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  • If you actually look at the weights of different lenses, you will find that Olympus' FT lenses don't deliver a weight benefit, whereas Pentax' APS-C ones do. But what good is data compared to an ...
  • We know there are some that work at 1.0
  • This argument relies on the assumption that CaNikon APS-C users "accidentally" buy EF/FX lenses. The trend in the market is not for users to want to carry heavier lenses. Also, consider the ...
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    There seems to be a myth that Ricoh doesn't respect the roadmap. I think we had this discussion before and found there wasn't much truth in it. And yet Fujifilm is stuck at 16 megapixels since ...
  • For what it's worth, if it's a 300mm Vivitar prime, it's not listed in the PF database yet. I guess a push-pull zoom might not look all that different, though.
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    Not sure how it works for Sony, but in Pentax cameras, the transmission of force in sensor-based image stabilisation is electromagnetic, so there are no gears in the traditional sense.
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    I'm here because of Foveon - the original, Merrill version. A Sigma camera with Bayer sensor would be of no interest to me. I also don't think Quattro will ever impress me. It would be very ...
  • As for that Japan myth... Zeiss Touits have autofocus, Leica X and T series have autofocus (developed outside of the cooperation with Panasonic), Schneider Kreuznach has announced plans for m43 AF...

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    The imaging circle can be a problem for IBIS, yes, but not for the reason you state. Due to the shorter flange distance in a MILC, you also need less sensor movement to compensate the same amount ...
  • It's attached to a phone. There's already bulk along that axis. No, it's a design obsession, plain and simple. They want their devices to be simple geometrical shapes, but that's not always...

  • Thanks Falko - I think that will be worth revisiting when the marketing department finds a way to write in intelligible English. My kanji is a bit rusty...

  • I wasn't disagreeing with you there - the K-5/3 series definitely has never given me any shutter shock that I noticed - and I pixel peep obsessively! Nor, for that matter, the K-30/50 series.
  • Funny you should say that - Nikon has "rebalanced" the mirror mechanism in the D810 vs the D800 to reduce shutter shock, which apparently the D800 suffered from.
  • There's absolutely no reason they couldn't have placed the battery off to one side.

  • The major design flaw here is that an NEX style camera is slimmer. The QX1 has a major pocketability issue in direct comparison.

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    For those that haven't seen: http://www.imaging-resource.com/news/2014/09/02/pentax-645z-sample-gallery-monumental-medium-format-captivating-colorado Includes links to full res JPEG and DNG raw.
  • It should be the same model as the K-30, K-3 etc. Usually, they send these things with instructions, but basically there is a clip somewhere just inside and above the lens mount that you release, ...
  • Bottom row. K-S1 with DA 40mm f/2.8 XS (top row) and DA 40mm f/2.8 Limited Silver
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    Last I heard, Apple were paying their designers 150% of the usual industry rate to prevent exactly this.
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