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I'm eager to see Pentax DA Limited 15mm F4 @ K-3 vs Nokia Lumia 1020 comparison. As a Pentax shooter, I wonder if it makes sense to pay 590€ for a new wide angle glass, or get a smaller wide angle phone @ 480€, or just get a gopro @ 250€. That's the kind of decisions I make as a consumer. Too bad DP does little cross-class comparison (wide-angle vs wide angle, tele vs tele etc., lightweight kit vs lightweight kit, waterproof system vs waterproof system, max battery autonomy kit vs max battery autonomy kit). Comparing same-class specs (1000€ APS-C DSLR vs 1000€ APS-C DSLR, 500€ phone vs 500€ phone) is not so interesting.

To tell the truth, I no longer want to say WOW when I see downsized samples in new DSLR reviews, and pixel-peeping is not convincing enough.

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joe1512: Despite all the griping, its CHEAP! 300 bucks and it is comparable to the Ricoh GR and the other $800+ APC-S prime lens cameras out there. Very compact, same sensor pretty much, same IQ, and good 2.0 aperature.

Sure it might have slower autofocus or whatever, but heck... for 1/3rd the price?

It's not that cheap in Europe. It's more like €650 for a 22mm f/2 kit ($900).

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A few pictures speak more than a thousand words.

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Algorithms of deblurring are known for a long time already:

And yes, in research images are often artificially blurred with a known kernel ("camera shake data") to be able to control also the intermediate results of the algorithm.

The real question is how much CPU time and memory one needs to deblur a 15MP image.

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IcyVeins: What focal length equivalent do iphones have?

35 mm equiv. for iPhone 4S, according to EXIF of the samples.

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