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On Review: Nokia 808 PureView article (354 comments in total)

I like that we can compare the Nokia 808 photo quality now with other cameras on dpreview. But I think you should give us the chance to compare the 8 MP way because 43 MP is not the way people use.

And to Nokia: how is it possible to make such an innovation with such an unflexible OS? Are those decisions the reason for the fall?

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On Just Posted: Nikon D3200 in-depth Review article (357 comments in total)

I like the handling of the D3100 and not the handling of the D3200. The possibility to switch between single shot and quiet mode in the D3100 is great and in the D3200 ist bad.

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On Just posted: Fujifilm X10 in-depth review article (155 comments in total)

It is now a camera which can be used for years.

And as a little hint if you want to know what is in the horoscope of the fuji x10 you can read it here - translate it with google ...

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Cailean Gallimore: I'm seeing the same thing on some images produced by my X100. It's not happening very often, and it's not as noticeable, but it's there. Easy to handle in pp. Maybe an update for the X100 is needed too...

Can we see such a photo?

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Fuji says - after my experience with Fuji and their behaviour I think if Fuji says something to the white orbs it can only be bla bla bla...
I do not trust them any more.

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On 'No Future in Photojournalism' Interview: Dan Chung article (278 comments in total)
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PaoloBosetti: Three videos and one still in this article. And the only one that sticks in my brain is the still, that lil girl with the war fog in the background.
I am the only one thinking that way?

The photo is more impressive but the video he can sell.
Is photojournalism in the future the work of amateurs and videojournalism the job for people getting money for their work ( profi)?

The death of photojournalists is fact and parallel the increasing number of digital photos worldwide. Times change.

But universities like Hannover in germany produce jobs in death...

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Why buy this for more than 1000 euros when I get a pana g3 for 500 euros: what has this camera more for 500 euros more?

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The price is high and it is a very dangerous system because until today Fuji did not show that they want to care for their products.

Today the firmware/software is one of the most essential parts of a camera.

But Fuji did not make much for the X100 and nothing for the X10.

So I think it is better to buy f.e. a Ricoh, Pentax or a Leica camera because these people help their customers.

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delastro: F 3,5 and beautiful bokeh?

do you know f2.8 lenses?

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F 3,5 and beautiful bokeh?

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This discussion is a documentation about the change of jobs in the digital age.

In Germany more and more people with digital cameras are looking for jobs and try wedding photography as working place because in the fields portrait, job-photos and children the prices fall down in the last years.

It is very interesting to find the discussion here because this shows the actual change in all parts of the world.

More and more people have digital cameras and more and more people want to earn money with it.

It is clear that "professionals" talk about the investment. But the question is what is a good wedding photo. And the reality shows that the standard has changed.

And the industray makes the rest: Albums can made online with very attractives covers for low price. Good photos can made with cheap cameras like a D3100 or a Canon 600D or other brands and so on.

Some people will say I want a photographer and I pay 1000/2000/3000 Dollars or more. But this group becomes smaller.

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