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gLOWx: You want small body AND lenses ?
That's why i gone m43 sensor, and don't regret it a bit ;)

You can't get all. If you choose APS-C, you will get equivalent lens size/weight, mirrorless or not. Because mirroless change mounting flange distance, nothing else. Mirrorless has strictly no impact in lens design size/weight over reflex.
When you get very small APS-C lenses,it is because they have reduced aperture (f4 vs f 2.8) or reduced quality (like sliding storage position).

Here, we have a constant f2.8 zoom quality lens. It can't be smaller
I even find it very small for those specs ;)
If real world quality follow the specs, it is an amazing lens for a very small size.

You want smaller ? Go m43, it is the only other way i see.
Chasing small lenses on big sensors is not logical, until you limit your choice to pancake lenses or fixed small focal length (like an X100) :D

SEL20F28 is a better example, primarily because it's a little less embarrassing from a quality standpoint. ;)

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As a happy a6000 owner with a nicely built out kit...


But on a more serious note, my gut tells me that the sensor on the QX1 is probably one with the older, painfully slow and not-that accurate AF.

There was a reason I left my F3 in DMF mode at all times...

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