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Glenn72: If the weather in Sydney tomorrow night is anything like it is now, we'll miss it completely.

Yep - no chance here in Sydney - not even down in the Shire where most "backyward astrophotgraphy" would likely have taken place

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Did Sony specifically ask you not to take any photos at 10mm of a subject where people would expect to see sharp corners?

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I've been using the lossy compression for a while now (since the beta release) and when uploading RAW's over FTP it's making a difference of about 5 hours, meaning i don't need to leave my computer on over night - fantastic.

I have also been using it as the text above suggests - compressing the unused images of a wedding so they take up less space (i previously converted them to JPEG after making minor adjustments - which has never been an issue either)

and sorry - but if your underexposing your images by 4~5 stops you should probably look for another career... I can usually guess the exposure closer than that before i even open my camera bag.

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On Portraiture exhibit that omits the subject article (46 comments in total)

I agree - the concept isn't that original, but he has certainly taken it to the next level, actually meeting and interviewing the people, shooting the actual objects (such as the baseball) and traveling for the right pictorial elements (fresco for example).

It's almost like having an idea years and years ago and finally having the time and budget to realize it to it's best potential - well worth doing I say.

Me - I personally don't like text in artworks - I think it detracts visually and cheapens the work - works of art should be successful enough in conveying a message without resorting to explanation within the work it's self. - having said that I do like text graphically speaking, but your eye jumps to it naturally, meaning you end up trying to read the text rather than explore the image.

And is it just me or does his camera bag seem excessive for the task...

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On Sony DSC-RX100 preview (544 comments in total)

Very nice, small & stylish - can't wait to see the RAW output

unfortunately i'm spoiled by the files from my 5n and 5D3 - and while it looks MUCH better than any other point and shoot - it just misses the cut, might have been better at 16mp - or maybe it's a lens thing, just looks alittle muddy in the fine detail department - hope the RAW solves this - if it does - i'll be first in line :)

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On DSC_0043 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (20 comments in total)

Sorry - but those eggs still aren't cooked - Take it back

On the other hand I can actually tell that they are not cooked, so not bad for ISO3200 on a small sensor - take the eggs back but keep the camera

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