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Mark Ransom

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About me:

My 1st digital camera: Sony DSC-S85
My 2nd digital camera: Sony DSC-F717
My 3rd digital camera: Pentax *ist-DS
My 4th digital camera: Pentax K7 (thank you Pentax!)
DA 15

DA 18-55
FA 50/2.8 macro
FA 50/1.4
Tamron 24-135
Tamron 70-300
Tamron 70-200/2.8

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  • I saw the clarity on the second shot and thought for sure it was the 300, then I checked the settings - 840mm? I presume that was the 600mm with the new 1.4TC? Very impressive indeed! In fact all ...
  • It's really hard to get moire, because any blur will do the equivalent of the AA filter by eliminating fine detail. Just be a tiny bit off with the focus and you'll never see it. On the other hand ...
  • I'm sure you've been in the business long enough to know this kind of karma comes back around. But +1 just for knowing that an upgrade was available that would fix the problem.
  • If F2.8 is fast enough then the 40mm pancake is a possibility. I have the one that came with the K01 and it's a perfect match for that camera - so perfect that I've never attempted to attach it to ...
  • The USB port provides enough power to drive any typical laptop drive, so if a laptop drive is fast enough then there's no reason to be scared. I think the prices of laptop drives are competitive ...
  • Replied in I count 15
    And I prefer quality over quantity.
  • This is a Zinnia, a beautiful and prolific fall flower.
  • I'm not sure I'd recommend a fixed focal length lens for sports. You need the flexibility of a zoom as the action moves closer and farther away. Obviously the farther away you are and the smaller ...
  • That's a shame, because I think #3 came out best of all. But all of them are superb.
  • If you need a really low ISO, just set the camera to 100 and throw a Neutral Density filter on your lens. Done!
  • Sometimes a stop is 200% and sometimes it's 141.4% - think shutter speed vs. F-stop. In this case I think you're correct, 2.25 times more area is 2.25 times more light is 1.125 stops. Don't most ...
  • "when viewed at 100%" - yes, larger pixels will generally show less noise than smaller pixels. But is that a reasonable way to evaluate an image? Whether you're displaying an image on screen or in ...
  • That's a beautiful dandelion. The picture is nice and sharp on my PC, and it's exactly 1600 pixels after I expand it. Do you have zooming in your browser set to something other than 100%?
  • Replied in 4K is a fad
    At least for TVs. It's the TV industry's attempt to find the "next big thing" after 3D fizzled, and I don't think it's going to fare any better. There's just not enough sources to drive it, nor ...
  • No, we're not related. Although he was adopted... My profile picture was my attempt to emulate the picture used on his autobiography, just after he died. I went all out, getting a haircut, new ...
  • I think you have a bit too much mat around the picture. Since there's no pure white in it, the stark contrast is a little overpowering. I'm not sure what the right amount is though - when I cut it ...
  • Don't you think that if the sensor were capable of 4K and high speeds that Sony would have done it already? Pentax is unlikely to find a state-of-the-art sensor from anyone else. And smaller than ...
  • I think there's a kind of ripple effect. There would be some current Pentax owners who would upgrade.  The biggest effect might be new users who finally feel safe choosing Pentax APS-C, because ...
  • You'd think that point would be self-evident, but I hardly ever see anybody bring it up. Is it possible that the difference isn't as great as the size difference implies?
  • Replied in Yes and No
    What if the K-3 successor is a full-frame camera ? The K-3 is already a hard act to follow, how are they going to improve on it? The easiest way is to take the innards and mate them with a bigger ...
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