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Pentax was kind enough to let me win a K-7 camera as a door prize. I try not to let that color my opinion of them; I've been a Pentax supporter long before that, but I'm not a fanboy.

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  • The Q series is already the Pentax answer to a smaller format camera. I doubt they're interested in supporting yet another sensor size. You're free to want what you want, but I see the chances of ...
  • Congratulations on having a kit you're happy with! I wonder if you could share a photo or two from the 55-300 and 18-55? I haven't been disappointed by those lenses, but I haven't been wowed by ...
  • Agreed, I didn't know that Pentax had any lenses other than the dedicated macros that could do this kind of magnification. Did you use extension tubes by any chance?
  • We're expecting the formal announcement of the full-frame camera whose mockup was shown previously. I'm curious just to know what the name will be! Ricoh has already dropped hints that availability ...
  • I posed a question to the forum almost two years ago, asking if a teleconverter was really better than a straight crop with today's equipment. I believe this was before Pentax's new 1.4x TC was ...
  • I really like the compositions on these.
  • Replied in Dragon today .
    Congratulations then!  I have never been that lucky, it makes the shot that much more extraordinary.
  • Replied in Dragon today .
    That second photo is amazingly sharp and beautiful! I can only assume you used a tripod, how did you get it to stay still for so long while you set up the shot?
  • There are indications that the camera itself uses the trick of ignoring three of the images in areas of movement as it builds its own JPEG. However it doesn't have the horsepower to do a perfect ...
  • If you get a little motion blur in you HDR or bracketed shot, you can still work with it. Motion blur completely wrecks the Pixel Shift functioning, you'd get a better shot if you hadn't used it ...
  • I never thought of copying negatives/slides, it sounds like a perfect application. You're also likely to be using a very sharp macro lens, which fulfills another criteria I laid out above.
  • Yes Pixel Shift is quite amazing, when everything is just right. The problem is that it's difficult to get everything just right! You need to use a tripod, and have a scene where very little is ...
  • I think the best possible outcome would be user selection of crop modes for each lens. Use a default of 1.5 for DA lenses, but allow you to override it with whatever you think is sensible. ...
  • Replied in Hold up!
    That really wasn't my point - my point was we don't know yet . The official announcement with specs should be coming soon, just be patient. Despite a couple of doom and gloom statements I've made ...
  • The camera may apply cropping even if the lens would give acceptable FF performance. Since the specs of the camera aren't known, it's too early to tell.
  • It's a bit premature to ask this question, since the specs for the FF camera aren't known yet. Every Pentax DSLR to date has been able to use every K-mount lens ever produced (without an adapter), ...
  • Back when the *ist-D series first came out, both lenses were well-regarded on this forum as walkabout zooms. I think there was a slight preference for the 24-90, don't know if it was a better ...
  • It's made in Japan? That would be a plus - I'd expect better quality control.
  • At least they're not making you wait until Spring to get it. And the price is equal to the Tamron version for C/N - that's a surprise!
  • Replied in Wildflowers
    Here are a few from a couple of weekends ago. It's hard to pick a favorite.
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