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  • Give it up ohmyhi. Just let this thread die.
  • You don't have a clue.
  • There are no Mods in the Challenges Forums. I do not need any clarification as I have participated in the Challenges forums long enough to understand the different personalities and can enjoy ...
  • Replied in Nope.
    You are comparing apples and tomatoes  and look pretty foolish at the moment.
  • Replied in DQ Vote?
    That would work, if all hosts and all entrants had a college level mastery of the English language. I suspect that is not the case here and often leads to misunderstandings of what does or does ...
  • There is no evidence of sabotage voting in the "New Species" challenge. So you feel that "based on it own merits" the winner is right up there with"Afgan Girl"? Three people out of 18 feel the ...
  • Technically (the exposure) it is a good picture, however the vignetting in the corners is distracting and while the color is OK it really has no pop. Artistically it is a bit boring, there is no ...
  • Replied in Garbage
    Your facts make my point. Pro photography as a means of lively hood is becoming more like Farriers every year. It will become a niche market. Here in Northern Maine Farriers often supplement their ...
  • Replied in Garbage
    Twenty years ago there were a lot more. The owners of American Pharaoh paid top dollar to shoe their horse. Would you encourage your children to become blacksmiths?
  • Replied in Garbage
    Yes they can and do. Professional Photography is head where it belongs, Part time, second job work. The very best photography possible does not have the value to justify a living as a full time ...
  • You need to look a little closer. Some site's do a "hands on" and call it a  review. Some site's do a  "first impression" and call it a review. Some site's do a "preview" and call it a review. When ...
  • Surely you jest!
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