 II (in High Res. mode) and of Sony A7 II or A7...

  • The high resolution mode of the OM-D E-M5 II is really fantastic as everybody realizes who checks the studio test scene out (in comparison with ff cameras). The caveat with this mode is, you have...

  • You're right as to the NX100! But nowadays EVFs are way better than they were in 2010, and if Samsung want to be regarded as a serious camera maker they'd better not ignore the various demands of...

  • Samsung should offer an EVF as an accessory: Many potential customers will turn their back to this interesting camera because you can't buy an EVF!

  • Kudos to Samsung! They clearly want pros to defect to their NX system, and with the NX1 and the new 'S' zooms they might succeed. (However, the advantage of mirrorless - less bulky and less...

  • Commented on panasonic_gm5_ISO-200_P1000026 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    He did it again! :-)

    BTW, King Ludwig was king of Bavaria.

  • If these shooter's photos here aren't as compelling as you wish they were, don't blame the photographer. He proves the G1X II can be a companion for the photographer on the go. I doubt that all...

  • @Thomas Kachadurian:

    Panasonic has the production line, as far as I understand, after Leica designed the optical construction.

  • @Menneisyys: Maybe massive distortion correction is needed for the small sized zoom and that's causing noise.

    On Imaging Resource they compare crops (LX100/RX100 III/L7X) and the LX100 performs...

  • Go to the LX100 First Impressions Review where the lens design is to be seen (compared to the lens of the LX7). You can see there that Panasonic has changed the AA filter on the LX100's sensor:...

  • Panasonic LX100 and Sony RX100 III are rivals. Compare the samples in both galleries: Do the Panasonic samples look like having superior IQ?

  • Commented on 04_ISO200_P9580532 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    The leaves high above in the tree, the edges of the building or the lamp post right hand - there's no oversharpening as far as I can see. Maybe even a little more sharpening could be worth a trial....

  • Commented on 08_ISO200_P1000041 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery

    Once again a German name in the gallery? ;)

    With the RX100 III it was the "Bauhaus", Richard photographed, and this time it's the "Bären Haus". (Note the humor: It's a Bear House and not a Beer...

  • @Bond: I know of Fujifilm's DR modes, a feature that's likely similar to Sony's Dynamic Range Optimization in their RX100 series. Overall, Fujifilm's JPEGs are praised for their quality.

    As to...

  • @Barney: Thanks for answering!

    That's interesting: You underexposed first and boosted afterwards with fine results! Similar approach with some films was possible but came along with heavy...

  • Informative pictures! Thanks, Barney!

    As to your photographic approach: You photographed sans flash? What camera did you use, what lenses? And did the pictures take any amount of post processing...

  • Not any word about the Loxia line? I'd expect a 25mm or a 21mm to be announced.

    You don't need AF in wide angle photography (with primes)!

  • Yes, the more lenses you're carrying around, the more you might wish to have instead an all-in-one package in your hands. That's what the LX100 seems to have been made for.

    Quite the same with...

  • I like Allison with her female approach to the subject of this website!

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