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On Apple to cease development of Aperture article (424 comments in total)

This is a shame. I really like Aperture. I'll continue to use it as I prefer it to Lightroom. I'm not a power user though and hardly use all the features. If the new Photos app has 3/4 of the capability of Aperture I'm sure I'll be happy. I'd love if Apple would figure out the storage problem. I'm tired of upgrading my hard drive. If they can find a way to make cloud storage of my photos easy and inexpensive I'll take that as a good trade off for no longer supporting Aperture.

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Love that empty marketing speak- " While retaining its famous textural expression, which seems to give form to the air itself, the updated Foveon direct image sensor produces images that are more colorful, rich, deep, and faithful than ever before."

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On Leica teases 'Mini M' for 11th June release article (304 comments in total)

My guess is that it's going to be a re branded Panny. The new GX2 is coming out at that time. It'll have built in viewfinder, micro four thirds sensor, and in body image stabilization. Supposed to harken back to the Panny L1. Look for Leica to rebrand that one with the red dot and a few firmware tweeks.

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What are education customers supposed to do?

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On Photoshop CC: Adobe responds to reaction article (1879 comments in total)

For those of us in education this looks rough. Not sure how we are going to pay a per computer monthly fee to get this in front of students. Unless they discount is substantially for schools they just cut us completely out of using Adobe products.

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They will sell tons of these. Nothing else like it close to this price range. Hoping it goes down just a bit in price when it actually hits the street. If it's as good optically as the other two they'll have a hit. For many of us 60mm on micro four thirds is a focal length that doesn't get a ton of use so paying hefty prices for one doesn't make sense. Hoping it makes a fine portrait lens.

I love the depth of field and subject isolation I can get on my oly 45mm. How would this lens compare? I know it doesn't open as wide but would the focal length make up the difference?

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Looks like maybe the Chinese are entering the market. This will be interesting. If what usually happens holds true the cameras will suck at first but be cheap. They'll rapidly improve though and quickly drive prices down. If they make some reasonable lenses at good prices this could be good news for micro four thirds users. I doubt they'll compete with the high quality optics from Panny and Oly but if they can make something reasonably close for cheap prices they'll have a hit. Imagine a slew of optically good Chinese lenses for a hundred bucks or so.

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A camera with the ability to have user customizable interface. Download and install camera apps based on how you like to use your camera. Imagine a camera where you aren't limited to the camera makers idea of what the interface should look like. That's the future. If you pair this idea with solid hardware then it's going to be really big.

Direct link | Posted on Dec 20, 2012 at 17:16 UTC as 33rd comment | 1 reply

Did anybody mention that it's ugly? :) 1990 called, it wants it's camera design back.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 24, 2012 at 21:58 UTC as 69th comment | 1 reply

Notice that they did NOT say that they would fix any faulty cameras. Only that they will make a new sensor. Way to tick off everyone. Some clarity would be nice here. "A new sensor will be available" tells us not much. Will they offer it to us for free, for a charge, or not at all? Could be that all new x10's come with the new sensor and the rest of us are hosed. Really poor showing Fuji.

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On Fujifilm firmware attempts to fix X10 white discs article (264 comments in total)

Mine's a keeper as well. Very happy with it.

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On Preview: Canon PowerShot G1 X large sensor zoom compact article (791 comments in total)

My guess is that a G13 wasn't in the cards. That line is probably dead. Killed by m4/3. This will probably the the successor to the Great G line cameras from Canon. If you think of it in that light it makes perfect sense. Some room to grow though. Better OFV and movie mode and a few other niggles that people have pointed out. I'm getting out of the DSLR business and this camera looks just about like what I'm looking for.

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 preview (757 comments in total)

Squarely aimed at the Leica rangefinder. It's expensive for sure but for that crew it's a bargain. My guess is that it's going to run circles around the Leica at half the price. Now that this one is introduced the X series from Fuji really makes sense. They are hitting multiple segments of the camera market. Something for everybody here.

Direct link | Posted on Jan 9, 2012 at 22:01 UTC as 294th comment | 3 replies

Dang! Fuji just said they are aware of the problem and will release a fix in short order. Wonder why so many people want to hang them for that? Look at the first 5 news stories for the day on this website and you will see that they are ALL camera manufacturers issuing firmware fixes to correct stuff that doesn't work right in their cameras. Chillax and see what Fuji does to fix the problem. Can't wait for my x10 to arrive next week.

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