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So much for the preview. How about that REVIEW?

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Saldahna: The Nikon P7700 will have no chance, because it lacks the Viewfinder. I'm a Nikon photographer (Pro equipment), but on compact Cameras, Canon knows better what people want. I've tried this Camera and must say it is just excellent...

What camera is "this camera"?

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I'm guessing that most posters here do more writing on forums like this than actual picture taking. They seem to relish criticsizing cameras they've never actually used, based soley on specifications.

For instance, sensor size: I'd like to see a point an shoot with a large sensor AND a 200mm lens. Pretty sure it wouldn't fit in your pocket.

Well, I have had my p7700 for about a month now and still think it's a great package. I didn't expect it to match my SLR's quality and didin't need it to, but the features it has are remarkable for a point and shoot.

The only shortcoming I've found so far, and it's minsicule, is that the P7700 doesn't seem to have a sleep mode. It will turn of at selectable intervals, up to 30 minutes, but you then have to restart the camera.

Oh, and to anyone who actually buys one of these, the best fitting camera case I've found for the p7700 is a Nikon SS-600, which is meant for the SB-600 speedlight.

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Why is almost everyone posting here so negative?

Or course, image quality is yet to be quantitatively verified, veiwed as a whole camera, I think it's a heck of a package.

Maybe I'm biased toward Nikon since I have several, but the commander mode of this point and shoot is a feature you won't find in any other, even Nikon. Regardless of pixels or even sharpness, this feature will allow the photographer to create photos unatainable by any other pro point and shoot.

No one seems to care about the wired remote capabilities either. For only $500 and your Pocket Wizard slaves you can stick this camera anywhere to record activities about anywhere, and a OVF is not at all necessary.

You boys and the OVF, yes I'd love to have one, or better yet a EVF, but with all the other features, I can get by without one.

Hey, and the 5 frames per second, that surpassed most other pro points and shoots too, especially coupled to a sports useable 200mm.

I'm sold until further notice.

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On Nikon CoolPix P7700 Preview preview (192 comments in total)
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PixbyPeter: Ummm, is the fact that the the built in flash on this little gem will act a commander for Nikon wireless TTL flash lost on everyone? As a Strobist, that and the fact that it has an electronic shutter so that i will have a virtually unlimited choice of flash sync speeds is simply amazing to me. Can't wait to get my hands on this baby.

I was pondering whether to keep my new 18-300. Beautiful lens and takes great pics, but kinda heavy as a walk around. Now it's going back for sure. No more lugging around my DSLR and a slow heavy zoom for casual shooting. With the P7700's 28-200 2.0-4.0 VR reach, this is all the camera and i need for walking around. A tiny light tripod will hold this rig steady when triggered with the $16 remote and ability to get TTL flash off camera? The possibilities are endless! Kudos to Nikon, they finally got it right for the enthusiast!


Peter, I caught that, and ordered one immediately on the day the camera was announced. I've come to use the commander mode with a softbox mounted sb-800 for much of my candid event portraits with my several DSLR's. The size of this camera and another Nikon strobe (not necessarily with a softbox) should produce shots unatainable with conventional flash.
The wireless release could be handy, but the wired shutter release has me excited. That means I can trip the shutter with my Pocket Wizards from about any distance and not line of sight. The quiet shutter of this camera should allow its placement in the most senisitive area (wedding ceremony, etc.).
I see if you're not already a Nikon user you might not appreciate these features. Itwill not replace my DSLR's but will give me one more tool in my toobox.

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