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  • Commented on Human portrait at Sunset IV challenge

    There are several that have nothing to do with sunsets, and should be removed from the challenge.

  • Great colors. A perfect fit for this challenge. If you had a wider version, I'd like to see how it look rotated, so that there would be more of a right to left, downward slant from homeplate to ...

  • Usually, negative space is not the busiest or most colorful part of a photo. So, your image looks unusual to me. I need to spend more time, figuring out if it does or does not work for me.

  • This is very simple, but nice. I like that one wing is entirely in shadow. I wish the sky had a tiny bit of details. But we take the sky as we find it. ;-)

  • I very much like how the shadowed area gradually drops off. Very effective. I would like to see the front of the statue, but that would be an impressive job of photoshoppping! :-)

    the flowers...

  • First of, thanks for still printing in a darkroom. A dying art. How did you get the exposure so good? I tried learning lith printing for 3 months, and after spending about 400 euros, I gave up. ...

  • A very simple but effecting composition. I like it very much

  • Commented on Cold hot pepper in the One Chilli Pepper challenge

    I think this is a clever composition. But you really should add: Not Safe For Work . . . it is really, um, suggestive. :-)

  • NOVICEpERCY wrote: santamonica812 wrote: I'd nominate RuthC. She seems pretty diligent and even-handed. (Although, having not really participated in her challenges, I admit to basing this on an...
  • Commented on Turkey: Its People challenge

    SM, I can still see that person's entry. He or she posted a comment in the "Challenges" forum, and I gave a longer response there.

  • With all due respect, were you drunk when you posted?  Your image has not been dq'd, and did not seem to be dq'd during the week of voting. I saw from your post that you got the dq notice on Oct...
  • Nice job of exposing. Ice and snow are particularly tricky. I think you made the correct decision not to crop. I like the iceberg's reflection in the water, even though I do think the human...

  • Commented on The Phillipines: Its People challenge

    There seems to be a uniformly high level of quality in this challenge. Not a single bad one from my perspective. And a lot of very very good ones.

  • I like the people working. They are like a design element. I think this would work better if you showed more of the landscape, and that would also emphasize just how small the humans are.


  • This is very simple, but a bit too simple for my taste. If the subject was larger in the scene it would work for me. If they ocean were more interesting, then the scene would work for me. But as...

  • There are alot of interesting things happening here. The heavy vignetting, esp on the left side, is very distracting. I would llike to see this same general photo, but from a slighly different...

  • I like your use of all the open space. A very simple composition, but with a nice sense of movement as well. I wish there had been some burning on the right side.

    And I would have liked to have...

  • Great idea to listen to the feedback. This is so much better than your black and white version. The sky looks a little fake to me (although I am sure it is not, and that this is not a composite...

  • This is obviously a very polarizing image. I love to see photographers take risks. While landscapes usually celebrate the beauty of a scene, there is nothing wrong with taking a different...

  • You can't go wrong with winding roads. On my monitor, the paint in the road looks artificial. If this was due to post-processing, then i would lessen that effect. You did not oversaturate your...

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