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On Challenge of Challenges 2013: the results are in article (39 comments in total)
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Raven15: Congratulations Gutkin! That is quite a combination of preparation, luck, and processing.

Also congrats to aris widiyanto, cjf2, Bob Tullis, and everyone else, including Jess Shuddup who was among my top five votes. I'd also like to congratulate some spectacular shots that were not in the challenge.

I read some comments in the voting stage, and while they were not necessarily aimed at me I'd like to address them.
If you think my photo is derivative you should see this link (if you haven't already): http://www.d.umn.edu/tma/MungerSite/LkMarian/Article.html

If you think it is over processed, here is what the unprocessed version was like: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/4556634916/photos/2807681/

And of course if you think it is under processed I have a more processed version: http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/4556634916/photos/2807683/p7010373_filteredaas

Thanks again and congrats to all the winners!

Thanks, Raven15. I'm always grateful for a kind comment. My stuff is usually regarded as "that's...um... interesting" (meaning wtf is it?).
Congrats to all, and thanks to anybody for looking.
I was stunned when I saw that my image was included.

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On Nearly deleted photo helps shot putter secure gold article (37 comments in total)
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irm: I must be looking at a different photo, there is nothing in that photo that would help a judge make or correct call?
Secondly you would need a video camera to see what happens with the free leg at follow through.
Third, athletic judges are not allowed to look at video/photos during the competition. It could be submitted on appeal and is accepted on the discretion of appeals team.

It was a question of a foot foul within the circle-
and apparently the officials, and competitors, were satisfied with the decision. Second place (silver medal) did not appeal...

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On Nearly deleted photo helps shot putter secure gold article (37 comments in total)
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Vergilius: I don't know much about the rules of the sport. What does "attempt to be fair" mean? Can a shot-putter go over the line but not be disqualified if he can somehow prove that he was trying not to commit a foul? I'm not certain how this photograph proves the "attempt to be fair." Would someone with knowledge of the sports explain it to me, please?

Attempt , in this instance, refers to the throw itself. Hence the photo helped show the attempt to be fair. Not an atttempt to be fair...
Probably would be clearer if written "helped show that the throw was fair".

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On Covered parking photo in jess shudup's photo gallery (2 comments in total)
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David Gagnon: Very nice! It look like slit-scan. How did you made this image?


Thanks- moved the camera during exposure in an upward-arc. Numerous attempts, one success !

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On Covered Parking in the Repeating Verticals challenge (11 comments in total)
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montygm: Congratulations! I am happy you won. It was my favourite from this challenge.
Great lighting and shadows, almost looks dreamlike.
Well done.

Thanks. Sometimes a shot works. The rest of them are practice.
(Check your messages.)

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On Covered Parking in the Repeating Verticals challenge (11 comments in total)

Thank you.
It is the support columns of a large covered parking structure on a college campus. The camera was moved during the exposure in an arc that matched the verticals.
Only post-processing was brightness, contrast, color, and crop. using Kodak Easyshare software.

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On Saguaro Sunset in the The US States: Arizona challenge (1 comment in total)

Yup. That's Arizona! The desert part of it, anyway. A cliche for good reason...

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On Version 2 in the Abstract challenge (5 comments in total)

Color dyes (red, blue, yellow, and green) are "encouraged" to move around and blend. Very unpredictable, and sometimes I get a good result.
Thanks for the compliments...

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On Lumix 2006 in the My Other Camera... challenge (5 comments in total)

"on a table and snap a picture of it".

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