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  • Right... Again another use in proving focus is not an issue with the X100T if used wisely.
  • I really can not understand why people keep banging on about the AF on the X100T being an issue. Thats why there is a superb and very quick Manual Focus. If I am shooting something where the AF may ...
  • A number of concerns here:-
    1. The price ~ you are kidding right!
    2. This is an intro price which will go up at the first update.
    All to capture (pun intended) you now but what about those who...

  • Thanks for the comments guys and again apologies on the lack of the EXIF Data. All I can say is all shots were taken hand-held with zero post processing. The first shot does suffer strongly from ...
  • I used to love shooting using my Sigma 'Bigma'. Boy was it heavy though. In a way I wish I'd kept it but the money I got back bought a new cam and lens. Does seem weird using my P900 when comparing ...
  • Created discussion thread Come Fly with Me
    Standing out in the garden having just photographed a bit of garden greenery I happened to look up and spotted way way off in the distance a couple of guys gliding around the clouds. First up at ...
  • Mick, forget the 'X' magnification, it's the 'mm' you should be using. What is the max mm on your Fuji? Also can your Fuji seperate DOF any greater at distance because it shouldn't? If you can not ...
  • I used to have issues with AF but have found it is much easier to remain in MF and simply first tap on the OK button in the centre of the four way pad then tap on the right side of the pad to ...
  • Normally the exposure can be tweaked with a bit of faster Shutter Speed. A fine refinement of exposure can be made by aiming the centre of the shot more at the brighter part of the Moons which in ...
  • No, you have the exposure set right. I too use a UV filter. Heres' mine from last night. Edited: Just noticed when I copied the file from the P900 over Wi-Fi to my iPad it didn't include any EXIF data.
  • According to the information given in the link UK cameras would start with '8'. Mine however is from a reputable UK seller but has a European number of '4'.
  • I just wish the AF on the P900 had better control. I've found when trying to focus on a bird in a clump of branches and foliage the only way is to use MF. However, this in turn can often up being ...
  • Tom, Why not try first stepping down then stepping back up before adding your CPL. That way it should clear the end allowing the lens to fully retract.
  • Using the X100T is all about fun. You have to understand using this type of camera is not always a case of looking at something and 'snap' job done. It's about being creative and opening up your mind ...
  • Nice one..... I've just picked up my X100T, now I need to find a bit of free time to connect my portable battery chargers and see how we go.
  • Agreed and many thanks BurpeesAreHard. I have quite a few similar portable battery Chargers where my aim is to try them all for use under a Time-Lapse photography. Mike
  • Thanks Eric for your input and the link which you kindly forwarded. However, it is my understanding that like BurpeesAreHard states the X100T does indeed have a direct USB charging capability. With ...
  • Thanks Dick. It does indeed appear to be an interesting article.
  • Thank you Guys, honest I truly appreciate all the inputs. So, what have I gathered....... Well, I started off  quite positive with Dick's comments. Yes I will get hold of the larger full manual and ...
  • Created question thread Time Lapse movie using X100T
    Guys, I'm looking at getting an X100T shortly to use for many different shooting tasks. With the introduction of Interval Shooting I would dearly love to add Time-Lapse movie shooting to this list. ...
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