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On article Google announces Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones (87 comments in total)

Excited about the new cameras in the 5X and 6P, but really disappointed that the 5X only comes in 16GB and 32GB storage options. Also lacking in the 5X is a notification LED and wireless charging, both of which aren't deal killers but are downgrades from the 2 year old N5. I was all set to preorder the 5X this morning, but now I have to think about it.

Judging by last year's N6, I would've thought that the 6P would be too big, but thankfully they downsized it a little. Odd how the 6P is smaller than its predecessor, but the 5X is larger. Both phones seem to be approaching a sweet spot in size, at least for me. Too bad the 6P is so fugly.

And then there's the Moto X PE. Good price, and more importantly a microSD slot. And the camera is very good as well according to DXO, for whatever that's worth. Plus the wood and leather options are very sexy.

Stumped as to which to get.

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On article Google announces Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P smartphones (87 comments in total)
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Joel Benford: What is the (35mm equivalent) focal length of the main cameras?

"angle of view" then.
Everyone knows what is meant by focal length equivalent, so why not just stick with that.

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On article What difference does it make? Sony uncompressed Raw (618 comments in total)

SD card storage is cheap. If you are going for the highest quality and don't mind sacrificing some continuous shooting capabilities, shoot uncompressed raw.

If you want to minimize the storage impact on your drives at home or on your servers, then convert to DNG before archiving (easy to automate this).

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On article DxO ONE real-world sample gallery (185 comments in total)

Will a selfie stick support iPhone+DXO ONE?

Because I need me some more bokeh to isolate and highlight my beautiful face.

Patiently awaiting the full frame version so I can emphasis my breathtaking eyes.

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Coming soon to Kickstarter:

Housing to make iphone 6s operate, look more like a traditional 4x5 view camera.

Tripod sold separately.

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On article Behind the Shot: Crystalline (46 comments in total)

Photoshopping a photo of a cat's face over any distracting blown highlights almost always makes most such images more interesting.

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There's a typo at the end of this article. I believe "$" should be replaced with "RMB."

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pdelux: The Question every geek wants to know is: When will the porn industry get their hands on this?

They already have. Google around and you will see.

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On article Sony brings uncompressed Raw to a7S II, a7R II and... (562 comments in total)
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The Lotus Eater: There seems to be a fair amount of concern as to whether Sony will offer lossless compressed files with these updates - I'm sure not many people want unnecessarily large raw files.

The terms lossless/uncompressed and lossy/compressed seem to have become almost interchangeable throughout this whole saga, to the extent that I suspect Sony's press team either doesn't understand the difference or hasn't communicated it as well as they could have.

Hopefully we can assume Sony's engineers will deal with it properly and to the satisfaction of everybody. Well, almost everybody.

"We listen to lossy mp3's with no problem, and they still sound fine."

To Joe Consumer, this is indeed the case. 192kbps mp3s played on desktop computer speakers or ipod earbuds are more than satisfactory. Just as iphone photos are good enough for them. The vast majority of people choose convenience over quality.

But these are high end Sony cameras we are talking about. People tend to buy such cameras more for their image quality than convenience. Just as people who spend $20K for a set of home speakers and $10K for an amplifier aren't going to listen to mp3s over bluetooth.

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Doesn't Google already offer this to some extent? via Street View and Cardboard?

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acidic: Nice stuff, but probably half of the images don't belong on DIGITAL photography review.

Most of those images were captured in analog. AKA film. I will guess that only a small handful of these images were captured digitally.

I am not bashing film, just making a snarky comment. In fact, this gallery has me thinking about going into my freezer so I could shoot a few rolls of the Velvia 50 I hoarded early in the last decade.

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Nice stuff, but probably half of the images don't belong on DIGITAL photography review.

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“The only thing that’s changed is everything.”

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On article Apple reveals 12.9-inch iPad Pro (212 comments in total)

Why the hell hasn't the Thunderbolt display been updated yet?

Screw you Apple, I'm buying a Dell and a Thunderbolt dock.

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On article Kodak PixPro SP360-4K 360-degree camera unveiled (79 comments in total)
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Edgar_in_Indy: Do they make a version that doesn't say "Kodak" on the side?

I will be selling an upgrade package for these beast of a video camera on Kickstarter soon. You will be able to choose between a Canon, Sony, Panasonic, or GoPro sticker that will cover the Kodak logo. The Canon upgrade comes with a red ring that snaps onto the lens perimeter.

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acidic: I will only buy a camera with this sensor if it features sensor shift technology. 250MP is sooo 2015. GP or bust.

Only if it is a mirrorless camera phone. While such a camera phone would obviously be mirrorless, it must be stated as such in order to really emphasize that dSLR tech is indeed, "so dead."

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