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Mark Ransom

Lives in United States Minneapolis area, MN, United States
Joined on Feb 13, 2003
About me:

My 1st digital camera: Sony DSC-S85
My 2nd digital camera: Sony DSC-F717
My 3rd digital camera: Pentax *ist-DS
My 4th digital camera: Pentax K7 (thank you Pentax!)
DA 15

DA 18-55
FA 50/2.8 macro
FA 50/1.4
Tamron 24-135
Tamron 70-300
Tamron 70-200/2.8

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  • My Tamron 70/300 LD Macro looks to be about 23.2 cm in normal focus and 24.3 cm with the macro switch enabled, at maximum extension with the hood attached.
  • I bought a cable to try this on my K-7 but never got around to using it.  It turns out the K-7 is a lot more portable than a HDMI monitor!
  • Yours is actually quite nice compared to mine. I think the tripod is to blame but I can't be sure. I posted this to another thread already but I suppose a repeat doesn't hurt. To the OP, that's a...
  • Current DA lenses could be accommodated with automatic cropping, similar to the way you can get automatic distortion and color fringing correction today based on the lens characteristics. I'd...
  • I have the K-7 and K-01, and find them to be complementary.  I'd trade them both for a K-3 though. The only feature of the K-01 that can't be duplicated with live view is the slightly smaller size....
  • Aren't the size advantages more down to sensor size rather than mirrorless vs. SLR?  The Q in particular has a very small sensor, and all the others you mention are M 2/3, leading not only to...
  • Best I could do. I guess it's time for a sturdier tripod. At least the color came out right. K-01 and Tamron 70-300. About a 50% crop.
  • Usually the first flower I see in spring is a Crocus or Daffodil. Not this year! This hardy Dandelion and a few of his siblings were growing on the south side of a school building. The temperature...
  • When I said "justify" what I really meant was, I'm cheap. I'm sure I'd enjoy them immensely, but I'd never use them enough to make it worthwhile. I do have some fixed length Pentax primes - the DA...
  • The best examples of the "3D look" that I've seen on this forum have come from the limiteds. Unfortunately it's been a while since I saw one that really stood out, so I can't point you at any...
  • These are some fantastic shots, certainly compared to anything I can lay claim to. Just curious which TC you were using?
  • The original composition is actually very good. I don't think either crop improves upon it. I'd tighten it up just slightly without changing the aspect ratio. I've tried to eliminate distracting...
  • Replied in K3 Moire
    Yes, they both suffer from spatial aliasing, but the manifestation is different. Computer graphics have a perfect point sampling. This makes them especially prone to the jaggies since a point will...
  • Replied in K3 Moire
    Ronald E. Chambers wrote: The major reason for the AA is to suppress the jaggies on steeply dipping alignments. Like the two sides of a capital A which might have stair steps if not Anti Alias...
  • Replied in K3 Moire
    The Bayer filter does have an effect, in two ways. First the sampling rate for any single color is lower than it would be if every pixel picked up every color (as in the Sigma), so it changes the...
  • It seems that in the right hands that lens is a stunner. I'm glad you have the right hands.
  • Gotta be careful around April 1.
  • I think the technical term for those is "lenses".
  • Everything in the semiconductor manufacturing world is designed to produce flat chips. It wouldn't be worth coming up with completely new end-to-end chain just for camera sensors. The only process...
  • Created photos The Bean
    This stainless steel sculpture is a landmark in the heart of Chicago.  It gave me a good opportunity to exercise the DA15 which I don't do nearly enough. Gotta love those sunbursts!
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